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Man Who Sold The World, The (Nirvana), music that brings me memories can be heard on gastronomy and I want to write them. I’m not an expert on the subject nor much less want to make competition to interesting blogs of this webblog in matter of recipes and dishes, only count sensations if he can bring you something good. It was a few years ago I had the opportunity to collaborate in a business group that among his numerous activities had a portal on the Internet dedicated to gastronomy. While my role was to work in the reorganization of the matrix, always had a break while I was going through the Forum to see the comments of fellow members (do you say so?). Even, animated by a companion, timidly started to leave my demure opinions in that place of encounter (evocations of recetillas of my mother and little else). The category of the Forum, in terms of content of the comments, was very high. Of all the numerous participants, recall two aliases: Margali, and Koskorro, whose selfless contribution level was exalted (Yes, coincidences of life, read me, koskorro, you’ll notice that I’m the real Manuel and thank you for the patience you had with this temporary table).

I learned a lot of gastronomy, but above all, I was impressed by the pedagogy and Didactics of some people, genuine masters of their profession and undeniable communicators. Contact information is here: Preventive Medicine Research Institute. I began to participate in a Holy week and, of course, with typical dishes that in those days were produced in the field where I was born: cod at all hours (chickpeas with cod, fried cod cakes, cod, etc.) Fall now into account the times was going to the fountain, where my mother put the cod to desalinate, to pick up a bit that I knew to blessed glory (and then the prescriptive and soft noogie). And there goes the simple and typical cod pancakes recipe. Ingredients: cod quarter (according to my mother the trick was to put little COD), quarter onion, three cloves of garlic, parsley (optional) paprika, salt, flour, water, oil and one teaspoon of yeast (I’ve seen in other houses the substitution of yeast by bicarbonate e, even, pour a beaten egg). The cod must put it to soak 24 hours, changing the water every four to six hours (depending on the level of salt which it wants to leave). Removes the cod skin and all the spines and desmigaja very well; chop the onion, garlic and parsley (how much parsley?, well the taste of each).

A mix with water and flour and other ingredients to make a dough soft and clear is made, tested for taste, especially concerning the salt. Once the dough is ready, is left for two or three hours to stand (duly covered dish with a kitchen towel). Finally, the boiling oil, take the dough with a tablespoon and is throwing to the skillet. When the pancake is Brown and has risen by the effect of the yeast, removed from the Pan, well drained. Which takes advantage of you and good weekend. Ah!, it occurred to me one day make dough with whole wheat flour and left me regular cakes.

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Vera Sayle

In any case, clear objectives should be formulated with the home office staff for the benefit of all parties concerned can be made measurable. A suitable software solution can help effectively and comprehensively companies and employees the use of Home Office as a working model. The personnel manager the innovative, Web-based human resource management software by BITE offers a variety of functionalities to support a successful Home Office for all involved. Without hesitation Martha McClintock explained all about the problem. Starting with the digital personnel file of each employee, by means of which all personal, business, and payroll data collects and manages be. For example, the personal as well as the business contact data of the employee include which in turn not only on the PC, but also about the free available apps (iOS and Android) in the meaning of yellow pages,”can be obtained.

Also the respective set working hours of the employees can be granular collected and managed, which listed the integrated presence immediately obvious whether the corresponding staff working at all on this day and if yes, how many hours. Using the absentee management of BITE human resources manager can be absences and vacations of the home office staff manages granular and transparent and analog of the granted rights viewed by stakeholders. The business IT engineers (short: BITE) composed of innovative software specialists and experienced consultants. Using of the art “technologies on the one hand, as well as the many years of consulting experience on the other hand created by State Web applications by BITE. At the By BITE is software products to pragmatic tools for human resources management and the recruiting for the sustainable implementation of improved processes and processes in the company. With the personnel manager BITE the business IT engineers have developed a fully Web-based human resource management software, which offers both functionality and stability. We have made our our work our passion: business IT engineers – speed up your business! BITE GmbH Vera Sayle line marketing Resi-path-Gasse 9 89077 Ulm phone: + 49 (0) 731 / 14 11 50 0

