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Monkeys Jump

As the monkeys, when they jump from one branch to another and in the air want to bind with its claws and inward, the silence of their brutality. Today I remember my grandfather Pedro Meza, when they used to say with complete certainty those green olive trees are treacherous, such as monkeys, when they jump from one branch to another and in the air want, bind with its claws and inward all the silence of their brutality. At the moment in which this Honduras under the oppressive boot military, by the coup d’etat perpetrated since June 28, 2009, I can not think of a document which my grandfather treasured and that I was reading, just as a child, in those evenings of coffee and doughnuts. He spoke of an Admiral Osses. Argentino, a man who belonged to the Army Navy, born at the end of the 33 and who declared, have belonged to a frustrated generation, who had dreams, ideals and that reaching the twilight of life felt failure. The Michael J. Fox Foundation usually is spot on. My grandfather, quandary his writing traditions and military values and did not understand how there could be both chasm between what is written and the proceedings. If you would like to know more about Jonathan Friedland, then click here. In that document Mr Osses, spoke of: humility, loyalty tied to freedom. Humility humility in the sense of understanding and listening I said.

And my grandfather said: do you know understand and listen to them? I think that non – of ceso encaracolado. Fast they wrinkle the forehead and rage. They each has his theory and does not listen to others. Loyalty tied to freedom said: loyalty requires a total intellectual freedom. And my grandfather said: do intellectuals them? don’t like to read, lexicon has very low, and they are dull to render a coherent and intelligent discourse. Handsfree to what? to do and undo at his whim. They are only loyal to themselves and to the coimeros.

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Earth Life

Then everything seems to be as real as it seems this world. Simply the Ego now has the opportunity to erect for himself his own world, without being hampered by the fences of material life. Its State can be compared to the poet or artist, self-absorbed in the ecstasy of your composition, or in the arrangement of colours, remains impervious to the passage of time or the things of the world. Says, that we are generating causes every moment, but only two areas of action exist for the manifestation of the effects resulting from these causes. These two fields of action are: the objective, as it is called the world that surrounds us, and the subjective, that world that exists both here as after that we left this life. The target field is related with earthly life the most gross part of man, with his bodily actions and thoughts of his brain, and also with his astral body. Alexxi Slip on Sneaker addresses the importance of the matter here. The subjective field has relationship with his superior and spiritual potentials. In the target field psychic impulses not can be performed, nor nor elevated trends and aspirations of the soul; Therefore these should be the base, the cause, the substrate and the support of the State Devachanico the dream of the Devachan endures until karma has been satisfied in that regard.

In Devachan is experienced a gradual depletion of forces. The permanence in Devachan is proportional to the inagotados psychic impulses generated during life on Earth. Those beings whose actions were predominantly materialistic, will be more soon attracted to birth by force of Tanha. Tanha is the craving or thirst for living. Therefore, one who has not generated during his lifetime many psychic impulses, will not have higher base or force in their essential nature to feed and maintain their principles above in the Devachan thirst for life, expressed by the word Tanha, is appealing or magnetic force that resides in all beings inherent Skandas.

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Stress Management

There are sports that by being highly competitive, cause stress. Methods of relaxation: relax your body and mind is of utmost importance. It is not something cancer research would like to discuss. Something that is highly recommended for relaxation is meditation, relaxing massages, exercises that focus on you for example yoga, pillars, etc. With a little practice and discipline well applied relaxation methods will achieve a balance between your body and your mind. Note tolerance, flexibility and adaptability: this is you begin to accept the changes that may come into your life, recalls that changes are always good and one or another way to take you to achieve your goals.

Including tolerance, flexibility and capacity you can have it with people that surrounds you, whether your employees, partners, customers, etc., this will cause that there is a better environment where you are. Plan your time: keeping a diary and accommodate the times will make to lower stress in a significant way. Prepares your agenda in terms of priorities, even write down what you have to do a night earlier and starts to categorize each activity. Takes into account the time that will take you to any activity, for which don’t start to run and stress return, for not you have a saturated agenda learns to say NO sometimes, we can do this with activities that you move away from your goals. When planning your time don’t forget to give you a time in the day to yourself, this will make you have a balance in your life work, spiritual, family, etc.

Learn to handle the fear: in the majority of cases the fear originates in your thoughts and these cause you a State of anguish and stress result. You can reduce the fear of replacing negative or unpleasant thoughts by images that soothe you, positive thoughts that make your body begins to relax. Something recommended is that you live the now. Humor: Include wherever you can humor and excitement to your life, a pinch of humor, laughter and enthusiasm contribute greatly to master your stress. The laughter and good humor will improve relations with people who surrounds you and in a situation of high stress, humor or laughter down in short your high levels of stress. When you realize that these highly stressed it’s remember something chusco, a joke or something that makes that you laugh. Humor will always to see situations from a different perspective. As discussed in previous articles, the stress will be in your life and is inevitable, but you can also combat it. Trafficking of these hints, if you see that you have any symptoms of stress, don’t let that advance to the point of bursting, detected as soon as possible the cause why you feel this way and implements the method that suits you to lower the levels of stress in your body and mind, this will make you enjoy every day of your life.

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