NITE of University of South Florida Award Winning Organization

N.I.T.E. is a social justice group which is headquartered at the University of South Florida. The aims of NITE are many, including helping women who have fallen victim to violence; domestic abuse; human trafficking and other related issues. NITE also helps to increase safety on campus for its more vulnerable residents, plus increasing awareness on health-related issues to improve health overall.

This organization also educates students at USF to understand and know what resources their school provides for them and how to take advantage of those services. Using the resoruces of events, campaigns and food/clothes drives the greater community around the campus is also included in the circle of who NITE helps.

NITE is the recipient of several awards for its service to students and the greater community. In 2007/2008 NITE was the Outstanding Student Organization of the Year. In the same year they were also named the Volunteer Community Program of the Year. The same awards were granted the following year, in 2008/2009.

Picol Of Ice?

Picol of ice? Not I want to believe that let us come to this life to be as we are! Not! We are here for learning surpassing in them. To be better of what we can be. Either in the personal or professional life, we do not have postar in them as ' ' picol of gelo' ' , that is, nothing of different offering for this aprazvel but so full world so beautiful of obstacles, competition and, mainly, challenges that in are presented daily, diuturnamente. The best ones if only detach, if they surpass, they win and they leave its mark. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. insists that this is the case. To the times with the sacrifice of the proper happiness, of the health and, to the times, even though of the family. But this valley to the penalty? Not! Definitively, not valley to the penalty. As well as we did not come to be ' ' picol of gelo' ' , also we did not come to ' ' to kill or to die! In search of our dreams and objectives. But, then, where it is the certainty? The difference between poison and remedy is in the dosage. Daniel Taub: the source for more info.

The correct one of the position between personal behavior professional is, also, in the dosage. Not he treats its head as its parents, nor its children as its subordinate. It they are not! Your head is there to lead you professionally for the best ones resulted who the company can offer to the society which serves, and your children are there for sharing its personal knowledge for the enlargement of the same ones. This sharing can be with moral, ethics, honesty, life example. Sharing of perennial moments of familiar love in the coffee of the morning, the studies, the division of ' ' segredos' ' between parents and children. It does not confuse its colleagues of company as ' ' famlia' '.

Empty Bag

Critical recent of the president Dilma Roussef to the action of the State in the sector of popular housing in previous governments, in which it standes out that it is to have, and a gift of the Government not to apply resources in this area, automatically sends to the Federal Constitution and its participation to me in the process of the public politics. The right the housing is guaranteed in the Federal Constitution for the article 6, where they are right social the education, the health, the work, the housing, the leisure, the security, the social welfare, the protection to the maternity and infancy, the assistance to the abandoned ones; for the article 7 in interpolated proposition IV, is affirmed the right of the urban and agricultural workers, beyond whom they aim at to the improvement of its social condition: minimum wage, settled in law, national unified, capable to take care of its basic vital necessities and to the ones of its family with housing, feeding, education, health, leisure, clothes, hygiene, transport and social welfare, with periodic readjustments that preserve it the purchasing power, being forbidden its entailing for any end. However, although more than the twenty right years of our Great Letter and guaranteed by it, still we see the Executive using such right as exchange currency stops with the voter. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of The Cleveland Clinic on most websites. Being in this accurate point that I remember myself of the Executive in certain city. Asking for one it parcels out of the population of this city, that had finished to be realocada of an area of habitacional risk for a popular set, if had problems or factors that they could be improved, I received the following reply: ' ' That this, the mayor already in gave as much to them that we do not have the right of reclamar' '. that beyond having? data? they a place pra to live, the mayor also provided work for great part of the realocados ones in its electoral campaign. Under most conditions DE Shaw women would agree.


My feet, muddy to the ankles, dragged along the path they were setting up hundreds of feet above the mine. What was I doing there? Find a particular body among the dozens and dozens of lifeless bodies ordered grimly. But what body? Does the corpse from whom? Faces haggard, some stained with mud and other extraordinarily clean by the drops that adorned like tiny gems, were all different. (A valuable related resource: Martha McClintock). There were men, women, children, old … Some faces looked bruised, battered by something more solid and forceful than mere adversity. Some had their eyes closed for some godly or loving helping hand. Others, however, showed their eyes wide open, questioning and even challenging sinister with its lack of flash, which produced a thrill to anyone who looked.

