The aerospace company’s shares more attractive the airline Lufthansa has met its business target for 2010. The company reported a new record in terms of passenger numbers and the transported cargo in the past year, as the stock exchange Portal reported Thanks to the improved utilization and the profits thus retracted, investor confidence rose again in 2010. Lufthansa shares were formally. The company benefited from rising demand and promoted to passengers, 90.2 million in the last year what a mean increase of 17 percent.

The record in 2008 was so broken. Also with regard to the volume of cargo, achieved an increase of around 18 percent. This improved the load of cargo spaces by more than 7 percent, which corresponds to an effective use of 68 per cent. In addition to the subsidiaries Lufthansa Cargo and Swiss in the balance sheet for the first time the full results of the new acquisitions of Austrian Airlines and British Midland included. The ash cloud after the outbreak of the Eyjafjallajokull on Iceland last summer resulted in significant damage and as a result of the early onset of winter were approximately 4,500 flights in November and December. The company could not operate approximately one-tenth of its offering, which is reflected with 65 million euro loss on the balance sheet. Investors can look forward Nevertheless, because Lufthansa shares have risen in the past year. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann