Can the maps show us the future how this online? Cartomancy has been described already repeatedly what origin, which maps ceiling or applications there. But time and again the question arises, how does the the Tarot on the phone? If someone not to sit but on the phone or online card sets, how should this work because. A medium or fortune teller, psychics absorbs the vibrations of the voice on the phone. Of course it is important that the caller for the interview is open. If a Ratsuchender wants to get an answer to his questions, he doesn’t get it also? Now to the question, what answer can I get at the Cartomancy? We get our answer on our subconscious mind. This can be also different, as was hoped for or desired.

What is the name of the beautiful proverb: “listen to on a gut feeling, or your intuition, or on your subconscious mind”. But as it is not easy, because we are influenced by external circumstances often daily. You can use the Friends, family, colleagues, boss or the media? Let us guide like of other people and influence. But back to the Tarot reader, whether personally or on the phone or online, Tarot works about the vibration. The psychics, the fortune teller shuffles the cards and this energy is released.

This energy comes from our subconscious and shows us which way we should go, may, or must, to a certain direction, to achieve goal. Our sense mostly the way knows what it would like to go, but the direction no longer let go often our thoughts, fears, anger or sorrow. Now we are at a crossroads, a diversion is right and the other to the left. What to do? The cards, no matter what kind of cards, Tarot, Tipper, Lenormand, Skat, Gypsy cards, or many more, can show us the way, whether the direction right or left for us is better. But must finally gone the way of seeking advice themselves. All cards, whether online, by telephone, to serve as a signpost, however each themselves must follow the path. The Cartomancy should therefore be seen as AIDS, when I can no longer see the way in a situation, the maps allow the glimpse into the future. If you are a Kreuzng and do not know what direction you should go, starry like Sylvia Kuffner available experts are Tarot starry