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Life situations always try one as a human being and teach us new ways of doing things. In the way of the search for that which we aspire always there are setbacks. Sometimes we strive to seek solutions on many sites and sources and leave frustrated or dissatisfied. We seek the Council of a friend (a) or the Council of psychologist, or that of the father or pastor and still leave dissatisfied. Seek help with all these professionals is very good and I recommend it, in fact I use all these aforementioned aid, but what I want to get is always the answer is within yourself. When you look inside you, when you listen you find resources, tools to address situations of life. It is not in vain the experiences we have had, were not only by going through bad experiences and now. These experiences are the resources of tomorrow, is the force that you will drive, it’s the voice that will already tell you you passed by this, you only have to surpass it.

Within us is the Council you need, is the motivation that you want, the recognition that are looking for, etc. In neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a very powerful technique that is the anchor. This technique is used to find those resources that we have within ourselves. It is simple, when you need a resource like for example; If you are afraid of speaking in public and play a participation only you have to recall any occasion where you had total trust and anchor you to that experience. You need to concentrate on the experience and feel that you’re there again, you’ll experience everything you felt at that moment, you’re going to try to listen to the inner voice that you felt at that moment, you are going to visualize everything what you saw in that moment and when you feel that total confidence going to tighten your fist sign of anchor to the experience (the anchor does not necessarily have to be with the fist that is only one of thousands of) way of doing it) which you will provide to be able to speak in public.

Socrates said that it was better for him to teach us to look within ourselves to knowledge pass us the little wisdom that he had. Remember that we have a source of resources that are available to us, you just have to look for them within us. Related project-One, Web design, graphic design and interactive Blogs Blog Archive the all this that is happening in Do I Want That! Interview a Razzmatazz Barcelona nightclub doorman Sicorax Facebook, hi5, Myspace, Sonico are the tools of the FBI need somebody that I want this URGANTE.S.OS.? This is pa’ see it ‘ 2ddepot From the Pastor completo Desk Blog Archive Lent and video. Disc. 27 Day “Lys’ unique to San Isidro and bonez and the help with the Tools Portuguese Hit MADREDEUS pokopets winter sources”or Pastor”(1990) musicu.be.

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We had bought it when we were boyfriends and thanks to its mild arm we had enjoyed many moments of hugs and kisses, before and after we got married because we know there is nothing better for the love that physical contact, cheek to cheek before saying or the touching which is said now, come or not come to mind. I checked the vinyls and I chose Beethoven and his Romance No. 2 in f major, Opus 50. Violin. To dusk on a rainy afternoon, soft and asordada rain, nothing will be better than the violin.

Notes began to float when I decided to rescostarme in the Chair. I had time my wife and her sister get along well and they liked to talk when at that point you are already willing to close your eyes and plunge you consciously or unconsciously into the nirvana of a good music saw a sheet of paper when hovering under the row of books from the high shelf. Did that paper that looked like a language that asomase ugly making mockery tried to make it ignore and closed my eyelids. Useless. Sheet, well, at least the piece of foil loomed, still is there a slyly claiming my attention. I had no choice but to get up and take what they called me. And I read… I speak for not having to what.

I talk with my lips to avoid having to hear my heart. I speak my mind for not listening to my thoughts. Ultimately all about that. Not to hear, but stunned me in silence. Dreaming, for not remembering. Laugh, for not sobbing. Play to the unconscious. Imitate the frivolous. Simulate insolent. Touching to the scandal. Lead to the abattoir remembrance of who I was. Let me take a marked target, not by me. And in the bitter candles, Rosary of insomnia with nightmares shared, imagine. Create, in nothing, what wasn’t, and what never existed.

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