One lady was treating my neck and chest osteochondrosis. In parallel, she had a scar on his face poslefurunkuleznye stretch. And somewhere in the fourth Session happy she comes and says that her colleagues at work, not only men but also women, began to make compliments, saying that it began to look younger and fresher. These scars on his face began to disperse. They do not resorbed by the end, we went with her just two courses, but, nevertheless, were the tangible results that are visible to others. The second result was the rejuvenation of, say, a local character. One patient was melting of the hip joint as a result of prolonged low intensity of infection. The pictures could be seen that the head of hip bone, which normally would look like a balloon, looked like a piece of half undissolved sugar in tea.

I spent my treatment and on common points, and points to the local – just above the joint itself. There I put about 12 bees, this is noticeable a lot. The skin in the joint after treatment dramatically different – a lighter, smoother. Well, in support of anti-aging effect, we can look at the bee with the experience, they differ markedly from their peers. Q: What other ways of bee venom can be administered in body? ND: In pchelouzhalivaniya there are ointments, injections and electrophoretic injection.

Q: What diseases are treated with pchelouzhalivaniya? ND: All diseases that end in-um. Ending-um in medicine taken denote inflammation. Rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, arthritis, and so on.