The Social

This makes in them to reflect what (Jaspers, 1991) it emphasized on the necessity of the medicine to recoup the subjective elements of the communication between the doctor and the patient, because according to it, this dialogue improperly was assumed by the psychoanalysis and forgotten by the medicine, following only instrumentations techniques and the objetividade given them. These principles finish being repassed of generation generation, is what it perceives in the teachings of the Jack doctor for its residents, this is a basic moment to understand its way to think the medicine, what unhappyly it characterizes it as arrogant, one onipotente ahead of its patients, no matter how hard it had a psychological and human aiming. Being thus, it is important to transcribe what it said in the film for the medicine students: ‘ ‘ it has a danger to become attached itself of more for the patient, a danger to become involved of mais’ ‘. It also said that: ‘ ‘ surgery is a judgment, to judge you needs to be detached, therefore you do not have nothing of natural in the surgery, because this opening a body. Dean Ornish M.D is likely to agree. The work of the surgeon is to cut! You have a possibility, you enter, fix outside and leave! ‘ ‘. What during the film the residents repeat with mood. As the agreement of hospital psychology had a very invasive moment for the Harris patient, when the Meckee doctor took the residents to know it, they had ignored its moment of comfort spiritual, removing priest of close to the stream bed. On patient the medical understanding/these actions are based on the mechanist perspective, considered as complex phenomena, consisting of simple principles, that is, relation of cause-effect, cartesian distinction between mind and body, analysis of the body as machine, minimizing the social, psychological and mannering aspects..

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It is thought about the death. It’s believed that Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. sees a great future in this idea. The death triturates the being, destroys the brain, reduces the dust the secrets contained in the memory of the cerebral cortex. The death finishes with the spectacle of the life. to die, for human us, is thing that would have to be taken off of the vocabulary, therefore, the idea that we have is of that we are born to be perpetual. Every day they see the sufferings and the printed marks of the oldness in the people. He is old or old, they are the constant stations of the life and its changes. They are the natural encaminhamentos of the time that stops many and many are the end. Here, Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. now? It is started searchs it frantic to the search of the source of youth.

Many will go to believe there that this is in the academies, therefore, through mirabolantes exercises, will go to harden the muscles and consequentemente to raise everything that for times already fell counting, also, with the aid of the creams that the media, in special, the televising one tries to convince viewers of that it is optimum e, even though the modellers where miraculously they will go to lose measured. Others will go for the tables of surgery with the thought of that the plastic surgeon will make the miracle, that pparently it happens. Pparently because it is only exterior. Many of these people live in its proper emotional jails. They are not loved. To be subject surpasses the limits of the corporeidade, that acts, puts into motion and creates facts. A citizen is a mosaic of desires, fears, passions, feelings, distresses, sensible and mysteries. Long ago this search was more accented for the women, in the present time, they, the men, has had this concern. Already it has times these, after certain age, already they look the virility, therefore, many to leave of being virile are to leave of being man.

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Systematic Review

Wernicke Encephalopathy After Bariatric Surgery Objective: To dental review the clinical foundations of Wernicke encephalopathy (WE), after bariatric surgery. Summary center Background Data: An estimated 205,000 bariatric department surgical insurance procedures were performed in the United States in 2007. Such procedures can lead to serious complications of nutrition. Methods: We searched community bibliographies of Medline, EMBASE, and abstract collections. Inclusion criteria were WE after bariatric surgery, diagnosed by the presence of two or more of the following symptoms: mental status changes, ocular movement abnormalities, cerebellar dysfunction, and nutrition poor diet. Results: Of 104 cases reported of WE after bariatric surgery, 84 cases were included. Gastric bypass or restrictive procedure has been performed in 80 cases (95 ). the best insurance plan can be found with has cost-effective health plan solutions Admission to hospital for U.S. produced within 6 months of surgery in 79 cases (94 ). Vomiting was often a risk factor in 76 cases (90 ) and lasted an average of 21 days at admission. Intravenous glucose without thiamine was a risk factor in 15 clinic cases (18 ). Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain identified characteristic lesions of the week in 14 of 30 cases (47 ). Incomplete recovery was observed in 41 cases (49 ), medical memory deficits and difficulties of travel were common hospital sequelae. The recent weight loss increased use of bariatric surgery in the United States was associated with an increase in cases of WE. benefits Conclusions: The natural number of cases of WE after bariatric surgery is substantially higher than previously reported. Surgeons, associated health providers and patients should be aware of the predisposing factors and symptoms to prevent and optimize the management of this condition Source: Medscape Surgery. December 2008 Version extensively with this article