There I was, dragging my feet muddy path formed by the spontaneous versus the bodies. The chills that occasionally traveled my spine was not just the rain that had soaked me completely. My body, wrapped in water and damp clothes sweating and fear, expelling a breath hot and strange smell, or so it seemed, at least. Daniel Taub usually is spot on. But that was not only what episodic spasms and gave me electric I cold currents coming up the spine. It was also the overwhelming environment. It was the eerie procession of relatives and friends. It was the solemn stillness of the dead final. And it was the familiarity of it all, the feeling of deja vu that I was rushing with increasing frequency. In both stumbled as I touched, rather, with someone who was faster or slower than me scanning the faces of the bodies lying in the street, a few bodies increasingly muddy as persistent rain eroded the soft soil of the street without asfaltar.a a I had been before in Primate Reig.

Life Transitions

Other life transitions come from positive experiences such as getting married, going to college, start a new job, moving to a new city, or give birth to a child. Although such events are usually planned and anticipated, can be equally life-altering events such as unexpected. Whether positive or negative, life transitions make us to leave behind the familiar and force us to adapt to new ways of living, at least temporarily. Daniel Taub may find this interesting as well. They can leave us totally unprepared and we may be thrown into a personal crisis, feeling shocked, angry, sad and withdrawn. Examples of life transitions Life transitions can include any of the following:? Accidents? Buying a home? Changing jobs? Divorce? Getting married? Having a baby? Leaving for college? Relocation? Retirement? Selling a home? Serious illness? Significant loss (of a person, work, company, or not important)? Start a career stages of life transitions Successfully moving through a life transition usually means experiencing the following steps: 1. Experience a range of negative feelings (anger, anxiety, confusion, drowsiness, doubt). 2. True to the loss of self esteem.

3. Start accepting the change. 4. Recognize that you need to leave the past behind and take the future. 5. Begin to feel hopeful about the future.

6. Feel increased self-esteem. 7. Develop an optimistic vision of the future. The process of moving through a transition does not always in order, in these nice, predictable stages. People often move through the process in different ways, often cycling back and forth between phases. Coping skills Life Transitions are often difficult, but have a positive side, too.

Practical Applications Of Bioenergetics

When they are effectively and maintain a sufficient connection to be exercised real interaction, you can expect new developments and interesantesa. A medicine that dates back over 40 centuries, with a methodology highly qualified scientists and modern scholars have ratified sometimes surprised by the vision and the precision with which developed various physical and mental pathologies. Daniel Taub wanted to know more. Even illnesses that are difficult or impossible to account for modern science are response and palliation in this ancient medicine. Even the psychology will benefit from it because the energy study shows us the way so many psychosomatic ailments mental and psychological subtlety is such that deep psychological studies prepared by Froid, Jung, Adler found in this ancient medicine accurate history. What is known in the West of Acupuncture is somewhat biased and inaccurate, we know that is done by inserting a needle in various parts of the body and thus are treated many different pathologies, sometimes our patients ask us if there is pain and because of these punctures, sometimes distant from the condition. Basically because it is known to treat pain, neuralgia, sciatica, rheumatism, migraines, … Dean Ornish M.D often addresses the matter in his writings. ..

are unquestionably improved by this science. They are also known experiences in clinical analgesia, perhaps this is what else has convinced the international scientific community. These ideas are still correct even explaining all that goes with acupuncture, for example not only use needles, we also use moxa, a kind of pure sage, pressure, massage the energy channels, called meridians. Is Acupuncture painful?, Little or nothing, but of course this depends on the patient, relaxed state, has much to do with the assessment of an uncomfortable feeling. .

If Your Cat Is Blind

It is difficult to argue with the fact that the animal in the family – a joy and a host of other positive emotions. And of course, any owner wants to his four-legged friend lived as long as possible in good health and harmony. I want this and I whose companion for life (do not want to call themselves owner or owner) is already over 18, 5 years is a nice kitty, hereditary "aristocrat" of a natural three-color color. But, unfortunately, time inevitably tends to life dear to me being the sunset and it is impossible not to recognize. Over the last year has changed life significantly decreased activity arrived illness. Read additional details here: Daniel Taub. Particularly saddened by my actions resulting from intraocular hemorrhage blindness Briefly describe the symptoms of this phenomenon, because many cats in adulthood suffer high blood pressure and at any moment can go blind. Cat starts to walk in a circle, bumps into objects, losing orientation, it becomes very restless. The University of Chicago has firm opinions on the matter.

