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SSS Steel

Steel 316L and 316LVM – are exclusive trademarks of steel, which allowed for the production of jewelry for body piercing. 316L, high-quality surgical stainless steel, the most frequently used for natelnyh products. Dean Ornish M.D shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 316LVM – Is similar to steel, which is different from previous ones in that melted in a vacuum. Follow others, such as Donald Sussman, and add to your knowledge base. This means that its processing is 100% complete. It consists of pure steel, of which almost completely eliminated impurities of other metals, which can irritate the skin of the patient. But even she has a very small amount of nickel, which can affect the skin are particularly susceptible. Several European countries have banned use steel of SSS for fresh puncture of the high degree of allergic sensations. If you wear jewelry for the piercing of the SSS were long and you start healing and sometimes inflamed skin, it means that you have a high sensitivity to nickel and, perhaps, you should use only niobium and titat.

Niobium 5. Step forward from the SSS were qualitatively. Niobium is slightly denser and heavier than steel provided. He bit her more expensive but much cheaper than titanium. In most cases, jewelry anodized niobium.

This means that the production they have been omitted for some time after the electrolyte and the actions taken have become certain electric field, which simulates an interesting game of shades and colors. The electric field is extremely small and can not have a negative effect on people (some, on the contrary, they say that it is even useful). Niobium is an inert metal, and most people can wear it as a new punctures, and for a long time. Titan 6. The heaviest metal of higher quality, with almost complete absence of nickel (less than 0, 05%). Increased density of titanium eliminates him on products from scratches and cracks, which destroys the possibility of bacterial growth. Titan – an inert metal, and, as well as niobium, can be anodized and have different arrangement of shades and colors. He is one of the very expensive metals from which jewelry piercing done, but it is suitable for almost everyone, especially for those who have a heightened sensitivity to nickel. Making up, necessary to stress once again that low-quality and cheap products can be harmful to your health. Even if you specify that the decoration is made of steel SSS, this does not mean that problems do not arise. Steel SSS also can not undergo the necessary medical checks and controls and have a low-grade metal cons. Be careful when buying jewelry natelnyh, buy them only in those places that you trust. In this article, we discussed the jewelry for piercing, made of metal.

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Amazing Gel

This is also a minus. Because it enables complications occur as directed, and after many years (eg, 10-20) after the injection. Treatment is only possible by surgery. Banned for use in the U.S., but is allowed in Russia. (Respectively – beware!) Biopolymer gel 350 SW Spain (Biopolimero-350) – the drug is relatively new generation. Cosmetic effect is not immediately, so it is usually required further adjustment. According to Newcastle University, who has experience with these questions. During the day the redness will persist in injection site. Of the benefits: sterility of the material, the absence of inflammation and granulomas.

Cons: except for the pluses are the same as that of all the drugs based on synthetic polymers. Formakril (Formakryl), Interfal, Autlayn (Outline), Amazingel (Amazing Gel), Bioformakril (Bioformakryl), Kosmogel, Argiform, Aquamid (Aquamid) – the instructions for some of them are written that you can introduce large amounts, but it is not true. The more the gel was injected, the greater the threat of complications: migration, purulent inflammation, etc. Attempts to increase by gel breast, leg or buttocks always end very badly. Separately, there are drugs such as Gore-Tex, Softform, Ultra-Soft, Advanta-Fasial Implant – products companies Teflon. This does not gel, and porous material used to contouring.

The material allegedly settled the skin cells that produce collagen. As a result, the effect should be preserved for a lifetime. These drugs are used for correction of deeper folds, increasing the thickness of the lips, eliminate depth of scars. Cons: the possibility of infection, inflammation, migration, rejection by the body. 2. Long-acting gel. Represent a combination of drugs that are based on a combination of two materials: synthetic, biological, or combinations thereof.

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