The world It is in recession and most of the economies are Contracting, less the Argentine economy. Nothing remains you to the INDEC of prestige that knew how to reap over several decades of incessant work by improving the precision with which the health of the Argentine economy is measured. On Friday the Datum of Argentine GDP recorded a growth of 2% in the first quarter of the year in annual terms, was not anything other than one test of the rude manipulation that the statistics of the Institute are being subject to. While every day costs more buy the same, while the number of poor is growing every moment, for official statistics is the opposite. Those entrepreneurs who want to get an idea how is the actual situation of this patient (obviously not with many intentions to invest), have no you alternative but to pay for access to statistics of private development. The bad thing that it is having to pay to find out the real situation of the economy, adds something worse that is the fact that such private data reflect that the situation is not good and that the activity has had a contraction of between 4% and 6%, in the first quarter of the year. While in the Argentina’s Cristina everything is fine, in the first quarter of the year US $1,850 million have fled. Refers to moderation in the given volume of capital outflows that averaged $3.5 billion quarterly output in the three previous quarters, but if compared with the first quarter of 2008, where the outflow of capital amounted to US $717 million, the figure is more than negative. And while refuses any concern, different types of obstacles to imports have been implemented to thus contain the demand for increasingly scarce dollars from the Government. If we look at the balance of trade, we will observe that it showed a surplus of US $2,478 million (which represents an interannual increase of 139%), but here you can also see us tempted to think that the situation is improving.