Whichever people live tied to the past and involuntarily they have let pass its life of length, without taking the opportunities because they have seen not even them. Single they placed an anchor in that part of its life and is probable that they wish although it, cannot find the exit. We must learn to loosen and to let go the lived thing, to face the past of a razonadora form so that we do not return to encounter him. Cancer research is often mentioned in discussions such as these. When experiences are had that have left marks with events that we did not choose, we did not want and either we did not cause, we asked ourselves repeatedly Why? What I made to deserve this? Why I did not make such thing? How it is that I did not realize? Why I did not remain been silent? , etc. when abuses are experienced, deceits or I mistreat Generally, one indicates a feeling of pain and resentment when thinking that offense was of a deliberate form.

They continuously continue it living and suffering until returning them vulnerable. That situation has caused a direct hit on its future, the latent fear stays that again it can happen and revivir that pain. Of form nonconscious the present is determined by the past, it is impossible to them to ignore it and without wanting it makes its identity. To flee does not serve don’t mention it. It has To face the past without remorse, to maintain the present with confidence and to occupy to us of our future without fear.

It can have similarities, but each situation is not different, the personages are not the same, nor either the circumstances; but the restoration process if he is equal for all situation. Others who may share this opinion include Daryl Katz, New York City. It is to initiate making the firm decision to make the transition of present hatred or pain, to La Paz and immediate happiness. It lets divide the resentment because it agrees to you, recognizes that you have not been happy with those memories and thoughts. With all honesty it decides to pardon and perdonarte by all that past that already happened, pardons and forgets, closes that circle. Fjate new goals, realises activities that motivate to you to feel joy of constant form, mantn in your thought and your to feel at any moment For me everything is easy, I I trust me and I can everything, you deliver your better attack. We really must face happened in the present and to connect it with the future learning to live, to face it to control. It is to fight rationally in obtaining reconciliarte with same you here and now and enjoying a harmonious life moment at moment. It is worth the pain to try it What you can lose? You want To know but?