NITE of University of South Florida Award Winning Organization

N.I.T.E. is a social justice group which is headquartered at the University of South Florida. The aims of NITE are many, including helping women who have fallen victim to violence; domestic abuse; human trafficking and other related issues. NITE also helps to increase safety on campus for its more vulnerable residents, plus increasing awareness on health-related issues to improve health overall.

This organization also educates students at USF to understand and know what resources their school provides for them and how to take advantage of those services. Using the resoruces of events, campaigns and food/clothes drives the greater community around the campus is also included in the circle of who NITE helps.

NITE is the recipient of several awards for its service to students and the greater community. In 2007/2008 NITE was the Outstanding Student Organization of the Year. In the same year they were also named the Volunteer Community Program of the Year. The same awards were granted the following year, in 2008/2009.


From there as they affirm the social scientists, to say that geography cultural it only can be developed recently does not mean wants to say that this domain has remained ignored for the researchers, in the truth this thematic one was boarded inside of a context however if they did not make use of ways necessary to always analyze it in all its amplitude, being the same ones made of partial forms. Strengthened ours idea, we can in the apia in chaval how much exemplifica: ' ' In France, in the start of the century, the notion of sort of life has an ecological, naturalistic dimension it serves mainly to show as the groups if they adaptam to the environment. It also has, however, a social and cultural dimension: as woollen note Vidal Blache, the force of the habit becomes so strong that the human group loses its plasticity. Instead of if adapting to the way, it looks for to modify it to remain with its habits, is observed for occasion of the migrations; the just-fond ones in a country make everything in general to continue to live as they made and its native countries. Woollen Vidal Blache who made of the sort of life one of the axles of geography human being who it elaborates, is in such a way, the first one to suggest that it can have a cultural dimension. (chaval- 1995). Party of the estimated one that the culture does not only speak of the space, more also of landscapes we will go now to retake our study of case whose the thematic one in focus is the diversified one of cultural aspects of the manguezais in particular of the fens of coc. The artistic culture around the manguezais in Brazil, meets located mainly in the regions North and Northeast.

The Way

Of this form, the human being had that to deal with a new and overwhelming phenomenon, that started to permear all the relations and influenced decisively in the course of its proper history. Not obstante to everything this, mainly from middle of the passed century, the dissemination of the medias of mass, beyond provoking a substantial transformation in the relations human beings, had sped up the process of social alienation. Learn more at: Jane C Figueiredo. By the way, the concept key to understand the phenomenon of the massificao, passes obligatorily for the understanding of the concept of alienation. Let us see as Cotrim describes this question: The term alienation had been used first for Hegel to assign the process for which the individuals place its potentialities in objects for them created. It would mean, thus, a exteriorizao of the creativity human being, its capacity to construct workmanships in the world. In this direction, the world of the culture would be an alienation of the human spirit, a creation of the man, who in it if would recognize. Differently of Hegel, Marx identified in this process of exteriorizao of the creativity human being, two distinct moments: . Steven P Rosenthal takes a slightly different approach.

The first one would be of the objetivao, that if it specifically relates to the capacity of the man if to objectify, if to exteriorizar in objects and the things that create, what something is proper know-to make it human being. As the moment, for which Marx reserves the term alienation, would be that one where the man, mainly in the capitalism, after to transfer its potentialities to its products, leaves of identific – los as workmanship its. The products ' ' not pertencem' ' more to it produced who them. With this, they are ' ' estranhos' ' to it produced who them, either in the economic, psychological plan, either in the social one. In the current society, the alienation process reaches multiples fields of the life human being, impregnating the relations of the people with the work, the consumption, the leisure, its fellow creatures and obtains same.

The Soil

But, they were not the same ones that I wanted. However, in this year I go to arrange ways to deceive them. I go to show that I am smarter of what these rodents of bones. Already they had passed three weeks of my last adventure. All were admired of I not to have prepared no so serious thing. They found that the words of the priest, or the prayers of the quacks, had given certain the boy were cured. But, in the truth it was in the minute preparation of my great robery.

Already it had charged the overseer to have accurate certainty of the hour where the victim has left and came back, and for where it went daily. how much the two feras, the put shepherds German policemen, already came have days pleasing them with remaining portions of merenda, and until my biscuits and mix. In three weeks I perceived that my investment was valid, already were eating in my hands. in the definitive hour I was the first one to enter to face and to arrest, in the kennel, those monsters while my friends already went up in the foot of jabuticaba, fulled the shirt giving impression to be pregnant women. E, when went up in the first twigs, the crown? owner of the house? she arrived and she freed feras that they were until dribbling of anger for having been deceptive.