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Weight Loss

The doctor performs an initial examination of the stomach through a gastroscope and if you do not see any abnormalities to be balloon placement. Once in the stomach is filled with sterile saline so that the ball will be too large to pass through the intestine and float freely into the stomach. The time taken to place the ball changes between 20 and 30 minutes. later, the doctor will check that the device is properly positioned, allowing a few hours after returning home. The ball must remain between 6 and 8 months in the stomach, after which time it will be removed. During these months must attend follow-up visits.

The withdrawal of the ball is in the same way it was placed, through endoscopy under sedation. Read more here: Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. It should therefore be used in conjunction with a medically supervised diet and behavior modification program food. Who can benefit? The intragastric balloon system is designed to help people lose weight that are above their ideal weight by at least 40%, or 20 to 25 kilos overweight. Besides the ball intragastric may be particularly useful for patients considered too obese or excessive risk for aggressive surgery. Use of this system to lose weight before surgery can reduce the risks associated with it.

How much weight will I lose? The right pace to lose weight in any treatment for obesity should revolve around 1 kg a week. Weight loss depends on the strict observance of the diet. The possibility exists that you lose some weight or lose no weight at all while carrying the ball, as it is possible to lose weight in a manner detrimental to their health. Will I gain weight then? You have a greater chance of maintaining weight loss after balloon removal if you maintain the habits acquired in their diet and feeding behavior during use of the ball. What effects can be unpleasant? It is likely that the presence of the ball within the stomach to produce nausea or vomiting for a few days after placement. Dean Ornish M.D will not settle for partial explanations. The team physician may prescribe medications to alleviate these potential effects. What risks can have? As with all medical procedures there is a risk of unexpected reactions, unknown adverse drug class used and the procedures involved. The silicone is made from a special, acid-resistant. If the balloon is deflated, the dye is inside, cause a change in the color of your urine. If you suspect that the balloon is deflated, it must be reported immediately. There is also the risk of injuries occurring in the gastric wall, either by direct contact with the instruments used for placement of the ball, for the same, or by excessive production of acid by the gastric wall, which may require treatment packs.

