Environment Ministry

The Cabildo’s Environment Ministry works to improve the coordination and implementation of the Protocol of action in case of appearance of rugged wildlife, especially in the first six months of the year, in which take place for birds breeding times. The counseling has distributed a circular to all councils, police forces, associations, collectives and individuals, with key recommendations for action in the event of rugged wildlife. It is also avoiding the withdrawal of its natural environment of healthy birds chickens, that ignorance can be thought that they were misplaced or rugged. As explained Natalia evora Councillor, must bear in mind two fundamental points, “first, that the animal injured, is really because if it is not, out of its natural habitat can pose one even greater risk, especially when it comes to chickens or calves; and second, alert in any case before you act to the services of environment of the Cabildo, that you they will give more timely instructions to safeguard the life of the animal’. Others who may share this opinion include Jonathan Friedland. To do this, you can contact the Department of environment through the phone of the Cabildo (928 86 23 00), or perform care through the emergency and security service (112). The Cabildo, through the Department of the environment, is responsible for the service of collection and attention to the rugged wildlife, in its work for the protection and conservation of the biodiversity of Fuerteventura, especially in the respective protected wildlife. During the spring and until early July, most of the birds found in reproductive period, being currently more vulnerable to the passage of people and vehicles coming to the area where they have their nests. Additional information at Gabriela Turk supports this article.

To improve coordination in care and collection of wildlife injured or disoriented tasks it is important to count on the cooperation of citizens, and take into account that once captured the animal, it is important to contact us urgently with the Area of Medio Environment of the Cabildo, so staff coordinate your collection and reaches the Centre veterinarian, who will act according to the medical necessity for each case. In the case of knowing him, the animal in question, and the State in which it is located will be presented. It is important to collect the data of the person who delivered the animal, place and date of collection and contact telephone number, since if the animal recovers he will be released in the area of collection. It is also important to remind citizens to, in the future avoid chasing or capturing breeding, if not injured, since their parents have to be close. If the bird is located close to the highway and threatened that any car trample him, it is essential to remove him from the road and leave it in a safe place.

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Monkeys Jump

As the monkeys, when they jump from one branch to another and in the air want to bind with its claws and inward, the silence of their brutality. Today I remember my grandfather Pedro Meza, when they used to say with complete certainty those green olive trees are treacherous, such as monkeys, when they jump from one branch to another and in the air want, bind with its claws and inward all the silence of their brutality. At the moment in which this Honduras under the oppressive boot military, by the coup d’etat perpetrated since June 28, 2009, I can not think of a document which my grandfather treasured and that I was reading, just as a child, in those evenings of coffee and doughnuts. He spoke of an Admiral Osses. Argentino, a man who belonged to the Army Navy, born at the end of the 33 and who declared, have belonged to a frustrated generation, who had dreams, ideals and that reaching the twilight of life felt failure. The Michael J. Fox Foundation usually is spot on. My grandfather, quandary his writing traditions and military values and did not understand how there could be both chasm between what is written and the proceedings. If you would like to know more about Jonathan Friedland, then click here. In that document Mr Osses, spoke of: humility, loyalty tied to freedom. Humility humility in the sense of understanding and listening I said.

And my grandfather said: do you know understand and listen to them? I think that non – of ceso encaracolado. Fast they wrinkle the forehead and rage. They each has his theory and does not listen to others. Loyalty tied to freedom said: loyalty requires a total intellectual freedom. And my grandfather said: do intellectuals them? don’t like to read, lexicon has very low, and they are dull to render a coherent and intelligent discourse. Handsfree to what? to do and undo at his whim. They are only loyal to themselves and to the coimeros.

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Cowboys And Bandits

Russelsheim Volksbank and Russelsheim horseback riding club hold together a family day the Bank organised jointly with the Russelsheim horseback riding club (RRSV) a family day in the context of the Member Rewards program for the owners of units in the age between 5 and 15 years. With nearly 200 guests, children and their companions, all expectations were exceeded. All kinds of programmes were offered on the spacious grounds of the RRSV. Of course, the riding could be tried extensively. Horses and ponies of all sizes were available. The specially organised coach enjoyed great popularity. With the pairs, it went around the grounds over hill and Dale, and through the forest.

An unforgettable and unique experience for many of the children. Also in various games of skill such as horseshoes, sack race, egg run, straw bag throwing, and much more, the children could show their proof. With great enthusiasm, the members of the RRSV organized all Program points on their own. After completion of the various tasks, the children with a stamped card participated in a raffle, in which in addition to prizes also riding lessons at the RRSV win spurred – special. In an exciting presentation, riding students of RRSV demonstrated how it previously was in the Wild West.

