Professional photographer’s work includes conducting modeling sessions in the studio, reportage photography, as well as shooting sports, press conferences and other events and objects. To perform these tasks photographer need the necessary tools, that is the highest quality photographic equipment for professional purposes. Back in the early development of photographic equipment to create professional cameras with new features and capabilities, based on their already developed a cheap amateur camera for home and business tasks. Official site: Daryl Katz, New York City. So there was two separate class of photo equipment, which was not difficult to distinguish from each other. From this moment understanding of the layman to solidify what the main differences between a professional camera from the amateur are first of all, its high cost and a better quality image. However, with rapid development of digital photography there has been significant progress amateur cameras, with some amateur models are suitable even for professional work. Also appeared as a new class semi-professional camera, which is guided by experienced photographers, and performance to have already reached the lowest professional grade cameras. The most advanced technological achievements today quickly realized in the mass of amateur or semi-professional cameras.

As a result, not too discerning photographer currently may be difficult to understand what Cameras can be classified as professional. It is clear that these cameras are designed for professionals and incorporate the requirements of photographers working in advertising, art photography, as well as conducting reportage or sports shooting. Professional Photography Contax level should provide a qualitative survey of the material in accordance with the job regardless of shooting conditions.