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Citing Plato

As soon as it is fixed in the body, we confuse the love with passion. That the passion only finishes, while the love is perpetual. A passion finishes with the death it body, already what you really inhale and desire that and the beauty in the soul, always it goes to exist. In this way, the idea of that the platonic love is unrealizable is not certain, it only settles in some thing that surpasses the world land. Something is the impulse of the soul route that exceeds this plan, the physical thing, that is only passion one of the periods of training of the love, but not it love in itself exactly. Another wrong judgment is to face the love as a feeling that fragiliza, only because the person whom she loves is ' ' boba' ' , dispersed, and it suffers for somebody. In the reality, the true love is developed so that the people live in a better way, with true justice and friendships.

It is a possible feeling only for the forts. Individuals with character only formed, balanced, are the ones that really they love in the philosophical direction. all this feeling if converts into good actions for the other. Many times the love is interpreted as a species of desire, when in the Philosophy this yearning more is related to the passion. This attachment does not take in them to the virtue. We confuse the desire with the will.

The desire has to see with the apegos, a passional desire for the things. The will is a force of the soul, that stimulates in them to act of a good form. In the Philosophy the love never is the object, the love is the search and it only loves who lacks. Citing Plato, it can be said that: ' ' the love is an upward pulse of the soul route to sabedoria' '.

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Mentally Ill

Alienation is a word that drift of Latin ' ' alienatio' ' , of ' ' alienare' ' , that it means something as to transfer to they outrem; what alucina; that it disturbs. You vary areas of the knowledge if they had puted in charge to define ' ' alienao' ' according to its rules and concepts, very next between itself. Even though the common individual, that if valley of the day to day experience, appraises alienation when it wants to mention itself to somebody that does not obtain to enxergar the truth. Truth that can be so relative how much the concept of alienation or the possibility of the existence of somebody mentally ill thing. For psychology the alienation is a separation feeling or of if feeling other people’s to somebody as it is the case of people who if feel rejected by its proper familiar ones or, in other cases it can be the gradual madness that already does not use more in the half physician. In Philosophy alienation it is a state, a condition, where the individual is ownership of somebody or something, the being leaves its essential condition of human being and if becomes a merchandise.

Ademais, the being if becomes foreigner of itself exactly or a slave who loses its freedom of choice for is submitted something that it considers strong or more powerful more. sociology is said of colonial alienation when it mentions the peoples who exactly having the independence power if carry as dependents economic and politically of another people; of the feminine alienation under the yoke of the patriarcal or machista society; of the alienation of the consumption society when it is mentioned to the induced and controlled consumption, among others conditions human beings who cause espoliamento feelings. In the Jurisprudence, alienation can be the good ceasing or the transference of good or rights for outrem.

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