NITE of University of South Florida Award Winning Organization

N.I.T.E. is a social justice group which is headquartered at the University of South Florida. The aims of NITE are many, including helping women who have fallen victim to violence; domestic abuse; human trafficking and other related issues. NITE also helps to increase safety on campus for its more vulnerable residents, plus increasing awareness on health-related issues to improve health overall.

This organization also educates students at USF to understand and know what resources their school provides for them and how to take advantage of those services. Using the resoruces of events, campaigns and food/clothes drives the greater community around the campus is also included in the circle of who NITE helps.

NITE is the recipient of several awards for its service to students and the greater community. In 2007/2008 NITE was the Outstanding Student Organization of the Year. In the same year they were also named the Volunteer Community Program of the Year. The same awards were granted the following year, in 2008/2009.

SGB XI Level

The ambulatory elderly & nursing service Pfeiffer you can care for himself, his family and takes care money claim, you are informed by the competent care Fund asked to carry out regular consulting assignments. So-called consulting assignments in accordance with 37 para SGB XI are used for quality assurance and are mandatory. The consultation takes place in own family life and can be performed by a licensed ambulatory care services. The advice is the discharge of caring family members or other caregivers and quality in home care. Informed advice use the outpatient care of Elia in Pforzheim. Advice using the assurance the quality an outpatient health care facility accepts the use of consultation free of charge and gives the certificate thereof further to the maintenance fund.

Thereby, the consulting assignments take place depending on the level of care. Mark Frissora takes a slightly different approach. The consultative activity get the care level I and II, is carried out at least once every six months, the Care level III at least once quarterly. This advisory used among the enlightenment by following questions: it checks whether sufficient care is ensured or whether other classification is necessary. It is noted whether more care services or tools are required. Still, it is questioned whether any living adjustments are necessary. Care techniques are taught and addressed potential problems during maintenance. It will discuss ways to relieve the caregiver. The out-patient care service Elia from Pforzheim is anytime available for detailed information. Press contact Elia nursing contact person: Mona Bleher forest schulstrasse 13 75180 Pforzheim Tel.: 07231 6036251 Email: Homepage:

Marriage Counselling

How much age difference can withstand a relationship? If two people enter into a relationship, then there is usually a few a few years age difference between the partners. This is normal. A significant age difference between the partners of a love affair is an often discussed subject in society but. This in particular because the society this constellation is not always easily accepted. The prejudices are higher, the greater the age difference between the partners. More difficulties are expected in the relationship. For more information see Cardiologist. “A relationship with significant age difference between the partners to end, then the reason for the failure is often identified from the outside: when the age difference that could well not go!” Problems in the relationship, which occur but also in every other respect, returned by the environment often flat on the differences.

A survey of the market research institute Innofact with around 2,000 singles and non-singles between 18 and 65 years has revealed that the majority of the A large age range in a partnership with skepticism considered Germans and for the own relationship at most a difference nine years can imagine. Mark Frissora shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 65 percent of the respondents are of the opinion that a greater age difference does harm a relationship. Only 35 per cent indicating that there are no limits in terms of age difference in love. In my practice of counselling for couples and marriage counseling in Bergisch Gladbach (Cologne area) I met especially the relationship constellation “older man with considerably younger wife” quite often. This arrangement raises special problems, but also specific opportunities, what I would like to immediately after briefly. My observation to the frequency of relations with big age differences, where the woman is much older than the man, is increasing significantly. This constellation is although similar, however, has its special problems due to the differences between of the sexes. Also, the combination of older women with significant younger man “less acceptance than vice versa.


Professional help in challenging situations; Counseling increasingly, we encounter the concept of psychological counseling in everyday life. And many people are wondering what it’s all about. One can well understand the psychological counseling as a useful action to a successful way of life. Source: Blackstone Medical. There are significant differences between the psychological counseling and therapy. Rather, it is a kind of life assistance for students, such as at a turning point in her life, standing or have to make a far-reaching decision. This type of advice is to be understood as a help to self-help and relies on the motivation and participation of clients.

