Treatment of dandruff as different manifestations of the dermatitisseborreica may require lotions, shampoos or medication, but is very important to review our habits, since some of them may be factors that predispose the appearance of dandruff. Therefore, you should not fear to wash hair regularly to remove dandruff.In the washing of the hair it is not recommended to use cosmetic shampoos or conditioners after applying shampoo treatment. Nor is recommended dyes for the hair while you have dandruff. If after a few weeks you notice that the use of the anti-dandruff shampoo does not bring good results, patient des recommended that he attend a dermatologist, who probably will prescribe a treatment that may require products with steroids. Another important factor for the control of dandruff is the diet, which must consist of few foods rich in fats, i.e., must avoid the use of animal fats and sugars in excess.It is also convenient to try to manage stress. Dandruff appears on the scalp in the form of fine, white or offwhite flakes, irregularly distributed on the scalp.Seborrhea affects adults and children, appears on the scalp and in the trunk. It manifests by squamous lesions or greasy yellowish scales.This distinction is essential to know what treatments are required and whether we should go to a doctor. Tips to treat dandruff: – Use a suitable anti-dandruff shampoo, alternating with a neutral formula of daily use-apply shampoo twice.The first application eliminates fat and loose scales.The second application (leave a few minutes) is that it penetrates the cells and performs the treatment. wash your hair every day: dirt contributes to the peeling of the scalp.