It woke up early, or better, it raised because practically it did not sleep. All passed the night thinking about the great day. He was exausta, but in the first touch of the alarm-clock it jumped of the bed, would be one day long, last before the vacations of one week for honey moon after the marriage. It wanted to leave everything organized in the work and the night to enjoy of its farewell of bachelor with the friends. It took coffee quickly and it followed for the accounting office where it worked in the center of the city.

Good day, good day, said when entering for the esbaforida door. Eurico, the head, who always had a longer look for it, repays to the fulfilment lamenting in thought the fact of its more beautiful employee to be with the counted hours of freedom. Melissa was the name of it, of the sonhadora shy girl who would go to be married and to follow lady life. She was nervous as all fianc the eves of the marriage, but what more he was to afflict it age the bachelor farewell, it did not stop of looking at the clock to verify how much time lacked to finish the expedient and power to go to the meeting of the friends. Of the office alone it had guest Clarice and Jussara, therefore the other women who worked there were well older and married and the friends who were organizing the event they had not found convenient to invite them, no matter how hard Melissa had insisted.

To dezessete hours, Clarice and Jussara, had closed the drawers and had left for so waited moment, the farewell of bachelor of Melissa. But the fianc still had that to be working a little more. Eighteen hours, nineteen, not yet could go even so, had that to leave everything soon, after all it would go to be except one week and did not want to leave accumulated work.