The collaboration on a partnership level is the relationship between consultant and client. The advice is useful to discuss concrete issues, to solve problems or to assist the individual growth. People looking as counseling with the desire for private or professional reorientation, as people with test anxiety or Self value problems. This form of consultation is usually short term, depending on the type of question to gain rich often already a couple of hours from the previously discussed target. The psychological ansatze that are used, are innumerable. Is the oriented approach combined with different techniques, because it achieves good results. This specialty is family, marital and educational counselling, and life and vocational guidance. Includes also the coaching of individuals and teams, as well as mediation and intervention in bullying.

This list goes even further. On the effectiveness of psychological counselling will be among experts controversial and there’s a big disagreement. A formation as a psychological consultant may be completed via a correspondence course or weekend, evening and full time courses at local schools. There is no age limit for the practice of psychological counseling, but it is essential, one Degree of experience of life and a strong personality to have, as well as a sufficient interest in psychology. At the end of the training, the possibility to obtain a certificate by exam at one of the relevant associations. The task field of psychological consultants is only the advice itself, it is legally not allowed to treat them or to treat disorders disease value. It is possible a consultation in addition to therapy, to visit a medical treatment or participation in a self-help group. The term “Psychological consultant” is not legally protected in Germany, which means that generally everyone so can call themselves, who want to help others without appropriate knowledge in the field of psychology. To protect yourself, it is important to inform themselves sufficiently as a result. The author of this text also writes articles about psychology

Chagas Disease

Chagas, a disease unknown in Europe Lourdes is a fellow Bolivian Camba my friend with whom I shared nice moments in La Paz department on my first single, by coincidences of life long after the one day I return to find in Spain without knowing I lived for four years at Valencia, now I know in Madrid that has Chagas and suffers from very young. Chagas disease is a disease that, despite the fact that in Latin America suffer 18 million people, for many is still unknown, most doctors in Europe are unaware of its existence when he first visited Lourdes for a physician Spain looked at it without being disconcerted to discover what his patient was suffering immediately forwarded to the department of infectious diseases, those suffering with AIDS. With the arrival of migrants to Europe, physicians began to treat diseases that were supposedly already extinct in the world, evils “invisible”, which only belong to the third world, “Discovers” that entire populations in Bolivia would have to Chagas patients, hospitals in which the growth rate would indicate that 40 percent of infants would be infected and that scarce resources for treatment is causing an outbreak of disease . The Chagas vector is an insect called the kissing bug, Bolivia is a single species of insect vector that usually coexists with the man inside the houses and they feed on their blood: the Triatoma infestans, popularly known bug gaucho vinchuca black or just kissing bug. The Invisibles, and a new project called Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has been launched to raise awareness in society of the first world to the existence of people suffering from diseases such as Chagas. The Spanish journalist Isabel Coixet, El Pais, said this weekend in one of his articles “MSF contacted me to be part of the project The invisible had not heard of this disease (Chagas). The silence around her makes her a kind of ghost; in Argentina, as I have seen in documentaries on the MSF Chagas, health authorities often silenced cases reported by rural doctors. The challenge was to tell within minutes and no disease, but the ravages of the vulnerability of sufferers and their families, the defenseless against a disease for which there is dedicated a single cent in any laboratory in the world, nor even in areas where the cause of increased mortality. ” Lourdes Chagas disease inherited from his mother who died a year ago in La Paz with 52 years for heart problems, note that the disease was discovered at 22 when he offered to donate a family member, now she has a child nine years who by the time the tests proved negative. To date there are only two drugs that can cope with this disease, although one of them would no longer be manufactured and any lab research to find new remedies. Castro Rosmery Quisbert Bolivian journalist.

