A new laying system revolutionized the gluing of parquet floors. Haro ComforTec is the easiest and quickest way to glue the parquet floor in the world. Lindlar, August 2009 that is time-tested adhesive technology of parquet floors to parquet glue superseded completely by a simpler, faster and more innovative method. In addition to the commercial sale of parquet and laminate, the parquet Store24.de flooring Haro offers the unique ComforTec, what enormous installation and time saved. A save time, money and effort to lay a parquet floor is the fully bonded popular method. Bonding ensures a pleasant feeling of walking and a high-quality surround sound. But usually this type of installation with much time spent is associated. The new self-adhesive parquet flooring Haro ComforTec puts an end to.

ComforTec is suited for handyman who quickly want to glue your parquet flooring without time-consuming installation. The pollution caused often by gluing caused the ComforTec Parquet flooring is avoided. Unsightly conclusion or transition profiles can be prevented with the new self-adhesive floor of Haro. Haro ComforTec offers therefore a unique level of comfort before, during, and after the installation as other parquet. Self-adhesive strip at the bottom of the planks allow full fixation on the floor laying, which could not be easier. To lay the ComforTec parquet simply removed the protective film of the soil and stuck on the ground. As a result, the laying of the parquet floor is very easy. Introductory price the introduction of innovations is often associated with high costs.

But high prices deterred many prospective customers first. Parquet Store24 has found an optimal balance between price and performance, which finds the consumer in the introductory price of the new self-adhesive parquet floor. The parquet flooring professionals from the House of judge wood can offer the Haro ComforTec for more than 50 percent below the retail price recommended by the manufacturer. This includes a natural professional customer service and the possibility of free sample orders.