In synthesis Although we know that for the father of the Mother country there is no time, nor space given to the immense thing of his it fights in this Continent, where always he will be present, in this opportunity the government Revolutionary Bolivariano in charge of President Hugo Chavez totally identified with the deed of Simn has located olive it to a height of 36 thousand kilometers in the celestial vault on one on an orbit yielded by Uruguay. Its signal will extend from the south of Mexico to half of the territory of Argentina and Chile Is possible to emphasize as it reviews the newspaper Universal the official functions will be to offer technology, telemedicine and teleeducacin to remote towns of Venezuela and other Latin American countries. The minister of Education, Navarrese Hctor, that was minister of Science and Tecnologa, explained that they exist ” great hopes to reach then to remote communities, with small stations equipped with solar cells, will be able to receive education bilinge” , and it added that ” they already exist educative contents in 10 languages indgenas”. The pilot project will begin with the waraos Indians, who live in the delta of the Orinoco river. Another function of this satellite in which the Government emphasizes is the telemedicine, that will be able to help patients as to rural doctors as much, who will connect themselves with hospitals of other cities. *Fuentes: Daily Wikdia encyclopedia the Universal Ing. Industrialist-administrator, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM), UC Postgraduates masters in Administration of companies; quality and productivity; education Doctorate in Education titular Professor and investigating Area of Postgraduate of Phases UC. Johns Hopkins Data addresses the importance of the matter here. Coordinating program especioalidad management of the quality and productivity Phases, Consulting UC – enterprise adviser DEPROIMCA EXATEC.