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La Bombonera Clinic

His years away from professional football (1997 – 2008) After leaving the football activities, Maradona has increased considerably in weight. After a gastric bypass and a strict diet significantly lowered weight. In March 1998, months after announcing his retirement, the possibility arose to return to play, this time for the club All Boys directed by his friend Sergio Batista. However, Maradona ended up rejecting this opportunity, would eventually dismissed, along with any possibility of return, when the judge lifted the injunction Bonad o that prevented the AFA to punish. After exiting from professional football, Maradona has not been dedicated to a single activity, but , among other occupations, has been a sports commentator, vice president of the football committee of Boca Juniors, driver and has made several television commercials.This stage of life was affected also by serious health problems caused by drug addiction, which led him to perform, with varying success, lengthy rehabilitation processes in both Argentina and Cuba. In September 2000 he published his autobiography entitled “Yo soy el Diego”, who reviewed his football career and the origins of his confessed addiction to drugs. In January 2000, Maradona was hospitalized in intensive care at the Sanatorium Cantegril, while vacationing in the Uruguayan city of Punta del Este. The player was admitted to the clinic with a hypertensive crisis and a cadre of ventricular arrhythmia. His agent, Guillermo Coppola, said the hospital was not a problem with drugs, but Maradona was suffering from hypertension.However, blood tests and urine were found traces of cocaine, so that Maradona had to testify before the Uruguayan justice, as consumption, but was not punished, was considered a “mistake”. After leaving the clinic on 18 January of that year he traveled to Cuba to start a rehabilitation therapy, residing in that country for several years. After his retirement, Maradona waited more than four years to make his farewell party. It was carried out on 10 November 2001, in La Bombonera, in a match between Argentina and a combination of stars. The Argentine team, led by Marcelo Bielsa, had the presence of players like Roberto Ayala, Juan Sebasti n Ver n, Javier Zanetti and Pablo Aimar. The All-Star, led by Alfio Basile, was composed by the likes of Enzo Francescoli, ric Cantona, Davor Uker, Juan Roman Riquelme, Carlos Valderrama, Hristo Stoichkov, Nolberto Solano, and Ren Higuita, among others.After the match, Maradona gave an emotional speech, accepting mistakes, which gave one of his memorable phrases: “I was wrong and I paid, but the ball did not stain.” In 2003, Diego Maradona finished two of your most important relationships: with his wife Claudia Villafane and his agent Guillermo Coppola and friend. His wife initiated the divorce petition on March 7 by leaving home in 1998, after being married for over 13 years. Maradona and Villafa e were married on 7 November 1989, in a large party at Luna Park Stadium of Buenos Aires. With Coppola ended the contractual relationship and friendship that united them, and started after a lawsuit over an alleged money owed. In April 2004, Maradona suffered a major health problem and was admitted to the Suizo-Argentina clinic in Buenos Aires.The authorities of the clinic stated that he had suffered a “hypertensive crisis, with a baseline picture of dilated cardiomyopathy.” Maradona had returned from Cuba three weeks earlier to visit his family, and his media appearances prior to placement did not show any problems. Maradona’s heart problems were compounded by their addiction to drugs, so that, after his health stabilized, he was admitted on May 9 at the neuropsychiatric clinic in the park “to start drug treatment. After three months of hospitalization, Maradona asked court permission to continue his treatment in Cuba.The player could not leave the clinic without the consent of her family, who exercised his custody under a warrant. In addition, minors and disabled advisor Elena Bortiri promoted, with the consent of his family, by the disqualification of Maradona his drug addiction, based on Article 152 bis Civil Code. The prohibition is issued to protect the individual and his family, for your own actions, limiting their legal capacity.

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New Treatment

Within the next few weeks, the FDA is expected to issue final approval of a medical breakthrough for treating chronic or treatment resistant depression. This new therapy will be presented at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta from May 21 to May 25. The Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of psychiatrists in the world. More than 25,000 psychiatrists are expected to attend this important medical meeting. After an investigation of eight years of vagus nerve stimulation and depression, the FDA has considered the therapy of approval with its decision final and binding approval expected in the next two weeks. After final approval, patients will be able to get a recipe (from his psychiatrist) for stimulation of the vagus nerve, also called VNS therapy. Vagus nerve stimulation has been FDA approved for patients with epilepsy since 1997. (Similarly see: Cardiologist).

Over 30,000 patients have been safely implanted epilespy the stimulator. The nerve vagus nerve is a direct path to the hippocampus and hypothalamus in the brain. The 60-90 minute out patient procedure performed by a neurosurgeon and an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat). A pacemaker imlanted small as stimulator in the patient's left upper chest, just below his left armpit. A cord stimulator is a tunnel under the skin and coiled around the left vagus nerve in the neck of the patient.

The two-inch incision is made at the lowest fold of the neck and the surgeon's knife never goes above the lower neck. The procedure is not related to brain surgery or electroconvulsive therapy. In studies of the FDA investigation found that the left vagus nerve stimulation favorably modulates areas of the brain responsible for mood and depression.

