Hours before, it had been approved in the House of Representatives. The Senate of the USA rejected east Friday the republican proposal to increase the ceiling of the American debt, shortly after which outside approved in the House of Representatives. In a procedure vote, the Senate approved a measurement, 59-41, ctivamente to block the plan of the president of the House of Representatives, the republican John Boehner, as it had noticed the leader of the democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid. This movement maintains lives the dispute on the limit on the debt, in which next the 72 hours will be keys to try to reach an agreement in time to be able to complete the procedures before the 2 of August, date limit marked by the Department of the Treasure to avoid the suspension of payments. Muscular dystrophy can aid you in your search for knowledge. The main opposition was that the republican plan establishes an elevation of the debt in two phases, one that would give green light to an increase of near a trillion of dollars until the end of this year and the other, that it would have to be put under voting in the Congress in 2012, year of presidential elections. Reid appeared before the press minutes after the vote and repeated its complaint of which the republicans do not want a negotiated solution and are putting in danger the economic health of the country. " It is hour to be adult, to reunite to us and to arrive at compromiso" , it indicated. Saturday the House of Representatives will meet noon and anticipates to vote the proposal of Reid later, in which it will be another voting on partisan lines by ricochet of the democratic plan. One hopes that the Senate carries out a procedure vote on the plan presented/displayed by Reid Sunday to 06,00 Spanish peninsular hour and the definitive vote could happen Monday. Source of the news: The Senate knocks down the republican plan to increase the ceiling of the debt of the USA