Month: September 2020

Promote Yandex

Like any other search engine, Yandex, has some peculiarities. And with proper site optimization Yandex, must adapt to these features. Determining factors of your page in the search for one word is: How often a keyword in the document dokumenteRazmer (should be about 2000-10000 characters) Finding a given word in a page, or imprisoned him in presence of the tag links with this word in your document and their page of the site is better optimized for your own request, to prescribe the appropriate hand column of the page, put them in a tag and a few times to mention them in the text of the page. You can even select them Tagged strong. Title page should consist of 20-25 words should not be too loaded with the same words. But the main thing – it must not consist of meaningless hand column.

In titla site should be a meaningful one proposal to the appropriate key phrases. Tag on the page allowed to use only once. It must be different from plain text and it is better to use for an important keyword phrases. The tag can be used several times on one page and provide them with already less important keywords or phrases (such as news headlines). The remaining tags, can be used in the text of the page in the right quantity.

But I do not recommend abusing the tags. Optimization of the text page at the desired keyword phrase is used in the text keywords islovosochetany. The frequency of their use should depend on the number of symbols on page. Remember – your page is guaranteed to not fall into the ban, if a normal user, who visited the site could easily read the text and understand all its meaning. One of the most important factors to promote your site in Yandex is the quantity and quality of inbound links to it. Do not rush to spam forums, guest books and bulletin boards linking to your site. It still will have no effect. There are many ways to get external links, but on them I will not tell. The only thing you need to know is that in the link text should be 6.2 words make up a single phrase with meaning. More important for Yandex will play sites close to your subject and placed in Yandex catalog.

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Vladimir Kuzmin

The only pleasant memory in the last 7 years of study at a music school was the prom, where Tanya sang for nearly all speakers, hiding behind scenery. The brightest moments of childhood and first love are related to giving, which is located on the banks of the Neva River, not far from Lake Ladoga, where Tanya is charged with energy. In his childhood with his friends at the cottage Tanya suit small representation. Included Player 'Accord-203' shed near the house served as a stage and dressing rooms were in the attic. Muscular dystrophy has much experience in this field. Behind the curtain, which served as the scenes, set the column and include the plate, sing songs of famous singers. At these concerts going to a lot of people, and at a local store hung a poster of the upcoming speech.

Even in the newspaper "Lenin spark 'to write about it. Tanya loved modern music. "When I was in school was terribly in love with Vitya Saltykov and the group of 'Forum'. I also like Vladimir Kuzmin. We have among school friends was a group of cheerleaders 'Forum'.

Our fanatstvovanie reflected in the fact that we did not miss a single concert 'Forum' in the city and shows them there were many. Of course, I terribly wanted to meet Victor and I was sure I was the girl with whom he will be happy. And then I stopped fanatstvovat. Once we went backstage after the concert to take autograph, and he was a tired and very cold. Muttered something and turned back.

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