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Fund Canada Gold Trust

Despite a capital increase of 10 to 15 million euros received the first in October last year in the distribution fund ‘Canada gold trust I GmbH & co. KG’ in record time could be placed Konstanz, 19 March 2012. Starting this Monday we can accept no more drawing notes”, says Peter Prasch, Managing Director of Canada gold trust GmbH. For the benefit of participation was characterized by particularly interesting properties. Because the fund company’s business focuses on the economic exploitation of gold in a region, has the proven large gold deposits. The Fund subscribers be treated – before all parties concerned – this provision. The raised capital will be used to lift existing gold deposits over a loan to the Canadian investment company Mary Creek mines, Inc..

As collateral, additional claims were ceded to the fund company. There are also meaningful ground opinions. Get all the facts and insights with The Greater New York Construction User Council, another great source of information. The professionals of Mary Creek mines go out by a quick and effective recovery and have already made the necessary preparations. For this is that the gold in a simple procedure of surface can be obtained. Now, it is the success of our work that we generate the flow of capital back in Vista as soon as possible”, according to the the Canada gold trust Managing Director Pamela. After all, an annual dividend of 14 per cent is scheduled, total a reflux should be achieved by 142 percent in just three years. The gold price was secured this insofar as the Fund in any case could allow an economically viable exploitation of gold. Seriously no one assumes but from a price decline of gold the contrary, and then is even a bonus for investors.

The management team under high pressure is currently working on the realisation of the following funds. The prices in the region have increased significantly, among others since we initiated activities and created the infrastructural conditions in part have”, says Pamela. Nevertheless, Canada has gold trust due to his network and his good relations can secure more claims to the gold mining. We hope to offer the following funds with similar conditions already in April”, says Pamela. Next he wants to inform very extensively Creek its investors about the positive developments in the Mary. For more information,

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Alster Solvium

Solvium capital responding to demand for short-barreled personal investments with new Containerinvest product Hamburg, the 17.Juli 2013 – the container direct investment Solvium exclusive 4 is now available. The range is characterized by a very short period of only 18 months. One of the world’s three largest shipping lines has already hired the container and also secured an option to buy. For sale Solvium buy exclusive 4 investors at least 7 used 40-foot high-cube standard containers to 1,050 EUR. These containers are redeemed at the end of the term to an already agreed fixed price by Solvium. During the term of only 18 months, investors at exclusive get 4 ongoing rent amounting to 13.21 percent per year, which will be paid pro rata monthly.

Overall, this means an IRR return of 4.08 percent a year for investors. This includes managing director Marc Schumann: the demand for short-barreled asset investments is so great like never before. We are pleased that it us due to our good market access It is managed with Solvium exclusive a container direct investment, which is characterised by unique characteristics, being able to offer 4. How where we assume the predecessors a full placement within a few weeks.” Solvium capital Solvium is solid and innovative direct investments provider. The focus is on standard container and lucrative logistics equipment. The company offers investors the opportunity to participate in the ever-growing container market and to achieve attractive returns.

Monthly rent payments are also typical such short maturities.

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