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Microsoft SharePoint

The individual care institutions also receive access to the collaborative platform. The Portal makes them available that significantly facilitate the completion of administrative tasks and the resource planning and improve field-proven tools. A key role to the central waiting list management by NiKITA, because it solves one of the biggest problems of towns and communities: often several day-care centers enlist parents as a precaution in the waiting list, so it is usually difficult or impossible to get an overview of the actual situation of demand. The portal displays such multiple filings, which local authorities and device makers see at a glance what specific demand currently. This immensely facilitates the planning and allocation of care places. NiKITA is for communities of all sizes, suitable and already within a few days ready for use. The solution is based on the intranet and portal software Intrexx from United planet.

More information under: Moysies & partners, Moysies & partners is an IT and management consultancy for the public administration and health care. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The introduction of portal solutions on the basis of Intrexx represents a focus of Moysies & partners. The standard solution developed by Moysies & partner NiKITA (network information system for managing Kita) is offered in two different editions (standard and professional). These consist of different modules, which contain extensive reporting and analysis tools and applications to work together in addition to tried and tested applications for daycare management. NiKITA may be licensed as a stand-alone solution or hired as a cloud solution. The child is at the heart of NiKITA.

Networking of all stakeholders in a comprehensive portal solution are all relevant information to the Administration and control of the children’s day care merged. The goal is a transparent and complete view of the care facilities as well as an unbureaucratic, simple and appropriate distribution of child care. In addition to the product launch and customizing of NiKITA, Moysies & partner offers advanced services such as services, technical consulting and training. about United planet United planet has over 4,500 installations and more than 500,000 users of its Portal and integration software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administration and organizations (E.g., hospitals). The company Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf is run. With platform-independent standard software Intrexx can be Web-based applications to return to complete intranet/enterprise portals with advanced functionality faster and thus more economical create than with comparable programs. Intrexx enables the creation of more productive workflows and generating mobile apps for smartphones and Tablet PCs of all manufacturers. Existing data from ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and all JDBC – and OData data sources can be easily integrated with Intrexx and put in relationship. The interface of the SAP certified NetWeaver gateway simplifies the connection to the SAP system in unprecedented ways. Even counting the immediate competition software Microsoft SharePoint learns the OData – interface enables economic functionality enhancements. The data integration capabilities of Intrexx are increasingly used as middleware to take unwanted complexity to existing or heterogeneous software environments. With Intrexx share United planet offers platform a social business, that provoked the exchange of knowledge and cooperation among the employees and the communication to integrate existing enterprise software. Hundreds of finished apps and complete industry portals for downloading are available in the Intrexx application store.

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The Word

Nostalgia is the obsession difficult living somewhere else (dimension), overcoming the temporality and the finitude into eternity and infinity, return to the Ithaca of the origins (such as alluvium of its Greek etymology indicated by nosteo and algeo, back to homeland and pain). Nostalgia, even when a feeling of loss, it also identifies in its limits does not refer to an ordinary experience, but a fuzzy, as well as persistent and painful, as the word which denotes dor (lat. Cyrus Massoumi contributes greatly to this topic. pop. The Cleveland Clinic shines more light on the discussion. dolus dolere). Men are not satisfied to be man, but does not know to what return, nor how to return to a State that has lost all memory clear.

The nostalgia that has him constitutes the background of his being and, through it, communicates with the oldest which subsists in the. Mixing nostalgia a sense of charm to the memory of the missing or absent object forever in time, a feeling of pain before the unreachability of that object, finally a longing of return I would like to transpose the enigmatic gap between yesterday’s today and reintegrate the soul in the situation that has been abolished by the time. To the extent that we are awake while we tread in this dimension, we are becoming aware of what represents interrelate with everything that environment where we operate, we share and we take into account the way that we do, we manage our emotions, we exchanged our feelings, nostalgia will incarnate, leaving footprints, that when we are not interrelated, with people who we metthe places where we live, we share days, months, years, experiences, sometimes we feel nostalgia for being absent, he lived. us adds about nostalgia, people and images of your past because they will no longer ever… but they left an indelible impression and were blocks that built your personality your destination the essence of your present and your future forecast when looking at a person with the gaze lost in the infinite… accompanied by a slight serene gesture and an almost imperceptible smile. .. do not doubt that he is feeling a nostalgia for someone who was the best of its past with the nostalgia sometimes walks like an automaton Recalling that I appreciate that she felt and felt for him, and seeks uselessly without finding it, between faces of the wooden dolls original author and source of the article around you.

