The number of employees and self-employed, home from work, is growing. Do you do Home Office, large home office”called. According to our tax legislation, such a study may be used exclusively as an Office, and not as a bedroom or guest room. But precisely on this exclusive use, tax offices again have their doubts. In principle, all acquisition-related expenses are tax deductible. These include the costs of a study room, which is located in the domestic four walls. According to the wage tax help United wage tax help Association (VLH) financial management has taken the following distinctions at the Home Office: costs in full tax who set off from home from work may costs incurred in full deduct tax, if the domestic work room is the center of business and professional activity.

This includes the cost of the rent, water, electricity and property tax. Is a study room does not have the private living quarters reach, can the costs always deductible in full will be. The reason: This so-called collectives work room, the only professional use is clear. Employed or self-employed persons plan an extension to private homes, they sure, growing beyond the main house can be reached and is thus clearly separated. All costs can also be deducted in full if used as storage rooms such as cellars.

Up to 1,250 euros claim costs of a work room can cost only up to a maximum of 1,250 euros deducted, if the domestic work room is not the center of activity. It can be about the case if it professional must be used, because the employer provides any other workplace.