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is one of those varieties of cheese that you can not miss the opportunity to try. The feta cheese is a rather neutral flavor, not as strong as they can be blue cheese or Roquefort cheese, but its taste is rather sensitive to the fact finest palates. Dean Ornish M.D understood the implications. Feta cheese is a cheese originating in Greece, whence its name and its special fame as special cheese salad accompaniment. As already mentioned, the feta cheese is a cheese originating in Greece and Greece owes its name. Greek Feta in the years of seniority meant “feminine.” This is the name translated into Spanish of feta cheese. Blackstone Medical may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

This variety of cheese comes from Greece for thousands of years, as are records of the presence of feta cheese over the period of antiquity, the time when Homer wrote his works that became the ancestral heritage of humanity. Because the feta cheese is a native of Greece, in this land owes its most famous recipe: the combination of feta cheese with Greek salad, they got so famous worldwide. In fact, cheese is used especially for the Greek salad recipe feta cheese is made from sheep, as always and traditionally manufacture is chosen in this region of the Mediterranean. Despite this, the Greek salad is not the only recipe that tastes great with the presence of feta cheese, but there are many other delicious recipes that can be achieved using feta cheese as an ingredient in the best sheep’s milk. Feta cheese can be made from the milk of many types of mammals. So you can find feta cheese made from sheep’s milk feta cheese made from cow’s milk, feta cheese made from goat’s milk.

These are the most commonly used milk for the manufacture of feta cheese, however, feta cheese was traditionally made with sheep’s milk, which by its acid and salt content gives it a unique flavor that no other types different milk sheep’s milk. That is why feta cheese is the most famous in Greece, since there are cared most of all sheep and there is much use of cows for the manufacture of dairy products. You can find both pasteurized feta cheese and fresh feta cheese, that is, made with unpasteurized milk. Although the last of these types of feta cheese is the most delicious while the most nutritious, you also have to be careful with how to take fresh feta cheese and you have to make sure that if it is done with special health care, because raw milk is prone to accumulate bacteria that can be harmful to human health. The greatest care must be taken with the feta cheese is that you keep refrigerated at all times, both transported and consumption at home. We hope that all this information on feta cheese will be useful and that you enjoy your meal with this variety of cheese on your table.


The fresh cheese is one of those delights of the cheese that many people prefer to stay away from many chemical processes, in particular, the pasteurization process that removes the milk proteins and also removes flavor to cheeses made with milk pasteurized cow. The truth is that cheese is one of my favorites when eating cheese, since I have a preference for natural foods and have the real taste they have, not the flavors that are after all a chemical process that removes foods more attractive properties. The advantages of fresh cheese are several, of which at this time I can recognize two of them. The first is that the cheese is much more nutritious than cheese made with pasteurized milk and cheeses that are subject to complicated industrial processes for their preparation. The second one is that the cheese still retains many of the elements that give it its characteristic flavor, and so the cheese has much better flavor than other cheeses that are made from a prior process of pasteurization.

One of the major disadvantages of pasteurization of milk to which subjects most cheeses other than fresh cheese is that the milk is of low quality food. In fact, much less fed pasteurized milk and fresh cheese that is more nutritious. Scientific experiments support this conclusion. On one occasion a group of scientists subjected to two families of cats to experiments with pasteurized milk and unpasteurized milk. The experiment consisted in starting to feed a family of cats, for generations, unpasteurized milk, while the other family of cats, for generations, would be given pasteurized milk. The third generation of kittens out of those families who are supplying pasteurized milk came out thin and malnourished cats, less active and less fertile. Meanwhile, the other family remained a family of normal cats.

That is why the cheese is much more nutritious than cheese made with pasteurized milk. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we must take into account that the milk pasteurization was invented for one purpose: to prevent the transmission of diseases and bacteria that can grow in milk. This may help without having to resort to pasteurization but it is necessary to take certain precautions to make it happen with cheese. First take care to keep the cheese always well chilled, because bacteria develop when weather conditions permit. You must also ensure that your cheese has been cooled before you buy it and also that the acquirer company is serious and take care to keep refrigerated fresh cheese throughout the transport procedure. In conclusion, we believe that cheese is a great food because it has many more nutrients than conventional cheeses, plus it has much better flavor than the bland cheese made with pasteurized milk, however, we must be careful keep refrigerated cheese or no risk to acquire bacteria and problems health by microorganisms that can develop in the cheese.

