Bundestag approves amendment to the Narcotic Drugs Act according to recent data of the FDP the coalition parties are in favour of an amendment of the law on Narcotics, as the news portal reported news.de. The change in the law to legalize the production of cannabis medicines and allow for their application in the context of therapy. A spokesman for the Federal Health Ministry pointed out that it go only to the approval and prescribing prescription drugs containing synthetic cannabis active substances. Over-the-counter marijuana from the pharmacy won’t give it. According to the Association of cannabis as medicine (ACM), a therapeutic effect is attributed to at least 60 of the approximately 400 substances contained in marijuana.

Especially in the field of pain therapy, a wide range arises for the plant. Cannabis acts as a muscle relaxant. For example, patients with multiple sclerosis will benefit. The muscles can relax better, reduces the pain and the patient calm down faster, what their health favors. Also in the treatment of cancer patients, drugs, showing, the cannabis drugs containing a positive effect. Side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and vomiting, are noticeably reduced. The cost of the treatment must carry so far even patients. The drug dronabinol”, containing synthetic THC, can be prescribed by doctors without special permission on private prescription.

Yet a complicated approval process is required for the natural Variant. A first easing of the Narcotic Drugs Act was already mid-February 2009. At that time, seven patients received approval to obtain marijuana from the pharmacy to treat of their symptoms. When exactly the change in the law is to be implemented, not yet been determined. It is however to be expected with a broad consensus across the party boundaries. More information:../ comes the hash pill /… News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann