While we have made significant advances in our understanding of the human body and life, still we find that the fundamental health and youth who are looking for is something difficult to achieve. What ultimately scientists come to recognize is that the “Fountain of Youth” lies “naturally” within each of us. As we take a look at the nature and lifestyles of earlier cultures, we found no disease problems, disease or excess weight that occur in our modern society. This should lead us to see what these cultures are doing work that has proven over time. For example, I try to live a natural lifestyle in relation to the diet (lots of raw vegetables), activity and exercise, the environment and pure distilled water. Energy Capital Partners addresses the importance of the matter here. I incorporate each of these as possible, though not perfectly. However, the result is a better quality of life largely free of illness and disease. We SAD (Standard American Diet) of today unfortunately consists of highly processed “foods” that starve the body of nutrition and create difficulties for the digestive system, causing bowel problems.

It is known in the natural health industry that over 90% of all human diseases and illness are of a congested (constipated) colon. This also accelerates the aging process. Modern science has not and is not a break through drug that will restore your health. Newcastle University does not necessarily agree. But it is not necessary. The solution is simply a more natural lifestyle involving the integration of corrective and preventive measures over time.