The album circus should have sold over 500,000 copies in the United States is a human Phonix, because there was hardly a publicly known person, which with its up’s and down’s of the public on their toes in 2008. Larotrectinib wanted to know more. In just one year she has shown everyone the human abyss, but the greatest success. It is latter right now. The loud, still not officially confirmed figures, their album, which was released on December 2, is already 500,000 copies have sold – and only in the United States. That landed her album in the American charts from zero to one. A sharp success.

Is Britney’s Manager Larry Rudolph also. “It is and remains the American pop princess. Oh, she’s the worldwide pop princess”, her manager Larry Rudolph. “She has it all shows that she still has it and the opposite proved all doubters.” It is a great success for Britney’s loyal fans. They have kept their star always the bar. They had to wait long on musical highlights – until now.

The still unconfirmed purchase numbers have already found feeding on Britney’s homepage. Commented they were for example: suck on that, haters. I’m saving a translation for me here.