Distilled Water

Distilled water is that which comes from the natural evaporation by temperature rise and once in the atmosphere falls again because of the cold in the form of rain, spray or snow. This is achieved artificially thanks to a still that mimics this process of nature in pollutant-free stainless steel appliances. Who says that water must carry minerals, seems unaware that inorganic minerals in the water are not useful to human beings or animals, only plants take advantage of inorganic minerals and transform them into organic, and this argument has been proved scientifically. Therefore our body only uses organic minerals eating raw fruits and vegetables, but the minerals contained in the water are removed through urine without profiting the least, on the contrary, if you drink water with a portion high in minerals and in large quantities, stones in kidneys and other organs may occur. By steam distillation is the method used by nature to purify the water. the distilled water has no color, odor or taste is pure; However, when one drinks it seem delicious. When one has a still at home and someone drink your water, without knowing that it is distilled water, insurance that you will comment on his good taste. The distilled water has no external memory, until scientists have been aware that can store information in several ways in distilled water and then use this information. Further details can be found at Donald Sussman, an internet resource.

Mineral medicine does this, when one leaves a quartz or another mineral in distilled water for twenty-four hours, energy and the Quartz or the stone entered information is printed in the water and one benefits when you drink it, since there is an alchemical transformation that converts the water in a specific, effective, simple, non-toxic medicine and without any side effects or contraindicationsbeing the worst that can happen that do not pass anything. The only problem with the distilled water is that you lose all the information stored on it, therefore recommend to who are encouraged to take distilled water before drinking restructure it, energetice and charge information. As? Pouring water from one container to another from a height of at least half a meter several times. Boost it as it is done in homeopathy, shaking her tightly before drinking. As demonstrated by Masaru Emoto, until the words and thoughts influence water. Paste a label with a keyword in the jar: love, harmony, health also in the market to sell activators of water. All this may seem child magic but is scientifically proven.

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Codependent people, always believe that they suffer because their partners are not as they need. They are usually on the lookout for controlling the life and behaviour of their partners mainly. Although this attitude is repeated with the children, siblings, parents, but here we’ll specifically talk in loving lavida. In a sense, even though they, are not considered as well, their behaviors are impregnated of:-handling: wish that their partners have healthier behaviors, i.e. Professor Roy Taylor has compatible beliefs. no longer smoking, drinking, working, eating, either, that understand that the concern is for the sake of your partner. Professor Roy Taylors opinions are not widely known. -Hostility: they always say at the least appropriate time, i.e. they become aggressive and violent because your partner does not modify their behavior as they need.

-Generators of guilt: how the couple not let their addictive behavior, then the codependent, generates in others, mainly in the couple, feelings of guilt difficult to tolerate. -Drivers: are on the lookout for hide food, pills, alcohol, that do not work, there are no compulsive shopping, anyway. They are a torment for who suffers from addiction or a compulsive behavior. Obviously, the codependent, love to their partners, and want the best for them, their relationship and life. The problem is that the relationship becomes a situation of tension and anger.

Another feels controlled, manipulated, little free to act and Furthermore, they feel that they aren’t about girls or girls partners, they say what they have or do not do. This model of codependent relationship becomes a torture for both members of the couple. The codependent are always to the rescue of the love of his life. Their bond of affection shows in need of care, for being needy. But the couple, who is subjected to a codependent, feels totally stifled, because in reality, unwilling to let his behavior, or alter it in the most minimum and appear unconcerned, against the excessive preoccupation of the codependent person.

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Pedro Sanchez

Often we tend to confused power with nutrition, in fact it is very common to be supercharged and however badly nourished. We only have hunger for macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins), micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) do not produce us appetite, so it is difficult to detect a lack of these essential compounds to achieve homeostasis or optimal state of health. How it occurs and how expands? A healthy cell can become cancerous due to a mutation in the DNA of the nucleus. l Straus CareOne. Some cells, so to speak, are intended to be immortal, rather than die and be replaced by a new cell, refuse to do so and they age, losing its role as producer of life and energy, which, when they are many millions, affects our body and, if it is not stopped, it can produce a fatal organic collapse. The danger is not so much the formation of cancerous cells, as we have seen is a phenomenon that happens many times throughout our lives, as an extension of the same until vital organs through metastasis.