The friends who were in the part of low immediately had jumped murro and had run away. I already could not go down in the soil that would catch they me. I was acuado and velhota, with aid of cutucava me to a pole, crying out: ' ' It goes down boy from there. You are knocking down all jabuticabas verdes' '. Educate yourself with thoughts from The Blackstone Group. In that desperation I was until the tip of one of the twigs and tried to jump of the other side of the wall. Perc

The Universe

Deepak Chopra The scientists agree in which the particles that compose " materia" they only exist we observed when them; it is our attention which transforms the probability of existence of the particle into existence " material". Exercise Aplicativo 2: It develops the following tools How you choose to focus your attention to give existence to your desires? How you choose to develop the quality of your attention to only create what you wish? What type of Beliefs develops an approach of quality in which you wish to declare? *MANTEN YOUR ATTENTION IN WHICH IT IS AND IT OBSERVES HIS FULLNESS IN EACH MOMENTO* Vedaic wisdom. The objects of our reality are fields of vibratory energy that our attention to decode in form which we pruned to perceive with our senses. We transform those fields of energy into solid objects with our attention, information, beliefs and emotion. Recently Jane C Figueiredo sought to clarify these questions. STRATEGY 3: CREATIVE EMOTIONS The emotions have a power that is 5.000 times greater to the one of the thoughts, with them we created our reality since they allow us to focus and to validate what we create. The emotions in addition generate a vibratory frequency in coherence with the brain that the scientists denominate coherence of the heart. In recent months, Steven P Rosenthal has been very successful.

When you think and you feel something pleasant frequency waves are generated that can be read by sophisticated apparatuses, that demonstrate that the emotions have the power to modify the structure of the own DNA, in such a way that to think and to feel it is to practice chemical cerebral of corporal repercussion; it is test of the power that has the emotions to create energy structures and information that generate health. A thought accompanied by an emotion generates measurable changes within the physical body. Whereupon emotions you choose to create your experiences? *TE YOU TURN INTO WHICH YOU FEEL AND ABOUT WHICH YOU THINK THE TIEMPO* MOST OF The Universe or field of infinite possibilities speaks the language of the emotions since an emotion is generated from a belief, that it is a thought based on a knowledge. The field of all the possibilities (Universal) has a holographic quality by virtue of which the part contains to the whole and the whole contains to the part; we are part of that whole, and Co-created with him with our beliefs (information) and emotions (energy). What emotions you choose Co-to create your experiences? Whereupon beliefs you decide to feed your emotions to create what you wish? What 3 first steps approach to you to generate emotions creative? What 3 decisions you choose to do now to generate emotions creative healthy? *MUNDOS INFINITE APPEARS AND DISAPPEARS IN THE VAST EXTENSION OF MY OWN ONE BRINGS BACK TO CONSCIOUSNESS LIKE DUST PARTICLES THAT DANCE IN A LIGHT RAY. Vedaic proverb What old woman paradigms has hit for you east article? I will appreciate your valuable commentaries and questions You have problems in this area of your life? I can ayudarte of effective form and with results. TO BELIEVE TO CREATE TO BE TO CREATE the life to your way! Original author and source of the article.

Intelligence Spiritual And Ramon Gallegos

This paper will attempt to integrate the readings of some books of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava underpinning its world proposal of holistic education, pedagogy of universal love, as well as the spiritual intelligence whose model is the author. He has published 25 books making it the author worldwide than most she has written about education holistic and spiritual intelligence. As quoted in book of spiritual intelligence, Dr. Here, John Studzinski expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Ramon Gallegos Nava, which emphasizes that the only way that we actually have to build an Integral is education doing it from the level of spirituality. Steven P Rosenthal contributes greatly to this topic. The spiritual eye is the only one qualified to do the integration. It is the only one who can do it by their level of depth.

Why the heart of education for the 21st century is spirituality, from this we must enhance the development of all fields of human excellence. Spirituality and education is the strategic reaction to our development. The ultimate purpose of the holistic education is the evolution of the Consciousness. Spirituality is the only hope that humans have to face and overcome the major problems that we are experiencing, but postulate cone spirituality Center and new education of present-day societies means breaking paradigms, overcome visions scientific, overcoming modernity and Postmodernity .the holistic vision gives us discernment to achieve it. Transmodernity; the era of the integrity, the ability to comprehend the kosmos as an undivided totality. A new stage in the evolution of consciousness. Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava points out that spirituality is a reality of the human experience. There is, throughout history, no human society that has not had any form of spirituality. No society, still wanting it, has been able to eradicate the yearning for the divine. Never has been removed of human consciousness the need of the sacred. In every human community has existed some kind of spirituality. Us getting sick without spirituality, loses sense to life, and the kosmos is no longer consistent.

