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' If I make use myself to filosofar, is because I look for to understand the things and the facts involve that me, and the search for the reply to the reality in which I was immersed. Philosopher to adjust my vision to the world had presented that me under the aspect of presented who me. That vision could be presented to that sees beyond the Real and of the ephemeral one. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. not as a source, but as a related topic. To ahead point out as me of the physical world and the human world and everything how much one offers my experience. As to understand the speeches of the men and to join to my proper one if I am philosopher and the ideas supplant the natural and ebulitivo aspect my proper speech.

As to judge the products of the arts, the religions and sciences if referencio me what in the previous one of the thought and the directions the permeada reply of micron comes out questionings introduced in the vision that is not vision, but the reflected one of one it has previously not lain fragmented with questionings chairmen and sucateados by not cientfico' '. Professor Roy Taylor has many thoughts on the issue. The Psychoanalysis uses as technique the Free Association, the patient speaks and the analyst interprets, without the vision of world, or without the art to understand the speeches of the men, that is, without the philosophy, the analyst will have difficulty in perceiving the reality that the patient is immersed. Many times a fear is taken root had to a distorted vision of the world, a neurosis if it installs inside of the reality of the patient, if the analyst not to search to understand this universe, what it is for backwards of speaks, of the story of the patient, if it has a mstico matrix or religious, the treatment will have a lesser percentage of success. to arrive to understand the speech of the other, the analyst has that to understand its first and to find the reply for the question: ' ' Who am I? ' '.

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Picol Of Ice?

Picol of ice? Not I want to believe that let us come to this life to be as we are! Not! We are here for learning surpassing in them. To be better of what we can be. Either in the personal or professional life, we do not have postar in them as ' ' picol of gelo' ' , that is, nothing of different offering for this aprazvel but so full world so beautiful of obstacles, competition and, mainly, challenges that in are presented daily, diuturnamente. The best ones if only detach, if they surpass, they win and they leave its mark. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. insists that this is the case. To the times with the sacrifice of the proper happiness, of the health and, to the times, even though of the family. But this valley to the penalty? Not! Definitively, not valley to the penalty. As well as we did not come to be ' ' picol of gelo' ' , also we did not come to ' ' to kill or to die! In search of our dreams and objectives. But, then, where it is the certainty? The difference between poison and remedy is in the dosage.

The correct one of the position between personal behavior professional is, also, in the dosage. Not he treats its head as its parents, nor its children as its subordinate. It they are not! Your head is there to lead you professionally for the best ones resulted who the company can offer to the society which serves, and your children are there for sharing its personal knowledge for the enlargement of the same ones. This sharing can be with moral, ethics, honesty, life example. Sharing of perennial moments of familiar love in the coffee of the morning, the studies, the division of ' ' segredos' ' between parents and children. It does not confuse its colleagues of company as ' ' famlia' '.

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