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God saved us because a few days later two of the three barges back. The third bomb German … We decided to send us a train. But when we came to the station, and my mother saw this weeping crowd, huge, and how to select the children, she changed her mind to send us. In September, forty-second we went to school, I remember how we brewed coffee with the guys from cereals, and then, from the thick, which remained at the bottom of the cup, baked meatballs. And of clover too.

Do not forget your child the siege of Leningrad, a child deprived of his childhood, those smells and tastes of the war … never. The war left an indelible imprint in the human soul. In the spring We dug up the beds and planted them in what – the seeds, it was little hope that the fall it will be eaten. No one was on the sidelines. For more information see Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. All of them helped. Helped the fighters.

Women. Students. My brother and I went to the hospital, helped the wounded, the other guys were sent to state farm work, and some even stood at the bench. My brother and older boys climbed on the roof and extinguished the tiny fragments of shells. For a while, even the schools, but few were in able to come back. We sat in his coat and hat in the ice, unheated classroom, all hungry. All – sooty faces: there was no electricity in homes burning oil lamp. Light it gives is negligible, but smokes unmercifully. And Our teacher had collected in the wrinkles, this soot. Exhausted by hunger, people gradually began to sink – not washed, covered with lice. There were dining rooms, where the coupons to give 20 g of cereal bowl of soup. True, the soup – one of only name, but at least something better than nothing. Once we went into a dining room with a girl from my class. I tore off the coupons, put the card on the table and walked to the window to get my soup. Came back – the girl is sitting, and my card no. I immediately realized that she had stolen it. But to steal a card, when 125 grams of bread a day and 300 grams of cereals per month – is tantamount to murder. I remember it well, that girl – she was from those who hunger overcame animal reason, they have lost human form and died in the first place. But it has survived because it ate human flesh. She had a strange look, some kind of terrible gait – she went sideways, and always talked only about food. Then, when we were together in barracks, and lived in a common room, she robbed me again. But I could not hide anything – it humiliated me! I was one of those who, even in these conditions, remained, above all, man. I I remember about it now without conviction – I do not blame her. The timing was terrible, morally and survived those in whom the spirit was not defeated.

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It is thought about the death. It’s believed that Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. sees a great future in this idea. The death triturates the being, destroys the brain, reduces the dust the secrets contained in the memory of the cerebral cortex. The death finishes with the spectacle of the life. to die, for human us, is thing that would have to be taken off of the vocabulary, therefore, the idea that we have is of that we are born to be perpetual. Every day they see the sufferings and the printed marks of the oldness in the people. He is old or old, they are the constant stations of the life and its changes. They are the natural encaminhamentos of the time that stops many and many are the end. Here, Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. now? It is started searchs it frantic to the search of the source of youth.

Many will go to believe there that this is in the academies, therefore, through mirabolantes exercises, will go to harden the muscles and consequentemente to raise everything that for times already fell counting, also, with the aid of the creams that the media, in special, the televising one tries to convince viewers of that it is optimum e, even though the modellers where miraculously they will go to lose measured. Others will go for the tables of surgery with the thought of that the plastic surgeon will make the miracle, that pparently it happens. Pparently because it is only exterior. Many of these people live in its proper emotional jails. They are not loved. To be subject surpasses the limits of the corporeidade, that acts, puts into motion and creates facts. A citizen is a mosaic of desires, fears, passions, feelings, distresses, sensible and mysteries. Long ago this search was more accented for the women, in the present time, they, the men, has had this concern. Already it has times these, after certain age, already they look the virility, therefore, many to leave of being virile are to leave of being man.

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Of Lenin, Stalin – The Son Of The Prince Of Przewalski ?

Unbelievable? But there is a historical hypothesis. Dean Ornish M.D helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Different sources on the Internet I found the materials to support this assumption: 1.Sravnite pictures (address below) – undoubtedly a resemblance. 2.Mat Joseph Dzhugashvili, Catherine Dzhugashvili (Geladze) actually met in winter 1878 in the house of a distant relative of Prince Maminoshvili with the famous explorer, a brilliant officer (later Major General), Prince Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky. 3.Prosmotrev detailed biography of Nikolai Przewalski, I found that just in 1878, he had a rare break from his constant travels and it was at this time in Georgia's Gori. 4.Ekaterine Dzhugashvili was 22, she was beautiful, intelligent, educated, but very unhappy being married to a drunken cobbler Vissarion, married to whom she bore three weak, non-viable child, all of whom died after birth. 5.Przhevalsky and Catherine met several times in the house before his departure Maminoshvili Nikolai Mikhailovich from the Caucasus in the summer of 1878. 6.

A strong and healthy boy Soso (Joseph) was born Catherine December 6, 1878. This is a real date Born Joseph Stalin established recently by historians of the church found the book, instead of 9 (21) December 1879, as recorded in the official biography (perhaps it is connected with fatherhood Przewalski's concealment of this date Stalin's birth). 7.Po archival data from the Russian prince Maminoshvili of Przewalski constantly have come a significant amount of money that he gave to Catherine. Unfortunately, not determined how long it lasted transfers (Przewalski died in one of the expeditions in 1888). In any case, when a cobbler 1885godu Dzhugashvili went to Tbilisi to work, his family remaining in Gori, had lived in affluence. 8. After the war, Stalin was the leader of all peoples, then inexplicable reason, began to show great interest in the individual Przewalski.

In 1946 he established the gold medal of the Przewalski, full-length shot, color! a film about his life with the best actors. In published after War World Book Encyclopedia flaunted a huge portrait of the prince and the king's general Przewalski, much larger than the portraits of proletarian leaders. Despite all the above facts, fatherhood, the Przewalski no more than speculation. Nowadays, only a genetic examination can give a true answer, but do it nobody will, yes and no reason to let this story remain a beautiful hypothesis. Yuri Chashin.

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