Walker Salve be patient my heart which is not the destination but a long walk by footpaths and roads in search of your truth. Cantante mine heart that only in this way will find the strength to deal with all the troubles of this long walk. Fear not my heart that these only on the road or no penalty without forgetting or security you’ll find your most tenacious Companion. You have faith my heart that Dios will accompany you and your path will guide you, give you strength and encouragement to never waver. More info: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. Ten goodness heart of mine that morning sow thousand times by natural law itself increased everything that today you have sown. Forgives heart mine who along the way wanting or not wanting to make you suffer, because only forgiving others you also forgive you. And remember heart mine which is not life but a path that only walking will walk your own way and find your own truth. Road A gift is the birth, is a pleasure to live and it is to feel the enjoyment of this our passing.

As cart wheel do on the road and in that Groove Groove our destiny remains us little by little. There is no easy road even the already trite but remains volatile happiness of the road already traveled. The Sun lights up your day night will give you rest and will continue to wheel rolling sacandole rain crying. Do you want to tell you life is where disenchantment? It is in not having learned anything while it is rolling. Walk, walk, mine cart that I want to be a wise and not by knowing everything but by so only wish. Scherezade original author and source of the article.