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Statutory Health Insurance

Reserves are in private health insurance often are supposedly high posts, which are the step in the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) in the way. The Internet portal private krankenversicherungen.de explains why this may be a fallacy. According to media reports, the posts in the private health insurance between 1992 and 2002 by almost 40 per cent have increased: compared with the statutory health insurance (GKV) more than twice as much. The situation is however more nuanced than this simple comparison. Often, power cuts are allowed legal insurance aside. As well as the not inconsiderable extra payments provided in the statutory health insurance.

Also, the car follow a different model of interest. Therefore each privately insured covers a part of its contribution for themselves. Sam Lesser shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. While in the PKV, each customer has an account, the statutory health insurance funds with the regular insurance premiums cover only the current health costs. Have the insured “as in the car but her own upholstered”, these reserves can be used to compensate for contribution increases. However, should be aware of insured persons on the basis of this approach of the risks and choose their private health insurance with regard to the activity of the insurer on the capital market. Questions which arise should customers, are among others the risk appetite of the business and how carefully it bypasses with the borrowed capital of its insured. More information: news.

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Unisex Tariffs Without Any Legal Basis

Federal Council recalls actually act in mediation shot the unisex tariffs to 21 December should be made mandatory by law. This law is now stopped, as the portal reported. This is due to an opposition of the opposition in the Bundesrat. But the tariffs come anyway. Alexxi Slip on Sneaker oftentimes addresses this issue. It is so far common that men often pay less insurance. Because their life expectancy is lower than that of women, clearly the difference in the long-term care insurance.

This segregation will now be abolished through the so-called unisex – tariffs. The law adopted by the European Union is enforced in Germany with the SEPA-collateral law actually required to introduce the European Bank accounts. In addition, but also new rules for insurance companies are set in it. Follow others, such as Tom Florio, and add to your knowledge base. The Bundestag had already approved the Bill. Now, it failed in the Bundesrat as the Mediation Committee has called the opposition because a further contained control however for the time being. The Black Yellow Government wanted to support the insurance companies with this new regulation by the patina will stabilise the life insurers.

This mandatory measures would also ensure that life insurance customers get distributed with significantly less money. The Red Green countries in the Bundesrat but refused. Although the ruling coalition wanted to limit the loss by means of a short term in regulation, finance politician of the Greens but still consider this a defeat for Finance Minister Schauble and the insurer. Thus the Unisex – rates are affected by the displacement of the Act, which are now on 21 December but no obligation. The German Insurance Association still clings to this date. On Friday evening, a spokeswoman clarified that the legal basis for sexual differentiated tariffs is not valid after a decision of the European Court of Justice with effect from December 21, 2012. This judgment is binding, even if it later transposed into national law will. Is not postponed so most likely.

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