This occurs when the connective tissue surrounding the cancer cell is eroded by collagenase, an enzyme that destroys this protective tissue and allows the rebel cell escape from its location and spread via the bloodstream to colonize other organs. How can we act against him? Our body can fight a carcinogenic process, this account with formidable allies, among which one might highlight two: vitamin C (the Queen of vitamins) and lysine (an essential amino acid). None of these two principles are synthesized by our body, so they must be ingested through diet, and if it is necessary, through supplements. Vitamin C, which complies with a huge amount of functions essential for life, on the one hand has anticancer properties; clinical trials in mice show that it reduces to half the growth of tumors and even manages to stop the metastasis in some cases; by other lysine has the quality of neutralizing the collagenases, preventing that they destroy connective tissue and thus preventing the extension of the tumor. The combination of both compounds acting synergistically to prevent the spread of the mutated cells.

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Diets Addiction

The first thing we need to know, is that there are 10 great commandments of diets that you list below. 1. Do not go hungry, because when this happens the abandonment of the diet is practically inevitable 2 – not jeopardizing the nutritional balance because it will weaken the body, can make you sick and cause the dreaded effect Yo-Yo 3 – a plan as enjoyable and rewarding as possible 4 – do not spend long periods without eating. Indicated more is to take three to five meals daily 5 – analyze the diet for weeks instead of days or 6 intakes – think in long-term dietary strategies promoting dietary guidelines healthy 7 – not do lists of forbidden foods, because they can generate more anxiety 8 – customize the diet as often as possible to 9 – depositing some realistic expectations in the diet 10 – stop thinking about food as a first resource to fill other voids personal. THE addiction of being diet LAS DIETS and regimes just resulting STRESSFUL what leads a person to make a crazy diet, which can damage your health? The regimes are healthy when they are made with control. They are an attempt to do something impossible to later feel guilty for not having it maintained our body protest because we don’t respect their pace, but we impose inconvenient restrictions. THE REGIME IS SOMETHING THAT WE TORTURE.

Perhaps because we think that if our image not is perfect not going to be loved us we want to see much better what we are and our intolerance toward those extra kilos often hides our intransigence to accept us with defects. Ultrafast regimes are a torture instead of savoring what has conquered, are blamed for what has not been achieved. In this way, not enjoying what has been achieved. v what is hidden behind our permanent fight against the scale? does that when we reach the ideal weight impetus pushes us to eat? v the two great needs that we have to solve are hunger and love, according to Freud.

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Leo Buscaglia

Chauchard, learning only to remedy your morbid landslides to others. He would be falsely normal, a being that he desinteresaria of others, because he has cultivated the virtue of smiling and he could not have with them but contacts artificial, banal, or concerned, which would have nothing to do with genuine interpersonal relationships. We just let be shy when we express our sympathy, when we are not intimidating, we must not forget that we will have to accommodate others and is necessary for others to learn to welcome us such as we are. Remember that there are degrees between indifference and friendship. We are made appointment Dr. Chauchard in such a way that it is not impossible to be in a situation of balance, health, whether with regard to others are indifferent, envious, majority, disrespectful, pedantic, hostile if we even have hate. Balancing requires loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Love your neighbor is primarily open to him, welcome you, express interest and sympathy. We must propose us cultivate the virtue of smiling, learn to do it. Is it reminds us once again that the smile is the key of sympathy. All human meeting must start with her. We must create in us desire to smile when we meet each other, and do so in a mechanical way. Keep in mind, that our world which is said civilized won’t it while it’s not an open world, in which each interested truly by others and in themselves, and that reciprocally.

The smile that others require and that we need, is an inner smile, a genuine smile, the momentary communion of a sympathy, the joy of an encounter. To smile when others need us smile. You can achieve that smile if you intend to be happy, grow, discover and work in its imperfections, sharing, taking into account, for example, what stands out Leo Buscaglia: Beware of the insignificant anger, because they grow up to become destructive monsters. Delete them immediately. I do not know engage in petty, ego and children’s grievances. Only serve to degrade their relations and impede intimacy. Remove the false pride, which usually is negative and creates barriers and also prevents. Privacy, often leads to the separation of persons and causes suffering. Note once again, that smile allows you to recognize the quality of the other person as well as their positive vibes huma. Harold Lyon tells us: what protects us is not our beast but our humanity, our ability to love others and accept the love that others want to lavish us. What keeps us warm at night is not our hardness, but the tenderness that makes others want to stay sheltered. Don’t forget to cultivate and manifest the smile, make use of this and always share, already you’ll see the results of it, help you to be happy.