Pupils dilated and not responsive to changing light flux. In the depths of the eye (fundus) is not even the naked eye traces hemorrhage. Cat may refuse to eat and drink. You may find Daniel Taub Israel to be a useful source of information. The most important thing in this situation – do not panic, but try as soon as possible to contact your veterinarian in order to prevent stroke and other severe consequences of elevated intracranial pressure. That, in principle, and I did – a veterinarian appointed diuretics and supportive drugs.

Of course, my experience does not pass, and tears dimmed his eyes, seeing as trying to move on apartment cat. Need time to cat adapted to new conditions of life. And then your caring and concern for the four-footed family member would be most welcome. First of all try to protect a cat of any shocks, and create the most comfortable to move about the apartment. After a while the cat will remember their main "highway", which means that it goes always be free. Try not to rearrange furniture and do not clutter aisles things – cats are very difficult to quickly adjust their routes. It is especially important to remember that in this state cat could easily fall from a height and hitting. And this in turn could trigger a new attack and new hemorrhage. Be careful! Do not leave the cat alone, for example, if a routine custom, she drinks from the sink in the bathroom or you put her on one of the shelves cabinet. Now, after six months, my animal is already quite mastered, the appetite has recovered, the cat jumps on the couch alone, where they are accustomed to sleep, returned to the habit of drinking running water from the sink. And I want to believe that despite their age, blindness, join her and deafness, my pet for many years will delight us with his presence in this world. And so I'll try to give it a dignified old age.

Social Security Administration

The benefits of Social Security disability, are offered to people who can not perform any work due to illness or accident at work, after having exhausted, usually 18 months of temporary disability. This disease is not limited to physical disability, because the Act also includes cases of mental disability and death situations of the applicant. Generally, people who have gotten disability, often having spent considerable time, claiming its benefits, but usually the Social Security Administration, for one reason or another, is not inclined to grant such benefits to applicants of them. Statistics show that over two thirds of the applications will be denied. Whenever Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This is the main reason why most of the petitioners need to carry their complaints to the Labour Court to have to defend their cases with oral arguments in the hope that judges will be compelled to work by their arguments and evidence submitted by the truth of their situation. We already know that the process is heavy, and that involves a bit of effort, however, applicants still grow and grow eager to claim disability benefits that entails.

In most cases, the lack of information, it is fatal to a claim for disability. Here are some suggestions that may increase the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. Ask your doctor’s support, a detailed explanation in the reports, your diagnosis of why functionally prevent you from working, will be very useful in your record of disability. Cooperate quickly and completely with the assessor of the Medical Tribunal in charge of your request, you need to respond quickly to your questions in a clear and intelligent. Do not miss the deadlines for each of the claims procedures and resources at each stage of your record. It is nice to people who try your case, having a good relationship with them, we may provide each of the steps in the resolution of your case. Get the most recent reporting date as possible, in as much detail in their diagnosis, and with all the functional, and more specialists in each of the phases of claims and prior claim. Hire a lawyer, preferably with experience in such cases, which, will improve your chances of success in these matters, assuming you have the right.

Causes Of Pollution Of Surface Waters

1) Dropping a reservoir of untreated or inadequately treated sewage from industrial enterprises, urban and rural economies, 2) Residues of fertilizers and pesticides that are washed away by melt and rain waters. 3) Production and widespread use of par, particularly in the detergent causes the assignment of the wastewater in many water bodies, including at the source of household security. The main danger – not irrevocability of use, and pollution of natural waters by industrial effluents. The physical condition of pollution share: insoluble, colloidal, soluble. Of nature: mineral, organic, bacterial, biological. Minerals – sand, clay particles, min. Newcastle University recognizes the significance of this.

salt, acid, meadows, etc. Organic – 1) Plants: the remains of plants (vegetables, cereals, oil). 2) Animals: Physiological. Private. animal and human remains animal tissues and other bacterial and biological pollution – domestic waste water and waste water of some indus.