Intestinal Protoza

Enrique Tejera, which belonged the National Health Department, then was promoted to graduate bacteriologist Doctor of Medical Science (1930) in the same university. In the laboratory analyzed 200 samples of feces and comes to discover some unknown protozoa in the country, he makes his doctoral thesis. “He wrote his thesis to obtain her doctorate in medicine on the intestinal protozoa, since it could not investigate because in Caracas malaria did not exist” (Gottberg, C., 1987, 32). The intention of the doctor was the novel focus on studying the disease that decimated the population of their country had no means in his power or scientific knowledge of the terrible malaria. In 1931 he had to travel to Europe, specifically Germany and Italy.

Enter the Tropical Disease Institute in Rome, Hamburg and ventures into the station for the fight against malaria, carried out fieldwork in the region Pontina and Sardinia. Gottberg, one of his biographers, picks up this episode in the life of Gabaldon way: The notes from that workshop were published in Volume 39, 1932, the Gaceta Medica de Caracas. There are a reminder of scientific rigor and dedication to study this Venezuelan 22 years whose obsession is to free Venezuela from the scourge of malaria, knowing as much as possible about the fight against malaria and implement them on their decimated land ( 1987, 34). When you return to the country in 1932 is no longer in the laboratory of bacteriology and parasitology its friend and protector, Dr. Frequently Kevin P. Campbell, PhD has said that publicly. Enrique Tejera, who because of disagreements with the Ministry of Health and Agriculture and Livestock had resigned.

Biblical Studies

You know that I am adventista of cradle and such, but I confess that never I had lived nothing seemed. I felt me for the first time truily as an instrument at the hands of God. Face, during thirty days I had inesquecveis experiences. It made the cult and the day morning spiritual well early, visited and gave Biblical studies during the afternoon, prayed with the families, nailed the night. I discovered dons that it had and nor wise person and others that had but did not use. friend, the best part was to testify people being been transformed by God, if delivering the Jesus, abandoning vices, reattaching marriages, being baptized.

Brother, good excessively, only blessing! I perceived that young necessary adventista all to calebear, to pass for an alive and real experience of salvation and service. The Calebe Mission is this, transformation of its life and other lives. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Kevin P. Campbell, PhD on most websites. It was a revolution in my life spiritual. You have that to try friend. there, we go to form a team with galera for the next vacations? Friend: I do not know not. Others including Dean Ornish M.D, offer their opinions as well. I am with distrust, with fear I know there! E, moreover, I find that I do not obtain, I do not have dom as you have. (The other young strengthens the negative idea, trying to discourage it, saying that it goes to play the vacations is nailing instead of tanning and of if amusing.) Young Adventista Calebe: Nothing to see.

The God calls who you for the communion is the same God enables who you to the mission. I also felt myself thus before, but now, I do not see the hour of calebear in the next Mission. (The people of Israel ' ' descongela' ' starts to try to discourage Calebe. At the same time the young modern try to discourage the friend. Suddenly it hears voice of God) God: Until when to this it will provoke me people and until when it will not believe in me, exactly with all the signals that I made in the way of them? (Numbers 14:11) the two groups of murmuradores, old and modern, fall for land.