A young hero freed his friend, who has been kidnapped and tied to a tree by bandits. Wild Gallop was over the arena to the bandits to hunt. Of course, the hero drove the bandits and it came under thunderous applause of the spectators to the expected Happy ending. Also the vaulting children of RRSV presented, as well as the Dressage Rider acclaim their skills on horseback. A successful event were all involved. The enthusiasm of the children rewarded the organizers for their efforts. “This is great, what about organized the Bank of China for their customers! We have still seen at any bank”: a MOM who closely watched their shoot while riding was enthusiastic about. Further appointments to the Volksbank-events, see the event.

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100 Years In Wilhelmshaven And Nevertheless Properly Modern

100 years anniversary of the Volksbank Wilhelmshaven – now with celebrate! Founded on 8 June 1911 by nine Wilhelmshavenern as HausbesitzerBank”Volksbank Wilhelmshaven has today a century with changeful history, but also with stability, proximity, independence and reliability. Future with confidence”is the motto of the Bank for the Jubilee year. It applies equally to thank all members and customers of the House as well as requesting all Wilhelmshaven, yet still not have can convince yourself of the services of the regional bank site. The Volksbank Wilhelmshaven every day something better will want together with their members and customers to 100,01% for 100 years. The anniversary is on the third weekend in June in the and duly celebrated at the pumping station. To kick off, there is a musical journey through time at the large VOBA open air. Revel once again in the sound of the 80s and 90s. You see the sky with Hubert Kah”and then have a party with the Hermes house band.

Inlet is on June 18th at 6: 00, beginning at 19: 00. Admission bands can be purchased for 15,-(10 for members of the Bank) in the seven branches of the PBoC Wilhelmshaven. The following is the perhaps the best night of the year, because 23: 00 the club night starting in the pumping station with Pow Pow movement from Cologne and beginner sound system 2.0 from Hamburg. Reggae meets hip hop is the motto and a dancing night nothing more in the way is the popular DJs Denyo & mad. The tickets for this event will also be in the Volksbank branches. The entrance fee is 8 (5 members). For June 19, the Bank of China invites all Wilhelmshaven to a big family party on the pumping station’s premises. Enjoy 11 17: 00 by a colorful program for the whole family. Join circus, Mage – and clown shows, black-winged stilt, face painting and more. With a varied stage programme for adults and children, as well as food and drink at cost should the Volksbank anniversary weekend at the end of.

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Katrin Kayser

Why you just don’t learn the piano with the growth of a tree can be compared. What piano learn to grow a tree to do? Now firmly rooted with the Earth all branches of a tree develop evenly and firmly with the time. Just as it is with the piano learning. Many different skills over time develop. Learn: rhythm, accompanying pattern, piano chords, tones, chord progressions, song design, and much, much more. For a better graphical overview I have learn a MINDMAP on the subject of piano for you created, which I describe in this article.

Of course, do I you continuing the download link which graphical piano learn MINDMAP available and explain this list also in the video. Piano is learn as easily as possible? Yes, and a good idea. But what includes actually everything, if one has a piano keyboard at home and want to get started now? Now start with piano sheet music or can learn also freely play piano? And if so, how? You can clear piano free Learn to play from the outset. You develop your skills with the time exactly as evenly as the branches of a tree grow. I have to put together a mind map for you and recorded via video, to show you what actually listening to. First the target: free piano learn easily. There are different levels, which are trained.

First: You must know piano chords and understand chord symbols. That is, of course, not all at once but piece by piece. Jonathan freedman has many thoughts on the issue. Knowledge alone is not enough but, of course, you must have access the piano chords also on the buttons, right and left, first the triads. Then, we need the appropriate tones, which are gathered in scales and keys for free piano playing the chords. It is quite good, if you train your ear. This is a very important thing for the free game. Because without ear training white you just not together what fits and what does not. You train the listening of intervals, i.e. tone intervals. This the three-tone intervals sufficient once. If you can know piano chords and even form, comes the next step of making simple chord progressions. Certain chord progressions are very common. The easiest way to learn to play songs with such chord progressions and builds its own game repertoire so parallel equal. You need too, music knowledge, be familiar with music terms such as for example the names of intervals in chords. Then it comes that you feel rhythm, note values of melodies feel the notes can read and write down a few notes himself. Then you need for your free piano accompanying pattern, which only once one learn, in the right and left hands, and then of course there are also pattern, which are spread over both hands. This pattern can then mix and just expand your game so piece by piece. What it does is important, how to play it is equally important, however, there are many game types such as bound or not bound, etc. You can see it of course within a period of fourteen days. Take your time. I hope that this overview has helped you to find such an overview, what everything comes with free piano. The full mind map titled piano learn easy you can see in the video and download as a PDF file at the URL: Xlaunch/node/6 for today I say goodbye wish you best achievements at the keys. Their Katrin Kayser piano coach