When The Teeth Fall

When the teeth fall To lose a two tooth or when one is a boy is not a serious problem. In fact, many children have experimented with extracting their own loose teeth. The loss of teeth between children is not a problem and is considered normal since soon they are replaced by the permanent teeth. Nevertheless, it becomes a problem when an adult loses a tooth. A medical term for a person without teeth is called Edentulismo. Partial edentulismo is called when some teeth are lost and total edentulismo when all the teeth no longer are. The functionality of the teeth is very important for us the humans. They are necessary to cut, to malear and to chew the food.

They support the cheeks, the lips that provide one more a more aesthetic and pleasant appearance. The teeth altogether with the language and the lips are significant for the articulation of the words. Also they maintain a VDO (vertical Dimension of occlusion) individual. This one is the distance between malilla and the jaw when the opposite teeth are in contact with the enemy which is very important stops the face support. There are many causes for the loss of teeth. An injury a severe physical trauma can be in which the teeth become loose which possibly can be in the loss of a tooth.

The diseases also can take to a loss. The dental decays or decay of teeth or cavities are bacterial diseases that damage the solid structure of the teeth. These bacteria gradually break the tooth causing that has cavities and hollows. If the loss of teeth is inevitable and you want I replace, immediately it consults with a cosmetic dentist in the area where cheers. In the developed countries, the primary reason for the fall of teeth is a severe form of disease of encas call periondontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease that attacks the periondontium, the weaves that keep support the teeth. If this does not treat, can be in which the teeth become loose, or worse, in the dental loss. If you lose a tooth due to this disease, the effective treatments can you implant be them dental. I replace of teeth are easy and practitioner with implants of teeth. To visit your dentist regularly also will help to detect quick signs of cavities or diseases of encas. The therapy of also fluorido can help to prevent this. For greater information on deprived medical insurances, Source visits our site on dental insurances: Note of Press sent by Infomaniaco.

Lung Cancer

Today, although the efforts of the ambientalistas, the majority of the industries polui air, as well as vehicles that they free in the atmosphere many you substantiate harmful to the environment, and desmedida greed of the man in devastar the forests. The lung cancer is the most common of all malignant tumors. In 90% of the diagnosised cases, it is associated with the consumption of TOBACCO derivatives, therefore, it is an illness EVITVEL. In Brazil, the lung cancer was responsible for 16.230 deaths in 2003 (INCA), being the type of cancer that more made victims. In 2008 it had in Brazil an incidence of 27.270 new cases. But the case is more preoccupying when we lead in account that the passive smokers, that is, the not smoking ones who coexist people who smoke, also tend to the cancer. Of each 20 passive smokers, 1 will have cancer. The deaths for cancer of lung due to the tobaccoism surprise, that is, 90% they are men and 75% are women.

The lung cancer, of the anatomo-pathological point of view, is classified in two main types: 1) Small cells CPCP/20% of casos=> they present one worse prognostic with one high metasttico potential and 2) Not-small clulas/CNPCP/80% of casos=> as the carcinoma that is an epithelial malignant tumor or to glandular that it tends to invade surrounding fabrics, originating metstase, that is, is the skin cancer not melanoma.DIAGNSTICO The symptoms most common of the lung cancer are the air cough, lack, loss of the appetite, emagrecimento saliva or escarro with blood. Moreover, pains in the chest or the bones can occur a repetition pneumonia can, also, be the initial presentation of the illness. The way most easy to diagnosis the lung cancer is through a ray-x of the thorax complemented for a computerized cat scan. A gotten time the confirmation of the illness, is carried through ESTADIAMENTO (TNM) that it evaluates the period of training of evolution, that is, verifies if the illness is restricted to the lung or spread by other agencies (metstase), as for example crebro.FATORES OF RISCOIndependentemente of the cellular type, the TOBACCOISM it is the main factor of risk of the pulmonary cancer.

Stay Slim Forever

This is a question asked those who as I am overweight and have tried different methods to lose weight. Without hesitation Clarion Fund explained all about the problem. One after another the result is the same: at the beginning of the diet lowered very quickly is easy but after awhile it is normal to return to the same weight or even greater than before. Critics of this regularly attributed the rebound to the lack of will to maintain the quantity of food consumed to something less than what is usual. You may want to visit Dr. John Mcdougall to increase your knowledge. But there is a method that says that the rebound is not due to lack of willingness but an ancient defense mechanism of the body that seeks to preserve fats for worse times. The method to which I refer is known as the Gabriel method, the creator of this method is Jon Gabriel which is a character who suffered morbid obesity and nothing of what you tried to worked him to lose weight, until after doing research on your part, he managed to find the mental and physical causes of obesity that led him to create a method to lose weight permanently without dieting or exercise.

