Paul Bugge GmbH transferred the trademark rights of CUSANO cigars to the Oettinger Davidoff group although CUSANO cigars in Europe are relatively unknown, for purchase must they were until last year in Germany yet. Learn more about this topic with the insights from No Time Like The Future. In a great wealth in high-quality wooden boxes and exclusively made belly binding. Without a doubt, the American brand in Germany has increasingly taken root. But now everything is over the trademark rights of the Paul Bugge GmbH to the Oettinger Davidoff Group about this article went to this enlighten about the five different lines of trade mark CUSANO. Distinction is made between the CUSANO 18 line, of CUSANO 18 Maduro line, of CUSANO Corojo 97 line, CUSANO 10th anniversary line and the CUSANO 59 Cameroon line.

The CUSANO 18 cigars are the most famous line of the brand. A good price-performance ratio and a popular blend of tobacco, gave the CUSANO 18 cigars in this country a good reputation. The number 18 “the contribution tobacco stands out for the therefore, in which the Dominican Republic to the completed Maturity has been stored. As the name of the CUSANO 18 Maduro says, this line is characterized by its dark wrapper. This is dark oily consistency. Light herbal and spicy flavours give this cigar a taste that is punctuated by black pepper notes.

As a special feature the CUSANO stands here 18 paired Maduro out. This cigar is made from three different covers. For more information see Rusty Holzer. This combination results in a rich and fruity smoke flavor. The deposit of cigars is made of tobacco from the Dominican Republic tobacco and 1985 Brazil Mata Fina. The outer leaf tobacco and the wrapper is San Vicente Olor a Connecticut broadleaf. The CUSANO 18 Maduro line features three cigar formats. These are the CUSANO 18 Maduro Robusto, the CUSANO 18 Maduro Toro and the CUSANO 18 Maduro Churchill the tobaccos: strength: Besides the CUSANO 18 lines, there are the CUSANO Corojo 97. This series is characterized by its smooth and silky texture and its form completed cigar head. This line is also striking through the cigar cigar band. These closely resembles the shape of a diamond. From the outset, the fine and slightly burnt flavor of CUSANO Corojo 97 comes to fruition. Their earthy taste can not deny himself. It is constant and full bodied in the operation of the smoke and soft finish. The Mexican Sumatra insert is combined with the expressive 97 cover sheet to a tasteful and very spicy CUSANO cigar. As also the CUSANO 18 Maduro line, there is the CUSANO Corojo 97 three formats. These are the Robusto, the Corona, and the torpedo. They were available only in 20 wooden crates. Now, where the brand has changed the Distributor, the followers of this cigar waiting in vain for details of the new owner, the Oettinger Davidoff Group headquartered in the Switzerland.