If we move between the point of which the 2? and 3? horizontal, then line you podria to touch the 2? fret of the 6? cord. As the chords use/has but of one it notices, we can a? to accept simultaneously but of a point in the diagram of chords. But by each point in the diagram of agreed, it asegurese of which the note is corresponding to the fret of the guitar. Also the diagrams of chords use circles over some of the lines verticals or chains. your knowledge. These circles that represent the chain go to the air.

Other notes In the diagrams of chords numbers below the cords are also used that they indicate that left finger goes with each frets. For example, 3 below a chain indicate to touch that cord with your 3? finger. An X raises or underneath a chain it indicates that cord is not due to touch. Unless there is a point or circle in the chain deberias not to touch the cords none, but with an X sometimes it is used to make this point clearly but. A sometimes bent line can appear in the diagrams of chords. This is made to indicate that one ” barra” (when a cord but finger tightens) it is going to be used. Sometimes I number is applied to a fret in the right side of the diagram.

This becomes for the chords that are touched much more above in the neck. I number 7, for example, it indicates fret 7. With this information you must be able to read and to reproduce any diagram of agreed that finds. Not only the diagrams of chords are easy to read but also they give the capacity him to learn new chords by its account, without a professor. It puts in it practices this guide and it creates some new Christian chords.