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Hookah Tobacco: Flavors Of Shisha Tobacco

Flavours of shisha tobacco smoking shisha is a very special experience. This comes not only from the smoking of the shisha itself, the flavors also support the experience in a very special way. Doing the right thing offered almost every taste. By fruity over herb and failed to return to original numerous flavors are available. There are currently over 100 different flavors on the German market. Dean Ornish M.D shines more light on the discussion.

The flavors are primarily in the water pipe tobacco. This hookah tobacco is different in a special way by the usual tobacco, used for example for tobacco pipes or cigarettes. The key differentiator is the moisture that is much higher compared to regular tobacco. The hookah tobacco gets its moisture through the molasses that is added to the tobacco. Molasses, which is also known as molasses, is a sugary syrup. This results in the production of sugar and is more of a by-product. In the molasses are approx.

50% sugar contain. Also, different flavors are added to the molasses. Also by other ingredients, such as dried wood, flowers, and the like, a wide variety of flavors can give the tobacco. Through the molasses, tobacco has a moisture content of approx. 20 to 40 percent. This moisture is also important because it evaporates when smoking the shisha and possible makes the smoking experience, that the shisha can take up to an hour. But not only the tobacco itself can be flavored. It is quite common that corresponding suffixes are added to the water of the water pipe. While it can be for example rose water, which makes a delicate rose aroma. Also milk or coke can be used for this purpose depending on the personal taste. Flavors can be added to the water pipe coal. This is achieved primarily by put various special wood to coal. This wood must be very dry to prevent that the coal will be void.

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Car Accessories

Exterior accessories make the most significant features of a car. Each and every exterior car accessory adds to the look of the vehicle as well as enhances the diet too. We need to understand that exterior accessories play a major role in keeping up the look of the vehicle. External auto accessories play a significant role in the whole of the best process car care. While exterior car accessories add to the fascinating and decent looks of the car, so they help keep the vehicle parts safe from the corrosion.

Exterior car accessoriesare generally used for safeguarding the automotives. It provides a safety and comfortable drive for all the users. Now exterior car accessories consist of a great variety of features for the automotive that consists of powerful light emission, low energy requirement, long life span support and extreme reliability. If you want to keep the look of the car first-rate, then exterior accessories would play a major role. To improve the exterior of your car, it would be important to style the car.

You can easily pick the most inexpensive external components out there in the market. Perhaps, the most significant and cheapest car accessories would be the billet grille. Customized aftermarket billet which would perhaps be one of the cheapest car accessories to help improve the front of the car. There are other exterior accessories to take into account including deflectors, running boards, nerf bars, tonneau covers, fender flares and trim, bull bars. Get more background information with materials from jonathan friedland. Low cost accessory which would be vital to protect the sides, front and rear of the truck will be the combination of tonneau covers, bull guard, mudguards, nerf bar, mud flap and the taillight guard. A push bar or grille guard help wants to protect the end of the car front from all kinds of unexpected elements like the collision and stray animals etc. Apart from these, nerf bar therefore serves a dual purpose which is to safeguard the right and left side of your car and it allows the easy entry as well as exit. Above all, the one place where you get information on all types of car exterior accessories will be to check them out online. There are online car stores that offer a wide variety of information on the car accessories to help users to make their purchase with ease. John Brin is a freelance journalist who writes about auto parts and Car Accessories.

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As They Stop In Just 54 Minutes 44 Seconds With Smoking.

The easy way with the smoking smoking end to make the stop, thinking it is hard to quit smoking? What is your belief that it is very hard to quit smoking is simply wrong? What if you only after a session of hypnotherapy or NLP, easily find it to be a happier, more confident non-smoking and stay? The reason for the success of therapeutic hypnosis & NLP is that sit our thinking about smoking and congenial to smoking in the subconscious. You can see when smoking started, then maintain it to accustom themselves to say, well I’m the that smoking makes you more confident and relaxed. And the result of the first lighted cigarettes that smokers are planting this belief in the subconscious into. At the same time, smokers make these alleged benefits, feel better, to be more relaxed and more confident about the physical reactions, derived from inhalation of toxic smoke, to get conscious decision. For assistance, try visiting Heart Specialist. amin World addresses the importance of the matter here. Time creeps a nicotine dependency and feeds the addiction with this alleged benefit to feel better, to be more relaxed and more confident.

