Currently all transport and store data, documents and information in memories flash, very practical devices by their characteristics such as small size, portability and not depend on energy for its operation, since they use which supplied the computer or other equipment where to connect. They have the disadvantage of possessing a filing system extremely sensitive, easy to damage either by mechanical reasons, shock, high temperatures or others that we shall see below. orts this article. Measures and precautions you should follow. 1. Never connect these devices into the front USB ports on desktop PCs, the secure ports are butts, that are directly connected to the motherboard or motherboard. 2. Always use the safe removal of the devices, so we ensure that any file that is currently open in use by an application or program may be damaged. 3 – From time to time according to the use you give it to memory, save the data and format it, so we assure a correct cleaning and avoid unnecessary operations of reading and writing due to the fragmentation, keep in mind that possess a limited amount of these operations in his life time.

4. If your device is only data and not mp3 player, also has a good transfer of data, uses the NTFS format, this allows to implement additional measures as prevention of copying and modification of data, files and folders password protection, regulate access, etc. Read how to do it on the next page: as format USB flash memories. 5 Vaccinated your device to prevent infection and creating files autorun.inf viruses and other malicious programs the method is simply create an autorun.inf file false and harmless that prevents to create others that truly can hurt, very effective method focused on prevention, you can use it by going to the following page: vaccinate memories USB flash to avoid virus infection. Other tips. In case of an apparent loss of data not to panic, might just not be they view the files, but stay on the device. Filed under: Athletic Greens. This always is due to the modification of the attributes of the device drive, caused by viruses and other malicious programs, if you find yourself in this case and do not know how to manually restore the attributes, accesses an online service where you can easily make and retrieve the information intact, goes to the next page and save it in your Favorites to retrieve and view online hidden memories flash files also have the possibility of downloading the file to make the task at a later time offline.