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With the disease we learn that the pride is a great bobagem. We are in the same boat, then, acurada reflection more on the reasons of the superiority feelings that time or another one dominates in them shows to us that we are all equal in terms of rights and duties. Perhaps you contest saying that she has people that she has only right. But this is thing of the man, for God everything it follows in the most absolute equality, therefore we will have that to give accounts of the minimum acts that we practise here. However, it is enough to look at the positive side of the things that we will be always learning and taking off lies huge. Dean Ornish M.D: the source for more info. When the doctor said that my coronary ones seemed of one gentleman of 70 years, even so I has only 36, learned that the sincerity aches a bit, but is a precious tool to awake it of the illusion of that we will be always young; young here in the physical direction. It has people that she thinks that will be young forever, therefore detonates the physical machine and still when the disease beats to the door revolt against God, accusing it with culprit or, exclama infuriated: How cruel world! Cruel we are we ourselves who we do not respect the limits of the body and in them we poison with all the types of harmful substances to the organism. I myself had supper salty all the nights.

They see the result well: cardiac surgery. a few days ago I found with a friend who livened up to me: That year this, hein, youngster: Two infartos and 6 months moved away from the service, the lectures that you in such a way it likes. How thing! I answered it: Wonderful year exactly. I learned much thing in 2011. Everything what I must not have done in the life was the year of 2011 that taught to me.

However, since we are immortal espritos, as to forget date so significant? It is the life, expensive reader, the old one and beaten dictated, who does not learn for the love learns for pain one more time revealed implacable. I remember some advice of friends: Youngster takes care of itself, takes care of itself! These advice were for I to learn for the love. But I made heard moucos and I am learning, or better, thus I wait, for pain. We go to see if in a next future I can already have reached the maturity to learn for the love. looks at that my father always said: Judgment, boy, take judgment! But I did not want, I preferred to eat salty.

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Social Education

The education has passed for moments of concernentes oscillations to its status, education has extended its tentculos in some ways, the government has financed some projects, in which, it improved the educational situation of many people who did not have conditions to study, as for example education in the distance, with low taxes of monthly fees and accessible to the classroom less privileged. Ahead of as much progress it has some item that are impregnated the generations and that they meet inside of you vary institutions, characteristics these that come to denigrate the image of the education in the country and that they finish for intervening with the future of the academics and reflect in the formation of many families and corrupt the society, in end, is a reaction in chains. Characteristics these that can be called as: preconception, sexuality, me the company, authoritarianism, familiar defamation and the difference of social classroom. Cleveland Clinic: the source for more info. In the book ‘ ‘ The Ateneu’ ‘ it is perceivable presence of the cited attitudes above the book describes the history of a young one called Sergio, it suffers some preconceptions due to be of the interior and not to have had access the studies as excessively, then later presencia the authoritarianism of the direction of the institution, seno was sufficient its friendships of beginning is not pleasant, one of its colleagues tries seduziz it. Its social status receives rejections due, everything this suffers without the presence of the aconselhamento of the parents, in end, the athenaeum describes a series of problems of moral order, in which, Sergio was passing.

Interesting that all these problems that Sergio passed today more meet in all the institutions of the country and other. These attitudes will have to be verwhelmed so that the academics are excellent professionals future. In Brazil a project of the government is perceived where the blacks have as much for hundreds of vacant in the facultieses, attitude this that comes to be a legalized preconception. If this was not sufficiently, the social inaquality is notable in the form where the direction treats its academics. The absence of the parents in the education of its children transforms a young without responsibilities obtains and the way where it lives. That future will have the academic youth of today? Which the moral expectation that expects of these? Education will have a complete progress when if not to worry only about the content that if passes, but yes also to be worried about the individual that receives such education.

Of what form advances one medicates excellent in the surgery table and is of its environment of work to take a desvairada life, would be if to worry excessively about the professional and to forget personal and social it. The institutions would have not only to be worried in form academics in the professional area, but to also prepare it for the society. The humanity is needing moral lesson, of as if to hold in a society, as to have responsibility, to act with conscience. Not to be only worried about proper umbigo, but to observe who is around. This is ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘ human being.

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The Adolescents

When the family searchs orientation, inquires itself and demystifies concepts estigmatizados for the common sense, the possibilities of advance in the process of treatment of the adolescent is considerable. In this direction the familiar accompaniment during the treatment of the adolescent, independent of the boarded model, goes to re-echo in the positive results of the process of sensitization of the user, and mainly, the family accumulates knowledge and creates conditions to establish a more healthful familiar conviviality. Read more from Newcastle University to gain a more clear picture of the situation. We understand that the search of the shelter in the familiar scope compromises the possibilities of advance in treatment of the adolescent, who different of the adult is in full process of organic development as in such a way social. Thus, we perceive, has necessity of advances in the process of treatment of the chemical dependence in the adolescence, in which currently it is seen as a case of public health. For the cited authors, they are categorical when they affirm that: A basic question in the adolescence is the separation and the individualizao of the adolescent in relation to the family. It estresse it and the anxiety happened of this phase increases the vulnerability of the adolescents to the pressure of the friends.

If on the other hand its parents gain autonomy in relation, on the other hand they acquire one strong alliance with its colleagues. In this movement, the influence of the group and ‘ ‘ modelagem’ ‘ , that is, the imitation of determined behaviors from one dolo, that in general she is the leader of the group, becomes especially important. (SCIVOLETTO and MORIHISA (2001 p.30-33). For being a period of transformations, adolescent, for times, if feels inferior incompreendido for the family or the society. This makes with that many desire to disappear of the world, that if becomes for they cruel. In this direction, from an experimentation, the young sees in the drugs somewhat pleasant, capable to solve problems, to eliminate distresses, giving a sensation of force, power and personal accomplishment.

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