In principle we cannot talk about the importance of something if we don’t know that we’re talking about and above all to which we refer, it is important to make it clear that financial planning is not only a term that sounds nice but is currently the basis for performance and above all I believe something very necessary to keep a company on the market considering that this is what is being sought When you create or an organization he founded. Today it is necessary to put in practice all known tools and not, to achieve success in an organization; one of them without forgetting it make use of manpower working on computer. Our base in a planning consists in the evaluation of costos-volumen – utility; These data are necessary because they show us the exact amount we need to sell the cost of selling them and the utility obtained in this process. Financial planning is not just sitting down at a desk and say that it is what we want to achieve but clearly identify how we will accomplish what we are proposing is doing a market survey and implement tools as the calculation of the profit margin and because not equilibrium point for having a vision clear how much we need to sell and at what price to achieve the desired utility or at least know how much time we will have favorable results for the organization. In these times it is very common to hear of microbusiness creating but although many are skeptical strangely resembling I must tell you that maybe to a lesser degree or without much adornment but these tools are necessary and must be carried out for not failing. We must promote the importance of this planning so that companies continue to forward and above all to improve day by day in all areas of the Organization, one of those important points and that today companies must be concerned is in its staff training not only in areas that are productive in their companies, but in activities that make us better people and because it does not promote its capacity for innovation Since one of these innovations is perhaps that bring success to our company..