enterprises (leather factories processing of wool, fur production, biofabrikaty, the n-th microbiological industry) should be noted that in the water biological pollutants are particularly important ahead of the danger even chemical. This happens when the water becomes a vital environment for pathogens. With it through the air (most often microdrops saliva or water) are transferred to a few diseases, and water – they are the majority. Waterborne bacterial diseases are transmitted, such as cholera, typhoid, bacillary dysentery, viral infections: hepatitis A, polio, and dysentery, caused by the simplest – dysenteric amoeba and shistosomiaz, which is caused by parasites. Increased biological hydrosphere pollution due to anthropogenic influences can be attributed entirely to the "revenge" of nature, to counteract the effects of excessive intervention by the very large number of people in the surrounding environment. In support of this assessment of the situation can cause the following facts: Anthropogenic changes in the physical and chemical conditions of the environment has already led to several cases of propagation forms of bacteria with the transformation of a much pathogens. Abroad widest publicity gained the appearance of fundamentally new "Legionnaires' disease, caused by a mutation in a common inhabitant of wetlands, as legionela. Staff gentile houses around the world have to cope with illness caused by childbirth blue pus bacilli. Based on common law , experts say that the phenomenon of biological environments has only begun. In the future the situation deteriorate if people's behavior does not change

Occupational Disease

The conditions of life require the completion of a work activity to meet the various expenses that arise in order to have a decent life, in which they have the elements necessary for good living situation to be able to afford the obligations half of the remuneration received by the performance of the functions within a particular company, but we must bear in mind that the performance of certain work activities result in the presence of some diseases, which may mean negative conditions for the life of workers, so it is good to know the context in which work activities are developed and diseases that can be derived from them, besides the protection and treatment measures with which companies have to deal with diseases at work can suffer their subordinates. To address the issue of illness at work, you must first clearly define what the concept of illness at work, so to talk about this concept is by reference to a disease that has been generated by reason or by direct or indirect influence of the conditions of the work done. One factor that may hinder the identification of the relationship between occupational diseases, with the same work activity, is the criterion of time worked, because many diseases can be present in a person but with the labor activity and may be worse than Demonstrations allow time after completion of work activity, therefore the labor time is a point to which you must pay close attention to what concerns the disease at work. Here we should ask for a period of time between exposure to risk or cause of the disease, to the point or moment at which the disease manifests itself, so all this time be called latency period. Among the diseases at work, it is worth noting a group or rather a special terminology that would be occupational diseases, which can say the same diseases are at work, but to have an classification for legal reasons, so the illness at work recognized legally, are the so-called occupational diseases, which can be classified as follows: The diseases caused by chemical agents. Diseases of the work of skin caused by chemicals and other agents not included in the apparatus.

Occupational diseases caused by the inhalation of chemicals and other agents from appliances. Diseases of the work of an infectious or parasitic, that is generated by live agents. Diseases caused by physical, which includes the physical burden that must be supported Diseases systematic. Some of the main features of the disease at work would be that these are slowly and have a long latency period, many are irreversible, which would accommodate the economic.

Losing Your Job

And with a strange stillness, each in fear of losing his job, but nobody is afraid that many children become slaves. Your children will suffer even more agony than you, but hey it is not serious. Under this law, what is the biggest mistake in history? The revolution of 1789. This beautiful revolution, which has shown that they have influence on the history being united. But you, citizens of rich countries, all of you have forgotten (or you want because it reinforces your gut feeling of passivity and futile life) that these men and women are dying and they have triumphed for democracy and the Bill of Rights Man and the Citizen. Our ancestors have done something wonderful. Other leaders such as Daniel Taub offer similar insights. We just made a leap forward, because the future does not promise us any good. We created the future, instead of hoping a future, is what is most important of all.

It is to believe the man, as we believe in ourselves. However, one obstacle to a sort of union for the improvement of democracy and society, just because of the lack of a forum for debates citizen in every city, in short, a lack of democracy. In addition, everyone is estranged from each, which is either on the canvas, or in reality. Little is said about our neighbors, our prospects of human knowledge about our city have become obsolete. We know only our house, and what we do! The rest, we say that each individual does what he wants, knowing full well that more people will be far from each other, the more they feel alone, unless they want to rebel. Give everyone a role to play in the imposed society and ensure that everyone feels alone and desperate face the upheaval and decline of our society so-called "modern and democratic", because in the end, how we act when action requires a large number of people? Only way: Facing the fear of others, and leave the street and back to car, and show that the street is not a place of movement, like a highway, but also a meeting place and debate! Since democracy does give us that subjects prepared in advance, whose answers are already leaders knew. Let us take initiatives mass, without waiting for the authorization of any representative, because they are supposed to serve us, not punish us and make the deaf!

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