Month: December 2016

Laboratory Test

Leave in the hands of children a toy Made in China without any quality control can endanger your health, and what is worse, even your future. Add to your understanding with Professor Roy Taylor. And is that you as has just demonstrated AsiInspection, the company specialized in quality Control and inspection services, audit and Laboratory Test for importers from around the world () purchase such items may cause diseases such as cancer or infertility due to chemical products such as the fatalato which are used for its production. Poor quality pays very face well AsiInspection has been verified by a study on laboratory test of 35 toys made in China that were about to be sent to Europe and the United States. Results have not been able to be more chilling. 25% Of these articles contained dangerous levels of fatalato, a set of chemicals found in plastics and which has been subjected to rigorous standards in Europe and North America, explains Alex Makow, Director General for Spain and Portugal of AsiInspection. These chemical compounds that are mainly used to improve the flexibility and durability of plastics such as PVC – are banned in the European Union, according to the REACH regulations and in the United States, specifically through the CPSIA, adds the Spanish directors. And it is that at high levels of exposure, the toxicological properties of the fatalatos presents risk of cancer and can cause infertility for those who handle or come into contact with them.

In this case children. Moreover, AsiInspection ran into a first aid kit of toy containing 130 times more DEHP, a regulated fatalato, than the allowed limit.Therefore we always afanamos that the first link in the chain, from importers who buy in China and Asia, take into account that controls quality and factory audits are prerequisite for not endangering the health of millions of people. They have to be aware that not making this type of controls or take the necessary measures to ensure that products which manufacture or acquire is very dangerous. We cannot allow that children continue running risks of intoxication with fatalatos, adds Makow. Finally AsiInspectionse makes another question. what Chinese workers that daily manipulate and manufacture such products? The answer is clear: the control is as important to avoid greater evils to children that these products come as workers who manufacture and that due to the high volumes of materials that manipulate may end up suffering these ailments. It is for this reason that carry out social audits (SA 8000) to ensure the safety of workers also should be compulsory, concludes Alex Makow, Director General for Spain and Portugal of AsiInspection. For interviews or extend management information do not hesitate to contact your press and public relations office: Nuria Coronado Mirian Lopez industry Avenue, 13. 1St plant.

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PROFILE OF THE CARRYING WOMEN OF GONORRIA: A REVISION OF LITERATURE Alinne Anglica de Souza of the Silva1, Camila Oak of Oliveira2, Carolina de Souza Santos3, Layme Rebeca Barbosa Lino4, Leiane Saints of Castro5, Ronne Rielk Oak I water 6, Juliane Vilela Salomo7 Blacksmith SUMMARY This study is based on the article retrospect, with quantitative boarding of the bibliographical exploratria type. It has as objective to trace the profile of the carrying women of gonorria, based on data as age, socioeconmico level, color, civil state, partners, condom and antecedents venereals disease. It was verified that the biggest incidences of the illness are in young women, single, low-level socioeconmico, in not white, that has a flexibility numbers in it of partners, with a still bigger problem that is the lack of the use of the condom in its sexual relations and the majority associates to the other DST? s. From these results, salient it necessity of bigger boarding front to the illness as: educational campaigns, tracking of carrying women of the gonorria and orientaes for promotion of the health and prevention of the illness. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Gonorria, Woman, DST, Incidence. ABSTRACT This study is based on retrospective articles with quantitative approach, exploratory literature. Aims you outline the profile of women with gonorrhea, based on dates acts such them, socioeconomic status, race, marital venereal status, partners, and condom antecedents. It was found that the highest incidence of disease in women ploughs young, unmarried, low socioeconomic status in non-white, which has flexibility in to number of partners, with an even to bigger problem is the lack of condom uses in to their relations Most linked you sexual and to other STDs. From these results, we stress the need will be to greater approach toward the disease such the educational campaigns, screening of women with gonorrhea and guidelines will be health promotion and disease prevention.