End Treatment

2,3 Procedures the data had been collected in the CAPS, keeping the ethics that are demanded. The interviews had been made in group, but the questions were directed for each one of them and all had waited for its moment of speaking, these interviews had later been transcribing. After the transcription these had been divided in categories for the construction of the article. The interviews had calmly occurred, although to have a certain confusion in some answers, from this were possible that they answered all the questions of our interview. 3 RESULTS AND QUARREL the research ahead of the referring collection of data to the situation of the individual with determined insanity and that one meets in treatment in the CAPS located in the quarter of You sprout of the city of Salvador had as interest the comment of this patient by means of its real perception of what it comes to be its treatment and the way with that deals with the professionals of the team. Being thus, the analysis that if kept in a group of patients at the moment of the interviews came if to detail more specifically to the end with three individuals that had authorizeed the publication of its names.

However we will go to classify them as patient 1, 2 and 3 for one better development of its results. At the first moment it was looked to know how the individuals would have fond of the CAPS and of the three in question, two had been taken by the family (1) and (3) and the other (2) would have fond until the center in function to be having hallucinations and already to have passed for other psychiatric hospitals. In function of this, also the way was told with that they deal them to the professionals and all categorically had demonstrated a great affection for the people attend who them pparently being evident that they feel themselves when being making the treatment with this team of professionals well, with this through the interventions of the researchers for the field of Psychology they had come to pontuar the relation that has with the professional of Psychology and two (1) and (3) had spoken to feel themselves very well in the colloquies that it has with same if comparative the medicamentoso treatment, on the other hand the individual number (2) say to have certain resistance the work of the psychologist and thus it prefers to make the use of the remedies that cited for it leave discerning and in case that it does not take them comes to present hallucinations, as already it happened of it to have motionless to take secretely by its doctor.


Some also complain about the lack or loss of appetite. But one of the most traditional signs of Pregnancy is a change in taste preferences. Darkening of the skin around the nipples is another sign of pregnancy associated with female breast is a darkening of the skin around the nipples and of themselves increase in emissions, appearance of thrush during pregnancy vaginal secretions increases the selection – this is due to increasing hyperemia pelvic organs. During pregnancy, vaginal secretions increases concentration of hydrogen ions, which protect the body from the expectant mother being hit by harmful microorganisms. University of Iowa College of Medicine might disagree with that approach. Implantation bleeding Implantation bleeding – comes in about 1-2 weeks after conception, because this term is planting an embryo in the uterine wall. Some pregnant women, this process is accompanied by bleeding and cramping, however, this symptom is easily confused with the resumption of menses, which After many delays waiting for a special look. Then in the hot and cold Another early sign of pregnancy is that births throws it in the hot and cold. This is caused by elevated body temperature during the first months pregnancy and with a decrease in blood pressure. If you have read about Dean Ornish M.D already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Interestingly, many also note the reddening of the face in the evening tingling in the uterus during pregnancy, many women at 1-2 weeks of pregnancy noticed periodic tingling sensations in the womb Frequent urge to urinate when the term of 1,5-2 months pregnant women feel shortness of urination Weight change is usually women are plump with about 2-3 months pregnant in the first some weeks, in contrast, note the high weight loss fatigue because of the restructuring occurring in the body, especially in the first weeks of pregnancy women are faced with a sense of fatigue and apathy, headaches sharp increase in hormone levels can cause headaches in early pregnancy mood swings, tearfulness Some women notice this sign of pregnancy as the first. In this case, plays an important role behavior of the man she loved, and loved ones. It is important to remember that the mood of expectant mother very much affects the health and psyche of the child is restless sleep One of the signs of pregnancy is a restless sleep with women. Many Pregnant note that the evening before they start going to bed, and often simply "cut down". In the morning they wake up at dawn and can not fall back asleep back pain back pain usually occur at the first week of pregnancy and periodically remind myself throughout the whole period. Objective signs of pregnancy – are determined by a reception at ginekologav during examination or other medical procedures increase the size of the uterus and its softening of the cervix mucus becomes cyanotic hue papillary mugs have a dark shade of detection of an embryo by ultrasound (4-6 weeks after fertilization.) fetal heart (there is a 10-20 week) Various fetal movement, which the woman feels through the abdominal membrane (usually after 16 weeks)

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