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Pressure Monitor

– Pear mechanical tonometer should be equipped with a reliable valve to vent the air and can be combined with pressure gauge, which is preferable. Summarizing the foregoing, 'Hi-Tech-Rhythm' recommends to draw your attention to the mechanical tonometer UNITON 187 German company Speidel + Keller (Keller and Shpaydel) equipped with a built-phonendoscope and combined with a pressure gauge pear. The pressure gauge has a large bright yellow scales on a black background, is equipped with a patented 'Kurkov' valve for play off the pressure from a rate of 2-3 mm Hg per second or even slower! When you press 'to stop' the air discharged in a few seconds. The device has four cuff sizes – adult, adolescent, child, grudnichkovaya. 'Adult' cuff is inflated for 3-4 pitching pears.

Workmanship instrument, selection of materials (pleasant to the touch material cuff, rough and eliminates slipping pear) – is perfect! Especially this tonometer enjoy pediatrician – the appearance of the tonometer does not cause young patients associations with brilliant medical instruments: dark parts tonometer in combination with a bright red scale and gauge valve Kurkov creates the impression of harmless toys, not to worry about the baby and sposobstvet more accurate measurements. Tonometer has no sharp corners and has sufficient mechanical strength – it can give a child play before the measurement. Oscillometric – electronic tonometer to determine the pressure fluctuations in the vessel walls. Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor is the most suitable instrument for self-measurement blood pressure untrained person, particularly the elderly, sponizhennymi vision, hearing, or a reaction, because the measurement process does not require the intervention of the patient.

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If you are sure that in your case, the fault lies precisely in violation of the organism, will try to be very honest with you. Of course, we are not to blame, it's nature's mistakes. We will not eats everything from plates, even when the stomach is torn from the overflow, do not sit at night in front of Telecom for sandwiches, and spends a lot of energy, spinning like a squirrel in a cage. Usually people think that eating a little, but for some reason, get fat. Why would it? How do you know how much you should eat? You look at a friend or acquaintance, devouring everything without any consequences, and concludes that this is the norm, since he (she) does not get fat.

Such people exist, but these are exceptions, and do not envy them. Or, even more stupid, not even knowing exactly how to eat more, by default, accept what you eat as much. Who has the opportunity to observe the other person's diet every day? Social events during the holidays do not count. So it is enough to pass the buck elusive disease, most of us are to blame for that that have read these lines. Oh, sorry, you fully acknowledge the irrationality of his power, but the blame unruly appetite. Yeah, I tried to endure the pangs of hunger 24 hours a day, and only then would porazglagolstvoval. I tried, you know. Have you tried to do something other than long hours of watching TV on the couch or in an chaigonyaniya with cookies and cakes at work? And hunger does this wonder? This so-called famine occurs most often when not to do.

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One lady was treating my neck and chest osteochondrosis. In parallel, she had a scar on his face poslefurunkuleznye stretch. And somewhere in the fourth Session happy she comes and says that her colleagues at work, not only men but also women, began to make compliments, saying that it began to look younger and fresher. These scars on his face began to disperse. They do not resorbed by the end, we went with her just two courses, but, nevertheless, were the tangible results that are visible to others. The second result was the rejuvenation of, say, a local character. One patient was melting of the hip joint as a result of prolonged low intensity of infection. The pictures could be seen that the head of hip bone, which normally would look like a balloon, looked like a piece of half undissolved sugar in tea.

I spent my treatment and on common points, and points to the local – just above the joint itself. There I put about 12 bees, this is noticeable a lot. The skin in the joint after treatment dramatically different – a lighter, smoother. Well, in support of anti-aging effect, we can look at the bee with the experience, they differ markedly from their peers. Q: What other ways of bee venom can be administered in body? ND: In pchelouzhalivaniya there are ointments, injections and electrophoretic injection.

Q: What diseases are treated with pchelouzhalivaniya? ND: All diseases that end in-um. Ending-um in medicine taken denote inflammation. Rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, arthritis, and so on.

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Treatment And Prevention Of Swine Flu

I decided to depart slightly from the topic and write a diet at the expense of the urgent problems for each of us is an epidemic of swine flu. The following are research scientists working on this problem, which undoubtedly will be useful and for you. Dr. Thomas Levy – one of the world's most renowned experts on the effect of vitamin C on viruses. Here's what he says about it: "I have not found a single influenza virus to which a sufficient amount of vitamin C is not would have a virucidal effect, the same is true for all other acute infections. When you receive Vitamin C you will have no absolutely no side effects and you can protect yourself from the deadly virus that is able to prevent infection. Although I have not seen yet any published studies on vitamin C treatment of swine flu, an expert in the field of immunology, Dr.

