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Medicine Without Borders

Drought the population more affected by the drought that undergoes the region is the nomadic town, whose unique wealth is their animal, that they sell and they use like food. In the last year, the region has undergone two consecutive stations with levels of rains inferiors to the averages, having caused the fall of the productivity of the harvests, the exhaustion of the grass and a significant increase of the mortality of the cattle. According to Unicef, around 40% of approximately the 19.5 million nomadic shepherds of these African regions it survives less than with a dollar the day. These little income continuously are threatened, since the cattle del that depend is vulnerable to the whims of the nature. When the droughts debilitate and kill their animal, these people, of in case marginalized, they lose everything what they own. Refugees of conflicts armed Before an insufficient humanitarian answer, the combination of drought and war in the Horn of Africa, and concretely in Somalia, have brought about the massive exodus of thousands of people towards neighboring countries like Kenya.

There it is the greater field of refugees of the world, in Dadaab, that at the moment is overflowed by more than 350,000 people. In these fields of refugees, according to denunciation Medical Without Borders, " the refugees, in their majority women and children, are without shelter, water, food nor money. They take an average of 12 days in receiving one first ration of alimentos". And the situation worsens as they spend the days. According to the Agency of the UN for Refugiados (ACNUR), in which we took of year have registered 44,000 new refugees and something more than the population of the city of Murcia calculates that at the end of 2011 they will be already 450,000. X-ray of each Somalia country the somal country has an extension of 637.657 km square and almost 10 million inhabitants.

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Mavericks Scythes

Joventut requested an amount that the base could not pay, reason why the one of the Masnou remained in Spain playing in the Bara, that yes that was able to pay the amount asked for by the equipment of Badalona. It is necessary to consider that if a player is chosen in first round of draft, according to the present agreement that prevails in the NBA, has a wage predetermined according to its position. Ricky, chosen by Minnesota in fifth position, would have had to practically play free during three years to be able to pay its clause. The wage of the players is absolutely unnegotiable in his first years in the league. Finally, also there are some players who refuse to go to the NBA by other causes. It is the case of Fran Vzquez, chosen by Orlando Magic with number 11 in 2005 and that never has wanted to go away to the North American league by own will, although there always they have wished his arrival. Therefore, to appear to draft and to be chosen obligatorily do not tie to you to play there, only says to you where you will go in case someday you want to play in NBA. That yes, if it wanted to compete at some time in the NBA, would always have to be in Orlando.

The crossings NBA Is necessary to know very clearly it does not have absolutely anything to do with the sport competitions in Europe. The phrase " a player plays where quiere" that as much it is heard in Spanish soccer is not applicable in the North American league. There, the clubs do what they want with the players, that they practically have neither voice nor vote in his destinies while they have contract with a tax exemption. If an equipment decides to transfer to a player to another tax exemption, this one cannot do absolutely nothing. The unique commitment is that its contract is respected and the player conserves the years that it has left of contract and their wage.

The crossings to several bands, with three or four implied equipment, are of most frequent and the tax exemptions trade with their players as if they were objects. During this draft 2011 it has been possible to verify once again. Rudy Fernandez has been transferred to Mavericks Scythes in a complicated operation and the Spanish it has not been asked to him at any moment for his opinion. The unique measurement of pressure for the players is not to renew its contracts and to threaten want to go away to another tax exemption to force its equipment to renew to them to the rise, but this only is within reach of the best players of the league. To the rest they do not have left more than to resign themselves and to say to fall in a tax exemption that is not of their affability. Nor that to say it has he is not the same to live in Miami or Los Angeles that in Utah or Toronto, but is what there is. Thus it is the NBA. Source of the news: Thus the rights of the players in the NBA work

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Hours before, it had been approved in the House of Representatives. The Senate of the USA rejected east Friday the republican proposal to increase the ceiling of the American debt, shortly after which outside approved in the House of Representatives. In a procedure vote, the Senate approved a measurement, 59-41, ctivamente to block the plan of the president of the House of Representatives, the republican John Boehner, as it had noticed the leader of the democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid. This movement maintains lives the dispute on the limit on the debt, in which next the 72 hours will be keys to try to reach an agreement in time to be able to complete the procedures before the 2 of August, date limit marked by the Department of the Treasure to avoid the suspension of payments. Muscular dystrophy can aid you in your search for knowledge. The main opposition was that the republican plan establishes an elevation of the debt in two phases, one that would give green light to an increase of near a trillion of dollars until the end of this year and the other, that it would have to be put under voting in the Congress in 2012, year of presidential elections. Reid appeared before the press minutes after the vote and repeated its complaint of which the republicans do not want a negotiated solution and are putting in danger the economic health of the country. " It is hour to be adult, to reunite to us and to arrive at compromiso" , it indicated. Saturday the House of Representatives will meet noon and anticipates to vote the proposal of Reid later, in which it will be another voting on partisan lines by ricochet of the democratic plan. One hopes that the Senate carries out a procedure vote on the plan presented/displayed by Reid Sunday to 06,00 Spanish peninsular hour and the definitive vote could happen Monday. Source of the news: The Senate knocks down the republican plan to increase the ceiling of the debt of the USA

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