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Winter Boots

With the winter arriving, already we can witness that the shoe more adored by the women when arrives this station already is giving the air of its favour. The boot is a type of supercomfortable footwear, that keeps the hot and protecting feet rain. in this winter, although the models most traditional of boots to continue in the active, coturno are the model of the station. Also known as combat boots, they are characterized by possessing strong appeal to militate, and in fact had been created to be used as paved masculine of war made to last, resistant and confectioned in black leather. Checking article sources yields Martha McClintock as a relevant resource throughout. Because of this aggressive aspect, they had been appropriate for some urban tribes of aesthetic rock? roll, as punks and headbangers. However, nowadays coturno can be seen in the feet of some different people, many of them without no clear linking with urban tribe none.

Only they are not confectioned in leather, but in canvas, varnish and even in form of galocha. Also they can be found in some colors and exactly printed. Under most conditions Dean Ornish M.D would agree. But the question is as to use them. Good it is there, coturno goes well with almost everything, and the difference biggest is in the characteristic that you want to present in its look. Coturno is a type of shoe weighed, therefore if you do not want to seem fan of heavy rock you bet in parts ladylike, as vestidinhos, shorts and well feminine minis, to make the contrast. If to prefer, invests in one coturno colorful or printed, because they ' ' quebram' ' a little the weight of the footwear and bring certain irreverncia. Now if the idea is same to seem rock musician, leather jackets, accessories with thumbtacks and band t-shirts already help.

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Picol Of Ice?

Picol of ice? Not I want to believe that let us come to this life to be as we are! Not! We are here for learning surpassing in them. To be better of what we can be. Either in the personal or professional life, we do not have postar in them as ' ' picol of gelo' ' , that is, nothing of different offering for this aprazvel but so full world so beautiful of obstacles, competition and, mainly, challenges that in are presented daily, diuturnamente. The best ones if only detach, if they surpass, they win and they leave its mark. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. insists that this is the case. To the times with the sacrifice of the proper happiness, of the health and, to the times, even though of the family. But this valley to the penalty? Not! Definitively, not valley to the penalty. As well as we did not come to be ' ' picol of gelo' ' , also we did not come to ' ' to kill or to die! In search of our dreams and objectives. But, then, where it is the certainty? The difference between poison and remedy is in the dosage.

The correct one of the position between personal behavior professional is, also, in the dosage. Not he treats its head as its parents, nor its children as its subordinate. It they are not! Your head is there to lead you professionally for the best ones resulted who the company can offer to the society which serves, and your children are there for sharing its personal knowledge for the enlargement of the same ones. This sharing can be with moral, ethics, honesty, life example. Sharing of perennial moments of familiar love in the coffee of the morning, the studies, the division of ' ' segredos' ' between parents and children. It does not confuse its colleagues of company as ' ' famlia' '.

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Empty Bag

Critical recent of the president Dilma Roussef to the action of the State in the sector of popular housing in previous governments, in which it standes out that it is to have, and a gift of the Government not to apply resources in this area, automatically sends to the Federal Constitution and its participation to me in the process of the public politics. The right the housing is guaranteed in the Federal Constitution for the article 6, where they are right social the education, the health, the work, the housing, the leisure, the security, the social welfare, the protection to the maternity and infancy, the assistance to the abandoned ones; for the article 7 in interpolated proposition IV, is affirmed the right of the urban and agricultural workers, beyond whom they aim at to the improvement of its social condition: minimum wage, settled in law, national unified, capable to take care of its basic vital necessities and to the ones of its family with housing, feeding, education, health, leisure, clothes, hygiene, transport and social welfare, with periodic readjustments that preserve it the purchasing power, being forbidden its entailing for any end. However, although more than the twenty right years of our Great Letter and guaranteed by it, still we see the Executive using such right as exchange currency stops with the voter. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of The Cleveland Clinic on most websites. Being in this accurate point that I remember myself of the Executive in certain city. Asking for one it parcels out of the population of this city, that had finished to be realocada of an area of habitacional risk for a popular set, if had problems or factors that they could be improved, I received the following reply: ' ' That this, the mayor already in gave as much to them that we do not have the right of reclamar' '. that beyond having? data? they a place pra to live, the mayor also provided work for great part of the realocados ones in its electoral campaign. Under most conditions DE Shaw women would agree.

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