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Digital Signage Helps In The Building-maze

ROLLOUT: Free University, HABELSCHWERDTER all 45 Berlin, December 11, 2013 – consult since WS 2013/2014 students to interactive touchscreens In the largest building of the free University of Berlin and guided to their venues. The test operation was successfully completed in the first four locations in the building. g Traurig. “NOT IN the University building with LABYRINTH character the building of the so-called rust and silver Arbour” the free University were completed in 1980 as a contiguous building complex. To read more click here: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. As the largest building of the Berlin-Dahlem district with a length of 350 meters and its 2,500 rooms, the complex has the reputation of a maze quickly”purchased. Up to 20,000 people are here every day, around 300 events will take place per day. Also is the designation of spaces, E.g. Click Cardiologist to learn more.

“JK 26/139”, a challenge. Not every visitor opens up immediately that he must find the 26 between the J – and K Street Gang. 2012 decided the Freie Universitat Berlin to create remedy with a digital control system. MULTIFUNCTION SYSTEM for 20,000 people per day “the digital signage and information system serves as the day current lecture directory, as interactive map as well as stationary and mobile signage and is so more of our demands meet.” explains Dr. Christoph Wall, head of the area’s eAS – electronic administration and services. A special feature is the connection to the digital course catalogue of the University. On the one hand, current lectures are listed in a chronological list in the menu – here can be searched also according to key words, on the other hand associated each area in the map daily seminars.

Other features: the Multitouch-enabled map floors cross-over exploration of the building enables stepless zoom. Here the signs for the rooms adapts itself dynamically, so that all areas with visible room numbers equipped at the highest zoom level. The guidance is to over 1,100 relevant objectives such as Mensa, Banquet facilities, offices and service points held and can be opened via the unhidden QR-code in the Smartphone.

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Ultra Slim Notebook For Mobile Work Comfort

The little bit technology AG, Swiss IT distributor and producer of custom business systems, thinks 15 S 20 business people who go with the new SERIUS. It weighs only 2.2 kg and offers extensive facilities to its users. In addition to the full, mobile data access and easy exchange with colleagues and business partners, the innovative Windows 8 operating system rounds off the performance package. The work is on the SERIUS very pleasant 15 S 20. Thanks to reflection-free 15-inch full HD display, the business always has a clear view of the essential. The IPS technology ensures maximum color accuracy and an intense, sharp color display. Intel Core i5 or i7 processors of the 3rd generation deliver high computing performance. Always live at a glance the innovative Windows 8 operating system starts within seconds on.

The apps in tile form keep up-to-date on the current user. The navigation system is easy and intuitive. The user can individually set his system for efficient work processes. More Facilities as the extent of the collapsed notebook measures just 2.5 cm at its widest point. Despite slender silhouette is a high-quality hard disk, SSD and an optical DVD drive installed. Further 15 S 20 see the SERIUS a versatile card reader and a webcam site. Well prepared for the continuous operation of power grid operation of the computer is arbitrarily extendable thanks to interchangeable long batteries. The SERIUS 15S 20 has a long breath for presentations or other activities without direct access.

Write comfort the spacious, built-in keyboard with a pleasant pressure point and a separate numeric keypad provides maximum comfort when entering data. Individual configuration the notebook with the desired performance parameters is in the axxiv online Configurator together. A network of authorized dealers is available for personal advice available. Who wants to go in addition to play it safe, choose additional services to the three-year standard warranty. The notebook SERIUS 15S 20 is from CHF 1’238 through available retailers. There is more information and technical data on.

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