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Ethics De Esperanza

To have moral it teaches the limits to us of ” poder” of the human beings. Under most conditions Cyrus Massoumi would agree. For that reason it is that ” The reason does not order imposible.” The idea is not to participate in the happiness but to become worthy of her. For that reason the moral law prescribes: ” you do that one by means of which you become worthy to be feliz” 3, that is to say, not an empirical, uncertain and contingent reason; but, ” to have ser” that it entails the human dignity. From which ” Each has reasons to wait for the happiness exactly insofar as it has become worthy of ella.” 4 Camps Victory, analyzing the affirmation of Kant, will say to us that the happiness is not a necessary consequence of the morality. So that outside it would have to fulfill an additional requirement ” That each does what must.

() like if one will be action of rational beings who happen as if they came from a supreme will that included/understood in himself or under himself all the wills privadas” 5. The criticism that realises Camps is of which ” only in an assumption kingdom of the aims, the happiness and the morality will be inseparables” 6. In the following paragraph I believe that there is a inconsistency in the text. Victory says that in Kant they are united of unique form the faith in the progress and it brings back to consciousness of the limits. And that the answer for the hope depends on its exact fulfillment in the 7 theology. And of there, that stops the study of the moral, more here of the world of the aims, tells on three supposed ones that Camps analyzed widely in the following paragraphs. And these are: 1) I know what I must do (a priori imperative of the morality exists), 2) the happiness union and morality depends on which each does what must, 3) I can wait for the corresponding happiness dignity. Of these three supposed Kantianos, Victory will say to us that only the second is to us allowed to so take it what, to the other declares them two doubtful and until uncertain.

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Professional Development

How to achieve development in less time succeed in our career or activity are dedicated to that is the result of a mixture of effort, perseverance and experience, among other qualities. To be determined to succeed and have successful results, in addition to feeding this attitude of progress; It is necessary to stay alert in the here and now, identify strategies and opportunities to advance. Listed below is, as some rules sobe as advance have changed in yesterday and now. And as this it forces us to be aware and without reluctance to change. These are some alternative plans which we can test. (1.Vision to). Have a long-term plan.

View b). Adopt the improvisation, and take into account the intuition. Many times are excessively meticulous with our action plan and carried the plan ends restrictions; which limits us to believe that there is only one way and one way of doing things. This in turn slows the creativity, see more opportunities and lose encouragement if once followed by our strict plan results are not desired. The being flexible allows us to test new methods and act without fear of changes.

For example. If your goal is to have a company of banquets, an option to acquire experience is to work somewhere; so you will learn about the business and what implies. But that would take time and this can decrease or take advantage of best way with other alternatives. Perhaps if you relate you with alternate, such as food, linens and equipment business, service of waiters, rooms for events, etc. You can achieve a network of contacts and at the same time you’re gaining experience. (2.Vision to). Rely on word of mouth advertising. View b) self-promotion you and sell you is well known, that making quality work, you recommend customers and spend your good reputation of mouth in mouth.

