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Soothing Effects Of Color

Again, mixing adjacent colors, we get the wheel primary color with 12 sectors. However, even within a single sector of color can make an infinite variety of shades, adding different ratios black and white. All the 12 color wheel can be divided into 2 groups: warm (from yellow to red-violet) and cold (from purple to yellow-green). Warm colors are also called approaching, as painted in them surface appear closer than it actually is. Rooms painted in these colors look warm and hospitable, but smaller in size. Color gamut cold-called removed as space becomes more spacious in appearance. You may find that Newcastle University can contribute to your knowledge. Color wheel also helps to create harmony and contrast of colors, they can be harmoniously fit in bathroom design.

Neighbors or friends of color are called harmonious and soothing effect. However, too harmonious, monotonous color scheme room would look monotonous and tedious. The ideal color scheme: with a reasonable basis for harmonious adding contrasting elements. It is no secret that color design of your house has a significant effect on mood and performance. In the same room, depending on its color can feel a sense of comfort or discomfort. Therefore, the color scheme may (and should) vary depending on the destination premises. Let us consider the example of the most common colors.

Red. The energy of red stimulates, helps to support the existence of the body, increases the internal resources of the body. Interestingly, in folk medicine weak infant was taken wrapped in red diapers, so they fueled the life-giving energy of color.

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Surely you have heard stories about creatures amonitov who lived on our land many many years ago, and has long been extinct. These days, amazing amonitov shell is used as a fine jewelry jewelry ornaments, home decoration and design. Application amonitov in jewelry – it's really fresh and fashionable solution for today, because so familiar to us uvelirnye jewelry with stones familiar to us, already seem so commonplace and sometimes not at all original. Such multi-function use today amonitov shells, which themselves have long been dead, but they have so generously left behind his unique attire. So give a characterization amonitam. Amonity – it is extinct relatives of living cephalopods such as octopus and squid.

Among the modern representatives of the closest resemblance amonita is nautilus. Name these creatures has happened to the legends of the Egyptian god Amun, sink amonita resembled a twisted horn of Ammon, or Aries, and they became known as amonitami. Since ancient times, many people believed in the magical properties amonitov, and used them as family of talismans, or as a remedy for insomnia, when ammonium underlay under the pillow. At the beginning of XX century amonity sold in pharmacies as a "miracle snake stones that help to all diseases. " Generally amonitov history is very rich and old. Mysterious amonity surrounded by numerous legends and speculation. And to this day a mystery to us, how it looked malyusk Amun, much as it had tentacles in or near His eyes, and what.

We only know that living with amonity Devonian to Cretaceous inclusive across the globe. Amonity had an outer shell of various shapes, divided by transverse partitions into several chambers, which subsequently filled with various minerals, such as simbirtsitom and sengilitom. The largest instance amonita found to date, found in Bavaria, with a diameter of 2,5 meters. Amonity are today almost around the globe, they are all unique, all in their own way very beautiful and unusual. History amonitov ended approximately 65-70 million years ago. They disappeared with the dinosaurs, although there is much ahead of them. But this story does not cast to the wind, it is stored in each treasured shell, holding in his hand, if we read the story again and again. These creatures lived everywhere, conquering more and more land. There was a lot of varieties amonitov, some good swimming, and using their prehensile tentacles, they fished, while others lived on the land. Today in the depths of the sea and on land can find many varieties of shells of extinct amonitov, each unlike the another, each of its unusual shape, with their own unique patterns and all that makes ammonium magnificent natural adornment of our surroundings.

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