Business Angel of Christos de Management GmbH contractor support in a new project for economic problems or impending insolvency. Professor Roy Taylor may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The current banking crisis and economic instability related guarantee in many industries job declines, revenue shortfalls, short-time work and increasing bankruptcies. Many entrepreneurs who see this development in our own factory, often too long wait with appropriate countermeasures and hope the situation to recover by itself. Moreover, that many entrepreneurs often lack the courage to talk about their precarious situation. So can ultimately much valuable time will be lost and the step will be essential to the insolvency. The new project of euro-Phoenix attaches here and helps troubled companies and companies in need their individual problems. It actively supports entrepreneurs in difficult situations to financial liabilities, demands, lack of orders and impending insolvency.

This is the new project of conventions and looking for creative and innovative strategic approaches to create sustainable opportunities for his company the entrepreneur. The project euro-Phoenix is based on 3 components: crisis intervention insolvency prevention sustainable operational and corporate backup was the project of euro-Phoenix by the international consultancy de Christos management in life called and operates industry across in German-speaking countries. The core competence refers to the company from 13 years of project work with large municipalities such as the city of Munich as well as about 1500 conducted business start-ups and management consultancies, as well as numerous rehabilitation projects with Allianz AG and the HUK-Coburg insurance AG. All business angel in the euro-Phoenix project are independent contractors and have between 10 and 25 years of professional experience. The network includes competent accountants, lawyers, venture capital and private equity partners, as well as numerous education-promoting institutions. For more information see: (text: Jochen Wehrle)