Massage Tui na is a therapy of traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on the touch to promote the general welfare, treatment of aches and pains, and balance the body’s energy. Then offer a list of four questions that will help you determine if massage Tui Na is the choice of treatment right for you: do suffer from headaches? It was used for the first time to cure people suffering from sprains and strains caused by martial arts. At present, the massage technique is used to treat pain caused by sprains and sprains, as well as the pain caused by arthritis, backaches, headaches, toothaches, stomach pains, among others are looking a natural treatment? Massage Tui Na is not used any chemical, on the contrary it is supplemented with other elements of Chinese medicine such as acupuncture. Under most conditions uterine sarcoma would agree. Do you suffer from stress? Tui Na massage is special because it can be used as a way of revitalizing energy and balance the mind, so in this way, the technique helps to reduce stress. Do you suffer from fractures, external wounds or open sores? If so, Tui Na is not for you. While this medical massage can help with different problems, it is not recommended for people with open wounds or fractures in the process of healing. A related site: Sam Lesser UPenn mentions similar findings. The intensive Tui Na massage should be avoided in people that they are receiving treatments for malignant tumors or tuberculosis.If you are in menstrual period or pregnancy, the message should not practice in the abdominal area.