When the family searchs orientation, inquires itself and demystifies concepts estigmatizados for the common sense, the possibilities of advance in the process of treatment of the adolescent is considerable. In this direction the familiar accompaniment during the treatment of the adolescent, independent of the boarded model, goes to re-echo in the positive results of the process of sensitization of the user, and mainly, the family accumulates knowledge and creates conditions to establish a more healthful familiar conviviality. Read more from Newcastle University to gain a more clear picture of the situation. We understand that the search of the shelter in the familiar scope compromises the possibilities of advance in treatment of the adolescent, who different of the adult is in full process of organic development as in such a way social. Thus, we perceive, has necessity of advances in the process of treatment of the chemical dependence in the adolescence, in which currently it is seen as a case of public health. For the cited authors, they are categorical when they affirm that: A basic question in the adolescence is the separation and the individualizao of the adolescent in relation to the family. It estresse it and the anxiety happened of this phase increases the vulnerability of the adolescents to the pressure of the friends.

If on the other hand its parents gain autonomy in relation, on the other hand they acquire one strong alliance with its colleagues. In this movement, the influence of the group and ‘ ‘ modelagem’ ‘ , that is, the imitation of determined behaviors from one dolo, that in general she is the leader of the group, becomes especially important. (SCIVOLETTO and MORIHISA (2001 p.30-33). For being a period of transformations, adolescent, for times, if feels inferior incompreendido for the family or the society. This makes with that many desire to disappear of the world, that if becomes for they cruel. In this direction, from an experimentation, the young sees in the drugs somewhat pleasant, capable to solve problems, to eliminate distresses, giving a sensation of force, power and personal accomplishment.