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Amazing Gel

This is also a minus. Because it enables complications occur as directed, and after many years (eg, 10-20) after the injection. Treatment is only possible by surgery. Banned for use in the U.S., but is allowed in Russia. (Respectively – beware!) Biopolymer gel 350 SW Spain (Biopolimero-350) – the drug is relatively new generation. Cosmetic effect is not immediately, so it is usually required further adjustment. According to Newcastle University, who has experience with these questions. During the day the redness will persist in injection site. Of the benefits: sterility of the material, the absence of inflammation and granulomas.

Cons: except for the pluses are the same as that of all the drugs based on synthetic polymers. Formakril (Formakryl), Interfal, Autlayn (Outline), Amazingel (Amazing Gel), Bioformakril (Bioformakryl), Kosmogel, Argiform, Aquamid (Aquamid) – the instructions for some of them are written that you can introduce large amounts, but it is not true. The more the gel was injected, the greater the threat of complications: migration, purulent inflammation, etc. Attempts to increase by gel breast, leg or buttocks always end very badly. Separately, there are drugs such as Gore-Tex, Softform, Ultra-Soft, Advanta-Fasial Implant – products companies Teflon. This does not gel, and porous material used to contouring.

The material allegedly settled the skin cells that produce collagen. As a result, the effect should be preserved for a lifetime. These drugs are used for correction of deeper folds, increasing the thickness of the lips, eliminate depth of scars. Cons: the possibility of infection, inflammation, migration, rejection by the body. 2. Long-acting gel. Represent a combination of drugs that are based on a combination of two materials: synthetic, biological, or combinations thereof.

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With the disease we learn that the pride is a great bobagem. We are in the same boat, then, acurada reflection more on the reasons of the superiority feelings that time or another one dominates in them shows to us that we are all equal in terms of rights and duties. Perhaps you contest saying that she has people that she has only right. But this is thing of the man, for God everything it follows in the most absolute equality, therefore we will have that to give accounts of the minimum acts that we practise here. However, it is enough to look at the positive side of the things that we will be always learning and taking off lies huge. Dean Ornish M.D: the source for more info. When the doctor said that my coronary ones seemed of one gentleman of 70 years, even so I has only 36, learned that the sincerity aches a bit, but is a precious tool to awake it of the illusion of that we will be always young; young here in the physical direction. It has people that she thinks that will be young forever, therefore detonates the physical machine and still when the disease beats to the door revolt against God, accusing it with culprit or, exclama infuriated: How cruel world! Cruel we are we ourselves who we do not respect the limits of the body and in them we poison with all the types of harmful substances to the organism. I myself had supper salty all the nights.

They see the result well: cardiac surgery. a few days ago I found with a friend who livened up to me: That year this, hein, youngster: Two infartos and 6 months moved away from the service, the lectures that you in such a way it likes. How thing! I answered it: Wonderful year exactly. I learned much thing in 2011. Everything what I must not have done in the life was the year of 2011 that taught to me.

However, since we are immortal espritos, as to forget date so significant? It is the life, expensive reader, the old one and beaten dictated, who does not learn for the love learns for pain one more time revealed implacable. I remember some advice of friends: Youngster takes care of itself, takes care of itself! These advice were for I to learn for the love. But I made heard moucos and I am learning, or better, thus I wait, for pain. We go to see if in a next future I can already have reached the maturity to learn for the love. looks at that my father always said: Judgment, boy, take judgment! But I did not want, I preferred to eat salty.

