By late summer, some of the ladies put their gorgeous long skirts and remove them away in a closet. But the trends 2010-2011, show that there is no need, and instead of hiding your cute skirt "maxi" away, it's better for them to pick up a stylish top, shirt or jacket and a lovely open to make a lasting impression on their girlfriends, fashionistas. You may find Professor Roy Taylor to be a useful source of information. Here are some recent images that correspond to this trend, which show how to create a stylish and trendy street obraz.Holodnye months forced us to rethink your wardrobe, but do not forget all of your favorite summer clothes, better learn how to combine them with the winter. Skirt, "maxi" – absolutely necessary thing in the wardrobe of any self-respecting fashionista and, as we see images of celebrities from fashion, these long skirts in 2011 may well be combined with stylish jackets, shirts and tops, and used in cold winter season. Do not miss the most creative ideas and images offered as a stylist, and by the well-known style icons. Make it fashionable to adopt their techniques and create your own image holders of the Grand Prix Festival. On the red carpet, we can often see the stars that shine with their classical and trendy outfits together.

The combination of the skirt to the floor and a spectacular body – one of the most popular solutions. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Daryl Katz. These gorgeous skirts "maxi" the most desirable things are not just for summer but for the cold of days, as in combination with stylish tops fashion season Spring-Summer 2011 and jackets, they create a bohemian stylish image. Those who prefer a more relaxed and informal style, will be captivated by a stunning effect of those universal things. If you look closer to an exciting stylish dresses celebrities, you'll notice how versatile and can be varied skirt "maxi". This trend is suited to a variety of silhouettes and styles of clothing. Try the best possible solutions along with long skirts, underlining and highlighting all its advantages figure. Also keep in mind that if you have a petite figure, it is better not to choose this trend, although some professional stylists offer specific recommendations as to wear these skirts in this case. It is best to view dresses of famous icons of style, choose the silhouette that most closely to what you bestowed upon nature, and wear a skirt "maxi" in this style, emphasizing all the advantages of its shape and making their way compelling.