Robert Cathcart, used this method to thousands of dangerous life-threatening communicable diseases, says: "The treatment of avian influenza with high doses of ascorbate is no different from the treatment of other flu viruses, perhaps because of the severity of the disease patients have take more substantial doses of ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate injections. I've never met flu that would not be destroyed or at least significantly weakened by large doses of vitamin C, but quite possible that in the case of swine flu doses have to be increased even further. " Antiviral drugs such as Tamiflu (oseltamivir), act by suppressing the enzyme neyrominidazy produced by viruses and vital necessary for their ability to replicate.

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Chagas Disease

Chagas, a disease unknown in Europe Lourdes is a fellow Bolivian Camba my friend with whom I shared nice moments in La Paz department on my first single, by coincidences of life long after the one day I return to find in Spain without knowing I lived for four years at Valencia, now I know in Madrid that has Chagas and suffers from very young. Chagas disease is a disease that, despite the fact that in Latin America suffer 18 million people, for many is still unknown, most doctors in Europe are unaware of its existence when he first visited Lourdes for a physician Spain looked at it without being disconcerted to discover what his patient was suffering immediately forwarded to the department of infectious diseases, those suffering with AIDS. With the arrival of migrants to Europe, physicians began to treat diseases that were supposedly already extinct in the world, evils “invisible”, which only belong to the third world, “Discovers” that entire populations in Bolivia would have to Chagas patients, hospitals in which the growth rate would indicate that 40 percent of infants would be infected and that scarce resources for treatment is causing an outbreak of disease . The Chagas vector is an insect called the kissing bug, Bolivia is a single species of insect vector that usually coexists with the man inside the houses and they feed on their blood: the Triatoma infestans, popularly known bug gaucho vinchuca black or just kissing bug. The Invisibles, and a new project called Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has been launched to raise awareness in society of the first world to the existence of people suffering from diseases such as Chagas. The Spanish journalist Isabel Coixet, El Pais, said this weekend in one of his articles “MSF contacted me to be part of the project The invisible had not heard of this disease (Chagas). The silence around her makes her a kind of ghost; in Argentina, as I have seen in documentaries on the MSF Chagas, health authorities often silenced cases reported by rural doctors. The challenge was to tell within minutes and no disease, but the ravages of the vulnerability of sufferers and their families, the defenseless against a disease for which there is dedicated a single cent in any laboratory in the world, nor even in areas where the cause of increased mortality. ” Lourdes Chagas disease inherited from his mother who died a year ago in La Paz with 52 years for heart problems, note that the disease was discovered at 22 when he offered to donate a family member, now she has a child nine years who by the time the tests proved negative. To date there are only two drugs that can cope with this disease, although one of them would no longer be manufactured and any lab research to find new remedies. Castro Rosmery Quisbert Bolivian journalist.

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Lose Weight. Mission Impossible ?

– “The extra kilos are a drag” Barriga said the teacher or the popular nono on Chavo, after having had gastric bypass surgery and found on the road to recovery. Despite being a successful person, where he used to be overweight and to his character, his body took its toll, and recognizes, as anyone with obesity, which for more over-adaptation your illness you have, life is more complicated, and the price of excess paid dearly. – “My body is my prison,” said Manuel, the man who entered the Guinness for being the fattest in the world. Sitting on his bed, unable to leave the room for six years. And how are you, endless stories of people with obesity, living a nightmare.

But not to the extreme are those who, perhaps, a few extra kilos, are overshadowing the many facets of his life. Overeating, which enters the body without our real consciousness of its effects, thus generating a vicious circle, which, when try to exit impossible. Automatic thoughts, autodescalificacion, mistaken beliefs, myths, etc., are placed as insurmountable barriers when it comes to getting a goal: to lose weight. And unlike other diseases, for these symptoms, the patient has still more in that maze of traps. Traps that puts overadaptation obesity and not to alter anything, to stay the same, even if you feel terrible, depressed, listless, is apparently easier to live with the inconvenience of the known, to make the effort necessary to succeed. Who is under medical treatment at some of these symptoms of the disease itself, run to lock himself in his life and cover the anguish and hopelessness with more food. Numbing of emotions. It’s like a diabetic when he raises the blood sugar, eating sweets is locked up, or who has a sore tooth, rather than consulting with your dentist, was locked up to wait for him to pass, then go to visit.

Those who fail to realize that the solution Final is in oneself, and that treatment is a long process of recovery, where every difficulty we offer an adequate response, obesity is the one who leaves the destination. Understand that is a disease that diet is only one component of treatment, and that is not the most difficult, “who has not ever dieted and managed to lower many kilos? The point is to reach and maintain healthy weight. To do this, we need a change of life, courage, effort and recognize the symptoms of obesity. Weight loss is a mission possible, one need only know that the kilos others are just a symptom, among many others.

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