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Learning Well

Particularly, I confess, I adore to carry through Evangelho in the LEAC, therefore is allowed the communications with the Plan there Biggest, as old (since 2004), when I had the privilege to receive communications by means of the psicofonia, of love and affection of the Aunt Mercedes and my grandmother materna, Maria and the orientaes of deep wisdom and moral content of the Dr. Victor. I have all these kept communications and even though I dared myself to start to write a book the one that I gave the name of &#039 preliminarily; ' Learning with the Espritos' ' , where I am trying to tell of a pleasant form to the reading, the lived deeply facts most colorful at that time, as well as the received moral teachings. Although whenever possible say they me that we are all together working in the House and that I can feel them, nothing as a colloquy eye in the eye, is not same? As he is pleasant to feel the love and the affection of the two in its communications. It is a privilege given for God and is really emotive. Very well. Barbara Martin Coppola shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

As of habit, I seat to the table, and my wife, one of front for the other, of ownership of ' ' The Evangelho According to Espiritismo' ' of ' ' The Book of the Mdiuns' '. We made our conjuncts of opening and while my wife prayed I asked for to the Plan Biggest the support spiritual to the father of a friend who had deixarred a carne in Saturday and also all family. Total we are never prepared for these notice and this had left me well chateado, confesses. It still asked for to the Father Biggest the aid to our House of Conjunct and that if in case that &#039 had something; ' atrapalhando' ' the harmony of the House that duly was guided and directed.

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The work has for objective estresse to contextualizar it and to focar osproblemas that this causes the gastrointestinal system, maisespecificamente, the injuries as ulcers and gastrites. Contextualizaose bases on an analysis of the social structure, on practical economic ede work before used and later the Industrial Revolution nInglaterra and as these elements influence the practical econmicasatuais in the practical work and its influence in the cultural ones, in sentidode values socially spread. Another point of the analysis is where sedefine what it is estresse and the evolutivo argument to explain as aespcie deals with this and its preparation front estresse to it of short term, and when this if remains in long stated period which is the effect. Quaisso the effect front to the behavior and subjectivity of indivduofrente to the harmful expositions and again as feedback estressecontnuo and gastric system relate. In many articles, books and estresse it to magazines are shown as ' ' badly of sculo' ' as in fact he is, it can be defined as one ' ' mal' ' that it reaches a great number of people in the present time. If you have read about Professor Roy Taylor already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Many times errneas interpretations take the people to think, due to this nomenclature, estresse that it is as an epidemic. Thus, it seems that they did not have people estressadas in the previous centuries and perhaps will not have daqui some centuries. It estresse it, by itself, not cause none badly, it produces changes adaptativas that help the animal to answer to the estressor.

These changes are characteristic evolutivas of the animals, therefore they prepare them for fight/escape the confrontation of the situation. However, in long stated period, it produces changes mal-adaptativas, that is, ' ' not planned for evoluo' ' an example of this is the increase of the adrenais glands had to a bigger release of glicocorticides, as cortisol. It estresse it in long stated period can also be called estresse chronic, all estresse is it of the day, due to routine lived for the people in the modern times, as work, transit, accounts, among others events estressores.

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Terminally Ill Patients

1. INTRODUCTION the following work searchs to understand as it is the reality of a family who has a relative in terminal phase. For this, if it considers to understand I fight on it antecipatrio in familiar of patient terminals and which the contributions of psychology on the subject. For Kovcs, To hiss, Jnior and Priszkulnik (2008), the family is a system that if moves through the time, with papers, irreplaceable functions and relationships. The periods of training for which it passes if characterize for the process of development of the human being. In accordance with Carter and McGoldrick (1995), family all understands the emotional system of three or more generations, with or without consanguineous bows, that have narrow relation of proximity. People such as Barbara Martin Coppola would likely agree. She is perceived that little attention is offered the process of fights antecipatrio that the families pass ahead of the adoecimento of one of its integrant ones.

