Therefore, from the lawn make expensive underwear sets, which are not intended always use (for example, bridal sets). Satin – glossy and dense fabric is made of twisted cotton yarn double weave. It has long been observed that the more twisted filament, the brighter the glow. So appeared gloss – satin-like silk. Satin is very pleasant to touch, clothes out of it durable and can withstand many washings – 200-300, and only after a long time the material starts to fade a little. It is cheaper than silk, but more expensive than other cotton fabrics. It is made underwear in various designs for everyday use.

Calico – very practical and requires no special care. Tissue is denser than the lawn, but shines like satin. Byazevoe underwear, according to housekeepers, maintains an infinite number of washings and inexpensive. Depending on the density of the weave of the calico you can do as a ceremonial and everyday headset. It is the latter, due to its practicality, the use special demand. According to these indices with comparable except that byazyu blend of cotton with polyester. Cotton fabric – the most common, but not the oldest material for bedding. Use it only began in the late XVIII century.

in Italy because cotton was cheaper Chinese silk and linen practical. Percale – cotton fabric with increased strength (for example, from percale sew parachutes and sails). This is not quite familiar to our countrymen material. Flannel – heat-soft, pleasant to touch material, covered with a light fuzz.