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CPM@SharePoint bridges the gap between strategic and operational management of the project as completely Web based multi project management tool CPM@SharePoint the gap between strategic and operational management of the project and support all stakeholders in day-to-day business. The LINTRA Solutions GmbH has incorporated their experience from the SharePoint consulting business in the development, to create a SharePoint standard product for Web-based project management. CPM stands for collaborative project management. With efficient methods to enterprise-wide planning projects, CPM@SharePoint sets itself apart from other Web-based project management tools. “Web-based tools are either”basic”, which means they have only a very limited range of functions, or they are too expensive with the necessary features for enterprise-wide cross-project control.

Says Knut Kochli, CPM@SharePoint picks up this conflict and makes affordable professional project management.” Executive Board, LINTRA Solutions GmbH. The pure development based on Microsoft SharePoint enables this balancing act. As as soon as more than 80% of all companies with more than 5,000 employees use SharePoint have growing product in the Microsoft Office family. However, the software is used mostly among their options. Dean Ornish M.D will undoubtedly add to your understanding. CPM@SharePoint offers a standard product based on Microsoft SharePoint cross-site project management in combination with effective employee scheduling. It allows the control and evaluation of cost, resources, and budget.

More graphical views facilitate the meaningful and timely scheduling of the project the project manager. According to DE Shaw women, who has experience with these questions. He receives an overview of which are still available or when scheduled employees and for which projects and project tasks each of the staff members were divided, for example, in the calendar view. Impending project delays and budget overruns are detected natively, so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken. Due to the possibility To create reference projects already structured projects are reusable. Standard features of SharePoint, such as document management and meeting management, have been expanded and adapted to specific requirements in the project management. A wholly-owned Office integration allows a successful interaction with Outlook, Excel, or even MS Project. “Martin Knust, project manager of the WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, describes the benefits so: we appreciate to CPM@SharePoint that it is a living system, which offers a concrete added value each individual employee and in doing so, several companies and locations of the WTE also supports Group.” In addition to the Austrian energy company EVN, Nordzucker AG, also, the ERP vendors PSIPENTA software systems GmbH and the GOB software & Systems GmbH & co. KG, as one of the largest German Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner, belong to users of CPM@SharePoint. CPM@SharePoint is offered in the three editions of basic, professional and enterprise. To benefit small and medium-sized enterprises as well as Companies with a complex multi project management on distributed structures with sophisticated resource management. More information about CPM@Sharepoint see developed, implemented software and consulting company LINTRA Solutions GmbH as and licensed the LINTRA Solutions GmbH business solutions for process management and electronic collaboration and standardized their own business applications and solutions based on the Microsoft SharePoint technology. LINTRA advises and educates users in the usage of new solutions, accompanied, and assists them in the development. Headquartered in Magdeburg, the company is also located in Bulgaria, of Switzerland, and the United States. Since its founding in 2002 LINTRA recorded steady growth rates, gold competency partner of Microsoft and makers of renowned Awards for their innovative products and services. Contact: Knut Kochli, Lintra Solutions GmbH, Otto-von-Guericke-Strasse 87a, 39104 Magdeburg, GERMANY Web:, Tel.: + 49 391 400 640,. Fax: + 49 391 400 6420, E-Mail:

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Content4work Document Management Test Beta And IPad 3 Win

Free subsequent use for the most active users and discounts for everyone now the possibility to register test on content4work.com for the closed beta. Among all participants, content4work is giving away an iPad 3 with retina display. What is content4work? content4work is the first enterprise content management system geared completely to the cloud for individuals, education, associations and small businesses. Simple, smart and secure. And the completely free of charge.

Since content4work from the cloud, users need to purchase any hardware or software. It is operated exclusively via the Internet. If using a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone over an Internet connection is not necessary. And what can content4work? content4work works according to the principle store online and edit together, and at any time in the team”. In other words: already in the free version 1 GB user available storage in the cloud, in which not only documents, but also other media put themselves. The Ability to create digital folder ensures good visibility. Also, the user can set who can access to each folder. These are always in sync, so that all users of a document on the same level.

To be added features such as full text search, follow-up, and versioning. Also for security is taken care of. All data is stored on regularly verified and monitored servers in Germany. All data can be stored also encrypted. What to expect during the beta test? Among all participants of the beta test is an iPad 3 with retina display is giving away. Also the ten most active testers get the largest paid content4work package for one year free. All participants of the test will also receive a discount of 50% on the premium packages. To take advantage of the benefits and participate in the raffle, the tester must provide only your test results to content4work. You will find everything else on. Attention: The number of participants for the beta test is limited. Parallel is content4work now on Facebook. Learn all the news about features, add-ons, specials, and of course all the beta test. We are looking forward to you!

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