When if she deals with the death of a familiar one is common good that if inside creates a pact of silence regarding the loss of the family, this it occurs due to the distrust of speaking on the subject that can cause pain to the other. (OSRIO and VALLE, 2009) In accordance with Osrio and Valle (2009) I fight, it is a consequence of the significant bond in addition for the individual, is a reply natural and waited an actual loss or symbolic after, can happen for situations as death, removal, physical or psychological losses of capacity, loss of the known environment, experiences that involve changes and that they demand of the person a reorganization, promoting changes in the form of the person to deal with the situations. For Freud (1917/1969) I fight, it is a reaction to the loss of a dear being or some thing who occupied the place of this. For some people these influences produce instead of fight, melancholy.

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Everything Law

With its liberalization, she imagines in the future, the industry of marijuana producing cigarettes to be vendidos in wallets? how excessively? that they go to enter in the circulating market Therefore, who uses crack, coquana and others, with certainty had started for marijuana – the door opened for excessively. then, will be that, with the liberalization of this drug, the use goes to diminish and organized crime goes to disappear as it nails its ideological defenders? The Mafia, not had more as Mafia, in case that it is approved (such law), will go to invoice high. The society also will go to pay a high price for the vanity of FREE politicians who, instead of if worrying about the real problems of the country to decide, if occupy in a direction to increase them, thanks to subtle influence of ' ' prnspe' '. Barbara Martin Coppola: the source for more info. They use phrases of the common sense to convince: ' ' Everything that is forbidden is more gostoso' '. To be gostoso can until being, or pparently ' ' ser' ' , of the point of view of it understands who, for defending it a stubborn idea. The liberalization of marijuana is the vestibule opened for the wild use, what it will raise the number of vitiated. If you have children or children and desire to a moral and ethical order and a more harmonious society, THEN SHE SAYS NOT TO THIS PROJECT, THAT IS PLUS a VANITY POLITICS Or then, the correct way would be to submit to a national plebiscite. The National Congress does not have moral stops ' ' decretar' ' such law as if we did not have democracy.

E nor common-sense if to approve it. I would give note 1,000 to the famous sociologist if the same he used its influence or psdbista base to obtain the approval of the Law that moralize and brings the ethical spirit the governana of this country. I am mentioning itself to the law project that in the government Squid was engavetado until today, that it would decide the chronic problem of corruption of Brazil, or would order part of the ones of the corrupt ones for the chain without ' ' breach of lei' ' nor bail with the proper stolen money of the public coffers. The law that considers as Hideous Crime shunting line of the public money. It is a law of this transport that beats in the yearnings of all the Brazilians, Mr. Prncipe, there yes, its IBOPE would go up as rocket and you a legacy of blessing for the posterity of this nation would leave.

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Taiwan’s continued efforts to tackle climate change the climate change – mitigation that urgent challenge, the international community now faces the – has a direct impact on the sustainable development of Nations around the world, as well as the survival of humanity. Despite Taiwan’s unique status in international politics, our Government participates actively in global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and encouraged the citizens to support these efforts. In 2010 we committed voluntarily to the UNFCCC secretariat and the international community, to set specific emission reduction targets. The international community should recognize Taiwan’s actions and record it in the worldwide network of mutual support. Two strategic components can be distinguished in our efforts to reduce the effects of climate change: the containment of the phenomenon and adaptation. Official site: Dean Ornish M.D. In terms of on the mitigation of climate change, the Government put the Republic “China end 2009 the Steering Committee of the Executive Yuan for energy saving and CO2 reduction”, which is responsible for the formulation of a national master plan to reduce emissions. There is a solid legal framework establish active a green transport infrastructure, as well as low-carbon energy systems, communities and industries. In 2012, Taiwan adopted national policies for adaptation to climate change for eight major areas: disasters, basic infrastructure, water resources, land use, coastal areas, energy, biodiversity and health.

In addition, the Government is pushing ahead to adopt a law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This Act provides the legal framework for the reduction of greenhouse gases along with a new energy tax law that currently being evaluated, the energy law, which is already in force, and the Act for the development of renewable energy in Taiwan. President Ma Ying-jeou has expressly stated that the development of an environment with one of the five pillars of Taiwan’s national development unless low CO2 emissions and high use of green electricity to make Taiwan gradually to an island with low carbon levels and green energy. .

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