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Social Education

The education has passed for moments of concernentes oscillations to its status, education has extended its tentculos in some ways, the government has financed some projects, in which, it improved the educational situation of many people who did not have conditions to study, as for example education in the distance, with low taxes of monthly fees and accessible to the classroom less privileged. Ahead of as much progress it has some item that are impregnated the generations and that they meet inside of you vary institutions, characteristics these that come to denigrate the image of the education in the country and that they finish for intervening with the future of the academics and reflect in the formation of many families and corrupt the society, in end, is a reaction in chains. Characteristics these that can be called as: preconception, sexuality, me the company, authoritarianism, familiar defamation and the difference of social classroom. Cleveland Clinic: the source for more info. In the book ‘ ‘ The Ateneu’ ‘ it is perceivable presence of the cited attitudes above the book describes the history of a young one called Sergio, it suffers some preconceptions due to be of the interior and not to have had access the studies as excessively, then later presencia the authoritarianism of the direction of the institution, seno was sufficient its friendships of beginning is not pleasant, one of its colleagues tries seduziz it. Its social status receives rejections due, everything this suffers without the presence of the aconselhamento of the parents, in end, the athenaeum describes a series of problems of moral order, in which, Sergio was passing.

Interesting that all these problems that Sergio passed today more meet in all the institutions of the country and other. These attitudes will have to be verwhelmed so that the academics are excellent professionals future. In Brazil a project of the government is perceived where the blacks have as much for hundreds of vacant in the facultieses, attitude this that comes to be a legalized preconception. If this was not sufficiently, the social inaquality is notable in the form where the direction treats its academics. The absence of the parents in the education of its children transforms a young without responsibilities obtains and the way where it lives. That future will have the academic youth of today? Which the moral expectation that expects of these? Education will have a complete progress when if not to worry only about the content that if passes, but yes also to be worried about the individual that receives such education.

Of what form advances one medicates excellent in the surgery table and is of its environment of work to take a desvairada life, would be if to worry excessively about the professional and to forget personal and social it. The institutions would have not only to be worried in form academics in the professional area, but to also prepare it for the society. The humanity is needing moral lesson, of as if to hold in a society, as to have responsibility, to act with conscience. Not to be only worried about proper umbigo, but to observe who is around. This is ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘ human being.

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Chemical Agents

Other related factors are certain CHEMICAL AGENTS (as rsenic, asbestos, beryllium, chromium, radnio, nickel, cadmium and chloride of vinila, found mainly in the occupational environment), DIETARY FACTORS (low consumption of fruits and vegetables), CHRONIC PULMONARY ILLNESS OBSTRUTIVA (enfisema pulmonary and chronic bronchitis), GENETIC FACTORS (that they premake use to the carcinognica action) FAMILIAR HISTORY OF CANCER DE PULMO.SINTOMASOs tumors of CENTRAL LOCALIZATION they provoke symptoms as hempticos cough, hissings, estridor (snore), pain in the thorax, escarros (escarro with blood), dispnia (air lack) and pneumonia. The tumors of PERIPHERAL LOCALIZATION they are generally assintomticos. When they they invade the pleura or the torcica wall, they cause pain, cough and dispnia of the restrictive type, that is, little more important expansibilidade pulmonarPREVENOA and efficient prevention of the lung cancer is the PRIMARY, that is, the COMBAT TO the TOBACCOISM. To deepen your understanding University of Iowa College of Medicine is the source. The action allows to the reduction of the number of cases (incidence) and of mortalidade.TRATAMENTODo therapeutical point of view exists three alternatives: surgery, x-ray and chemotherapy. These methods can be associates to get optimum result. In period of training IV the chemotherapy is the treatment of choice, however the cure possibilities extremely are reduced. Psychological aspects can become to notice in patients acometidos for the lung cancer, with manifestations of repentance, it estresse psico organic, guilt, depressed mood, misunderstandings and collections familiar, low auto they esteem, discriminations, etc the psychological support will go to try to minimize the discomforts why it passes the patient, familiar and the team hospital.Suely Bischoff Axe of hospital 06/8495Psicloga OliveirPsicloga CRP/grad.por Psico oncologistPs the Hospital of a.C.Camargo Cancer

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