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Mariam Tengert

Its passion by the nature is translated in the sixth symphony, ” The Pastoral” , where the composer is able to translate the image of the nature to the orchestral sounds. With twenty-five Beethoven years he begins to suffer the deafness. He wrote in his newspaper Value! In spite of all the leannesses of the body, my genius will prevail. Twenty-five years. I have them already, and is necessary that in this year the man reveals all whole number. The great love of its life was Antoine von Birkenstock, married with Franz Brentano. Antoine has happened to bienamada history like the immortal one, as he is called in his three mysterious letters, but other historians think that they could be three women, Giulietta Guicciardi, and its premiums, the brothers Josephine and Therese de Brunswick.

With the three Beethoven was enamored successively, although it discusses if that love remained or not in the purely platonic thing, because estatus social of a musician was not then as high as to aspire at the hand of an aristocrat. In 1806 it composed the fourth symphony, that some critics have thought that he was inspired by the love of Teresa de Bruswick, even though other musicgrafos have investigated meticulously the supposed love of Beethoven, they have rejected and it categorically describing it as he instilled, based on a story of doubtful authenticity published in 1890 and narrated by Mariam Tengert, that said informer of Teresa. Four years later one falls in love with Teresa Malfatti, with whom it thought to contract marriage, as it verifies a dated letter the 2 of May of 1810 in that it asks for to the Dr. Wegeler document Ing. Industrialist-administrator, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM) Postgradosmaestras in Administration of companies: quality and productivity; education Doctorate in Education titular Professor and investigating Area of Postgraduate of Phases UC.

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The disease of encias is one of the dental but common problems that they affect the domestic animal. The investigation demonstrates that the majority of the animal ones on the age of 2 years suffers of disease of encias. As important as so that you maintain good care on a daily basis dental cepillando his teeth, eating correctly and having regular dental controls, the same rule also is applied to its dog or cat. Although the disease of encias can affect to dogs and cats, certain chaste of dog such as boxers or to terrier tends to be more susceptible to this disease. The disease of encias happens as a result of an accumulation of particles, saliva and bacteria of the food known like plate in the teeth. The plate later becomes hardened or calcifies in tartar under the line of encias and in the teeth and causes the infection. She is very painful and uncomfortable for his mascot, particularly because it does not have any way to say to him. When an infection is developed not only damages encias and the bones around the teeth but can also to separate towards the blood current.

If one does not treat, it can take to evil breath, loss of the tooth, abscesses, gingivitis and the infection of the jaw. More severe cases of the disease of encias can take to diseases of the kidney, disease of the liver, as well as even to the fault of the organ. The common symptoms but and the samples of the disease of encias include: * Badly breath * loose Teeth * faded Teeth * Bleeding, encias inflamed * Encias in backward movement * Salivation * Malaise when eating or to chew the food, particularly hard food * Changes of the behavior such as depression, irritation or aggression What causes disease of encias? There are several factors that can contribute to the disease of encia and these include the poor nutrition and dental hygiene, eating hard rocks, small sticks or other objects, the age of the animal, genetics, chaste, and adjustment of teeth, as well as habits of feeding, bacterial infections and total health.

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