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Part 2

There are always two opposing views: one, that the continuation is always worse than the original version, and second, that the extension merely adds to and enriches the story line, makes its completeness, perfection. Siberia has produced fame and material benefits to developers. All interested in what comes next will be a favorite of the heroes of the game? And here before us the game Siberia 2. Let me remind you, the first part ended on the choice of Kate in the direction of travel with Hans. The second part begins with a conversation on the train. Hans, Kate and Oscar go to the legendary island of Siberia, and no less than legendary live mammoth.

Hans constantly ill and would slow down Kate in its quest to quickly get to a place of myths and tales. Immediately apparent monotony of hotels to stay the train. If a part is rich in diverse landscapes as a station-greenhouse-city university, there appears to our eyes, snow-covered taiga and tundra, animated only monastery in the mountains and house hunters in a river. The game starts simple puzzles, but towards the end, when you think only about how to quickly finish the quest and watch the final, more complex (though not on wit, logic, and in memory). Revives dull journey only stealing the train, village yukolov mechanical and death of Oscar. Character Hans Vorarlberg elaborated impossibly bad.

Moreover, it is constantly ill, connected speech make him very hard, and care – so it is simply impossible. We can only guess, as he himself unaided thought to get to their island. By the way, on the island, as you might imagine, to solve different codes and ciphers he too did not have to. The most interesting part of the trip, perhaps, is the island itself Siberia. Ancient runes, a huge pipe to call the mammoth and unusual greens just a feast for the eyes. Management is exactly the same as in Siberia and Sinking Island. Finale makes the heart beat faster and a tear on the tired, bloodshot from a long sitting at the monitor, eye player. For the sake of such "strong" moments and want to play in the creation of Benoit Sokal. Mammoths take Hans back to his country of dreams country for which he was born and which was born to like him. His life-long journey finally ended.

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Online Advertising

Good day! In this post I will talk about updates in online advertising. There are many ways of advertising on the Internet. This banner and contextual advertising. In recent times, was popular and so-called pixel advertising. Her idea was put forward by Alex Tew from England in 2005.

On his page he posted area 1000 by 1000 pixels, which sold the 10 to 10 for everyone. Bought the domain, could place it on your banner and link to his best days sayt.V Page Alex got up to 250,000 unique visitors a day, and he earned more than a million dollars. Needless to say, that the costs of the site owners to pay off their pixel ads thousandfold. Now this trend died down a bit, as the idea to the page with colorful banners Pestryaev already bored with the Internet community. Dean Ornish M.D may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And a lot of failed clones of the original page they say that this sort of Advertising is already unpopular. More relevant in our day trend emerged in the U.S..

This, as it calls itself the creator, 'puzzle advertising (advertising puzzle). " The idea originates from a page of Alex Tew, but such advertising is much more pleasant to the eye. The gist of it is that the site has a photo, which shows a composition of various items. These items can 'buy'. When you hover the mouse over one of the subjects, it is visually highlighted and displayed information about object, which specifies who bought this item. And the click – the user navigates to the site 'owner' of an object (the so-called, puzzle-link). Imagine that you are refrigerators. You buy a 'fridge' on page pazlovoy advertising, and your site will be remembered as one million visitors to the site of holodilnikah.Interesno, is not it? Of course, most likely this type of advertising is also a thing of the past few years, and there will be something new, but until such advertising vengeance is gaining momentum, so it makes sense to think, and maybe 'buy' themselves a thing on the original page, yet there is a place. Thus, it can bring your website hundreds of thousands of visitors.

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Payment Western Union

Lows system – you cut down the interest for the transfer of funds, such as China, the commission amounted to 3,4%. A lot of it? In my opinion a lot, but the balance on credit card more expensive. How do I register and how to to make payments will not tell, the site paypal have everything, if something is not clear, see the forum or in the end ask me. The third option. Payment Western Union, all good and do not need a credit card, you can find a bank that will transfer money for a small percentage (for the transfer of $ 1200 to China took me 20 dollars), but in Western countries, I have this number does not pass, either credit card or Paypal, for China has taken a form of payment easily. But there is a minus, as in the paypal money return does not happen when you are faced with fraudsters.

Language barrier. The next myth "does not speak." Yes, to be honest they can not hold at all, for example, my English is poor, but I cope. How? Very simple, first order that would make the purchase does not necessarily finish of Foreign Languages. You, as do I, would be enough for online translator. I take translate.google.ru, the main sentence should be short, like a shot, that is, consist of a maximum of 3-5 words. The fact is that virtually all electronic translators are not distinguished intellect, so long sentences they translate very badly. So be concise.

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Welldesigned Logos

The importance of well designed Logo Do you have one chance to make a first impression. Potential customers will form opinions about the business within seconds. The emblem of the company so highly influenced, because it is – almost always the first thing a customer will see. In addition, once a customer becomes familiar with the business, company logo will always communicate with the company name, and in turn, the company's name will be associated with logo. For these reasons, a considerable amount of thought should go into the choice of the logo. Logo should be simple, recognizable, and effective transfer the desired message to the public. Every aspect of the design of the logo should be carefully reviewed to ensure that it does actually sends the right message. Color logo, style, size, shape, font (if it is – the logo), and overall design, each plays a role in the overall conception of the logo, and are all important components to consider when creating an effective logo.

Color is very important, because color has a profound effect on the human response to almost anything. Restaurants are not only carefully choose the color of their posters, but also carefully choose the color of the restaurant. In their case, color affects, as the appetite causing a potential customer considers them a restaurant, and in turn may have dramatic affect on commerce, which they receive. Color posters can be the reason that a hungry customer prefers one institution to another. Financial firms and banks tend to choose strong conservative colors such as darker blues and reds, transfer stability, confidence and success. In some cases, special color is often directly related to the business. As background for their logo, UPS has used color brown, which is now generally associated with their company. Since the color brown stability reports, they were able to use the association as a way to send a message to the reliability of their clients.

A quality website redesign begins with a study of the logo. In addition to color, general style of the logo will define the full feeling conveyed to the public. Style logo will determine whether people consider business as a conservative or trendy, casual or formal, expensive or cheap, friendly or exclusive, etc. If the logo includes the actual name of the company, the type font used in the logo is part of his style as well, and will therefore also play a role, affecting the total response of man on the logo. Size is also important to consider. The logo will be used in large-scale settings, such as advertisements, storefronts and billboards, but will also be used for small needs like e-mail correspondence, web sites, business cards and corporate stationery devices. The emblem must be designed so that it will be effective and recognizable regardless its size. In general, a good logo – a vital part of successful business, and much more influential than many people understand. Since people are often unaware of the effect logos have on their own decisions, they may also not realize the impact that a well designed logo will have on their own business. Taking time to evaluate various aspects of the logo, business owners can ensure that their company logo will be much greater influence. Redesign of the site is important for creating a positive impression of the site.

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