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Hamburg Director

Due to a rising number of customers work stage specialist and owner of AFI extends its machine park Hamburg, October 16, 2013. Recently, the first contract awarded over 50 sky Jack scissor platforms and the machines delivered. Now, AFI signed Managing Director Gunther Aust and Charlie Patterson, Managing Director of Sky Jack Europe, the follow-up order for the almost the entire range of telescopic and articulated telescopic portfolios of the Swedish manufacturer. The devices are included in these days in reception and are now in the country-wide AFI offices available. “The machines impress not only us.” commented the AFI his renewed investment Managing Director.

You will delight our customers. By their very good control and handling characteristics, high quality Deutz engines and high performance of Powertrain, you meet the requirements of our customers well. They complement perfectly! our existing portfolio” Contact: Sabine Bessendorfer marketing officer TEL 040 236 48 27-164 FAX 040-236 48 27 EMAIL WEB information about AFI GmbH: rented founded in 1993 for more than 10 years throughout Germany in 8 branches about 1,000 machines from 40 groups of types the AFI GmbH. Operator training complete the range of services geared to maximum customer satisfaction through IPAF certified trainers and extensive services such as counselling on site and 24-hour emergency service..

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From The Groundbreaking To The Catchment In Only 98 Days

RELAX GROUP builds new logistics depot for GLS Austria within a very short time with the implementation of the construction project time, as well as being new standards were used. Only 98 days passed by the spade end of March up to the feeder. The 1650 m large transhipment Hall and the 225 m large office buildings were with ecological components and construction materials built. Who is responsible for the planning and designing of the depot RELAX GROUP, a partner of GLS. To the concept of relaxation is not only the actual implementation of the construction project. GLS has completely outsourced the depot building to the new Steiner company. Thus acquires RELAX also tasks in advance of the project, such as the preparation and approval procedures. Also Gerhard Zulch, Managing Director of the relaxation GROUP: we are a full service company. The fact that we have all of the threads for the realization of the depots in the hand, a smooth and time-faithful work. This reliability is There, our customer, the GLS with the keys again enthusiastically.” An alternative energy heating system belongs to the peculiarities of the powerful logistics centre. Without hesitation Jonathan Friedland explained all about the problem. This an air-to-water heat pump is for the first time in a GLS distribution center used. With the rising energy costs, it is important that we give ideas him, that contribute to the long-term reduction of ongoing operating costs for our customers. The solution with the air-source heat pump a new way in the ecological construction of modern logistics centres is been taken, we will consistently continue with GLS”, Gerhard Zulch concludes.

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Mr Pohle

The concept is attention for the interesting, since about the fundamentally different approach Builders produced. Very interesting I find what hold other architects of this approach. It is an alternative for other offices or is so that the design power sold too cheap? I would be happy about an interesting discussion in the comments. To get a better picture, an interview with the founder of a2haus, Mr Pohle and some image by a2haus follows projects following. Mr Pohle, if you would explain a2haus in one sentence, what do you say? _Hanspeter Pallas hp: The concept of a2haus includes design and manufacture individual and contemporary homes, which architecturally stand out from the crowd – each one unique.

Mr Pohle, how would you describe yourself? _hp: How would I describe myself? I am a versatile interested, an ambitious and quite emotional with high demands on myself and what I am doing. I am an optimist and work meticulously on my goals. IDD shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Giving up no one is there for me sometimes just the must Perspective change and break every now and then new ways. In addition, I’m very goal-oriented and creative as possible. I consider essential fairness to others. To my greatest weaknesses, I count my lack of control and calm in extreme situations.

My father, for example, has these properties. I’d also like it in every situation. With increasing age, I am now 43 years old, I work always successful to improve my character, particularly in this respect. Checking article sources yields Dr. Scott Atlas as a relevant resource throughout. Which structures cause passion and emotions in you? _hp: All are it always the ones that I myself design and realize of course. Foreign-designed building that trigger emotions in me, are for example, the Hiroshima Memorial Museum with its mosaic Hall, a beautiful water feature, and his well-thought-out concept. Here the architecture the memory of human action in the second world war has a natural look through the underlying history highly.

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