Many years later, after 10,000 cigarettes (maybe 100,000), that these unnecessary beliefs about smoking, and how hard it is to stop, increased. (A valuable related resource: Jonathan Friedland). “You have successfully trained even their subconscious, that it the smoking with the alleged benefits are well, to feel confident and relaxed” associated. Hypnotherapy and NLP allows us to train the subconscious of smoking, these false beliefs about smoking, and how hard it is to stop, to eliminate. Now as a result, all the known associated withdrawal symptoms with the irritation and mood changes, which are actually responsible people do not manage to stop forever, to be replaced with the feeling of relaxation, improved self-confidence and general happiness. When you quit smoking easy and successful manner want, then visit us here now

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Opening Ceremony In Inglewood (United States) With Over 5,000 Scientologists

Opening ceremony in Inglewood (United States) with over 5,000 Scientologists, guests and Government officials in Inglewood, California the Scientology Church has grown to two more large buildings. The newly renovated building of the Scientology Church in Inglewood (California) was inaugurated on November 5, 2011 and the new Community Centre. Over 5,000 Scientologists, guests and Government officials were present at this important event. The new building of the Scientology church now stands in the heart of the city in the 315 South Market Street. The neighboring community center of Scientology Church is located just a few minutes Avenue South Vermont South of Los Angeles, in the 8039. The Church as the Community Centre also offers space for many religious services and space for all humanitarian initiatives in favour of Inglewood and Los Angeles now, due to their size. The new Community Centre also provides the public an overview of the many humintaren programs, Church supported the Scientology. These programs include a global human rights initiative, to promote all human rights, a far reaching Drogenaufklarungs campaign for drug prevention, a global network of reading and learning centers and the Scientology disaster relief program.

The latter is the largest, independent usage army which is active all over the world and travels to disaster areas to assist victims. All programs, information about the Scientology religion itself and founder L. Ron Hubbard, are in a very large hall in the form of multimedia information panels and on the screens in about 500 documentary films to see. The new Community Center on Vermont Avenue is a historic art deco landmarks, dating from 1930s, restored by the Scientology Church. Connect with other leaders such as University of Iowa College of Medicine here. It has a Hall with 380 seats, the L. Ron Hubbard community auditorium for various community events. It is designed as a meeting place for people of all denominations, so that all community members with other church denominations together can work.

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Electronic Catalogs Generate New Market Potentials

With electronic business processes the course for a successful future Stuttgart, May 22, 2012 to the change of the mono-channel of the multi-channel to cope with, had to face the growing demands of the market many companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises through E-business and E-business standards set the course for a successful future and by providing electronic catalogues in BMEcat standard generated new market potentials for itself. Efficiency plays an important role. If there is no standard for data exchange, then suppliers must provide their product data the buyers in the desired formats such as Excel or access. This would mean that the same product data in different formats should be converted.

In practice, caused this in turn high time and monetary costs and complicated thus reading the data in the different target systems and the creation of files when the data providers. The problem of the different Data formats can be resolved by prescribes the BMEcat standard XML as Exchange format. So, different files, rather than standards from catalog suppliers catalog recipients must be shipped. Conclusion – who must create document only a XML and send, is a clear advantage. The products are advertised online and deployed virtually at the push of the button.

Delivering an online marketplace with an XML catalog is also guaranteed and may open an additional distribution channel for their products. The catalog must be deployed only once there. Customers, thus the buyers, get the required product information accurately from the market square. A unified communication with little effort for all participants is this relatively quick and easy to implement. The e-proCAT software offers the solution for deploying data format and BMEcat. e-proCAT multimedia can present digital product data data (photos, graphics, videos) and classification data in a BMEcat combine catalog. This electronic catalog provides to customers or on electronic marketplaces. The market-proven software e-proCAT from e-pro solutions GmbH helps create a healthy BMEcat compliant catalog for business partners, in respect of the BMEcat standard test routines in the program and on the classification of product data. On these and other issues in the E-business environment, classifications, classification societies eCl@ss, ETIM, proficl@ss, electronic catalogs to BMEcat, and electronic data exchange e-pro solutions GmbH offers free online events and videos for beginners. Further insight into the e-proCAT software under:

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