There are many ways to improve the subjective well-being in addition to conventional medicine. Many people believe in their power. Harry Belafonte has plenty of information regarding this issue. The stones, which are presented in many precious stone exchanges and seminars, have it in themselves. The stone therapy is an interesting field, with not just esoteric interested deal intensively. Hardly anyone can resist the fascination of precious stones. Shimmering in all facets of colour, pull your gaze is magical. Friends of stone medicine refer to Aristotle, which is already should have known about the curative effect of minerals. The explanation of their positive effect on the well-being of the people is understandable. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Samuel Lesser Wharton.

It’s about the electromagnetic radiation which is bundled by crystal lattice and can exert a curative effect on the human body. Of course, the stone medicine is a field in which the individuality of the people is considered strong. You are interested in the Internet or read in an esoteric magazine, you get an overview quickly: successful treat you can do only if they found the stone suitable for the individual. Depending on the Zodiac and also the character is chosen. Intuitive people to certain stones feel attracted to their color and shape, or her charisma, as you could also call it. Stone therapists can provide differentiated information on the healing quality of each stone.

The assignment of different stones for the zodiac sign is a first clue to balance man and stone in place. The Crystal healing can make clear statements about the healing properties of stones. And it relates to the physical and emotional level. The laying on of stones on the body is the first step. The wearing of jewelry with the appropriate healing stones is also popular and well known. The purple amethyst is one of the very popular healing stones, a classic of stone therapy. He can work against skin blemishes and promotes a healthy night’s sleep, stimulates the metabolism. Amethyst is the stone of choice to mental clarity and to reach harmony, counteracts stress and Nervousness. Rose Quartz, which should have a heart and circulation tonic effect is known. He intensified as stone, the friendships and romantic relationships, is known. The Green Aventurine is used for skin allergies and others. He works at the mental level calming and stabilizing effect. In the popular literature of stone medicine an initiative promoting effect is said to him, he considered supporting stone to go its own way of life with courage. These are three short first to describe the effect of healing stones. Literature about stone medicine including the appealing illustrations immerses the reader in the inspiring world of Crystal healing.