In general terms the method proposes two things: knowing how it works the body’s defense mechanism to turn it off or turn it at will and achieve weight loss in off mode. The second proposal is to know foods that actually nourish the body to thus keep you nourished and in that way will not request more food. Jon Gabriel proposes that it is the same body that defends itself from weight loss and is for this reason that exercise is almost impossible to carry out, in addition body is not willing to accept a reduction in the quantities of food. So difficult is asking someone to decrease your food intake as asking that you breathe less or less sleep. In summary I think an interesting method to try if you don’t want to deprive themselves of food or doing strenuous exercises likewise think that the key is a regime that is so easy to meet that you can keep in the long run, that for me is the key to staying slim forever. Visit my web site with more information about the Gabriel method.

The Adolescent

In the picture of its activities, the hospitalized children and adolescents have, thus, occasion of exteriorizar conflituosas situations by means of multiple pedagogical activities. Ahead of this, the authors recommend that the professor to act in hospital classrooms, is viable that they have knowledge in the psychology area and knowledge concerning possible reactions of the patients, wants children or adolescents, its conflicts and yearnings; for, from these, to be able to guide them and assistiz them in its necessities, not only the educative ones, but also in relation to the partner-affective lack. The educative activities can also contribute so that these pupils externizem its conflicts and ansiedades. In the adolescence, when knowing of the diagnosis and necessity of treatment and/or internment the person reacts very of negative form, according to Schiller (2000, P. 103): She falls down the world of expectations, dreams and promises of the adolescent ticket. A scene appears of permanent, employee lights anonymous, similar, accompanying presences of treatment that if cure or that they die. (…).

It is an initiation whose ritual leads to the nonsense to transform the ones that are of are in strangers, for being unaware of what it is a treatment protocol, a mielograma, a lquor, the counting of leukocytes, the chemotherapy, the x-ray, unknown terms of the friends, absentees of the vocabulary of the bandos in the parties. The adolescent has its daily moved brusquely and I begin in it if it despairs. Therefore, it needs people who understand to it and she provides to security in this context of fear and uncertainties to it. More info pursues this goal as well. Ahead of this, the hospital professor can be assisting in this process together with the excessively professional ones of the hospital. According to Justi; Fonseca; Souza (2011, p.42): Therefore he is essential that the professor has attention and sensitivity to affective, cognitivas, physical and social the demands of the pupil, child, young or adolescent, making possible the consolidation of the subjectivity of the individual as one of the mechanisms of listening to the life.

Evaluation Diagnosis

She was not carried through evaluation of patients by means of direct search, saved imminent risk of life. In the confrontation of the phase most critical of propagation of the illness immediate actions they had been taken as meetings of the complete Committee of influenza and subcommittees, elaboration and implementation of the protocol of suspicious attendance of cases of influenza, giving special attention to the groups where the virus of influenza A (H1N1) potencializava its action leading the acute respiratory infection and bigger number of deaths (patient imunodeprimidos, children and gestantes), materialize training of all the residents of the Par emergency of the HC for collection of respiratory material for aspiration, search daily active of cases of serious acute respiratory infection and orientation for the notification of all in case that suspected taken care of in the institution, training of the team of pathological Anatomy on the precautions and collection of material, rigorous control in the use of the EPIs and measures of protection of the work environment. It is important to stand out that all the health professionals (doctors nurses, technician and nurse aid, physiotherapists, teams of radiology among others), had intensified the use of EPIs, lauderings of the hands and continuous alcohol use in gel in the hygiene of the hands. In the attendance of the patients directed already in ventilation mechanics the orientation was that the same previous contact would have to go up directly to the Adult UTI after and science of the team of the UTI, in the vacant non-availability, was directed to the Center of Terapia Semi Intensiva (CTSI). Gain insight and clarity with muscular dystrophy. Pointing out that these sectors are part of the attached B that holds the Adult Par, Adult CTSI and UTI. Patients in suspicious case were in hospital isolation and forty days. The involved team in the confrontation of Influenza H1N1 followed integrally orientaes of the service of Epidemiologia of the hospital that determined the reinforcement of the monitoring virolgica epidemiologist of the cases who presented picture of Serious Acute Respiratory Infection – IRAG (case definition = Fever + cough or pain of throat + dispnia that they presented the internment necessity). . Go to cancer research for more information.

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