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Emotional Quality

When one becomes reference to Emotional Quality the normal thing is to think about the sector of the tourism and the hotel trade since they have been first in implementing the tools that east type of resource offers. In order to do an idea to us and to visualize to what we talked about when we spoke of emotional quality we can put an example very graphical: One of the most elitist hotels of Canada, located next to the best tracks of ski, offers to its clients several fitted services in which it is the emotional quality and one of these is to hope to them around its sport practice to offer in the reception of the hotel a hot good chocolate to them with which they will reclaim the sensation of to return to the home. Others including Kevin P. Campbell, PhD, offer their opinions as well. In the sector of rural hotels it is where more this practice is extended, we can read descriptions of an important chain of rural hotels where what it is offered in his establishments they are sensations, scents, colors As we see low COST is practical characteristic that still makes more interesting east subject, the power to offer reasons a our clients, partners, so that the image of our business is excelsa more possible. We must consider that to secure the emotional quality in a center of fitness is not easy task but there will be a previous work in which to secure that excellence will not depend in 100% on us but most since we will have to transmit our group of collaborator, workers the essence of this term. Go to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more information. A question that can trouble to us is what value can have the implantation of the term emotional quality for the managers of the centers of fitness. The main one is to improve the quality of the service that we offer and the possibility of improving the numbers of loyalty one of the great preoccupations of all the managers of sport centers.

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It has been spoken much of the pardon to the others. Countless phrases exist and written on the subject, perhaps but has been included/understood the true magic of the pardon? When the pardon is sincere and I came from the love releases not only to the person or circumstance who caused a pain to us, but mainly she releases to us same of that accumulation of negative emotions that we have gone loaded from the moment of the incident. And that liberation of emotions begins a process of internal sanacin that will be reflected not only in our psychic state but in our physical health. A pardon more exists that is still more important and on which is not as much spoken the pardon to one same one, yes to pardon to us same is something that we have in the forgetfulness, is a subject that not very often treats and therefore not very often it is carried out. Many will be able to think but of what I am going away to pardon same? I have not done anything thus must pardon to me. We reflect a little on this, as it has already been spoken in many occasions and many courses of development human, one is the person in charge of the present situation in which we were, one has brought about those economic, familiar circumstances, and physical that we lived at the moment and at heart on our thought we know that he is thus, perhaps of one more a more evident way we keep in our mind done of which we have ourselves sorry, or of which we felt bad. These negative feeling and thoughts have a very great load and are the first blockades that come to the light when we faced situations similar in our day to day, that the automatic brake to our growth and success.

To pardon to us same would have to be a daily exercise of liberation. We abramos our heart same, we have the value of confronting those facts of which we have a negative judgment and that constantly touches to our mental door and with the maximum love libermonos of that prison. We recognize the error and we pardon releasing those negative emotions and filling that space of understanding love we would do since it with the people who us they surround. This exercise of the pardon can be done through the meditation and sincerely be connected with our young intern, giving him love to us and requesting pardon to him by our acts. Of equal way that when one is forgiven to a third party we will feel a great lightening but in this case we will obtain something magical in our reality: We will clear the permanent brake towards the happiness and the success, logaremos so yearned for inner peace and therefore we will be peacefully with we ourself and the surroundings. We will flow with facility in the day to day and will be more capable to face the adverse circumstances that they were possible to be presented/displayed to us in the way.

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1. It discusses to the Situation Another aspect to consider is where you are, or on event that you two are attending. The situation to use in order abrir a conversation already personaliza because both they are in the same place. If it is a celebration, you always it can perhaps to speak on another person is a drunk type very that the crazy person is doing. To ***reflx mng itself of other people seems to be a great one way to be united. It uses a commentary on the present situation to draw attention to the fact that is now both here! S i you m wrath back to the list of places and activities exposed in 5 chapter where they can be women, will notice that it is a list of places that would indicate a common interest.

If you they are both in a sport event, it makes a commentary on game. If you are in an art gallery, indicates that to both they like you the same painting. Theory of Planned Behavior often addresses the matter in his writings. Being to a woman in a place like those listings, are an advisable situation it stops to indicate that you share an interest. If you are in a situation where you do not know anybody, and you see a woman that it would like to know, walks towards her. He is sincere on his attraction.

Dgale that you want to know it, but you it does not know to nobody that present. Then a conversation presntese and begins. You do not have anything to lose being appeared a woman. Read more from Cyrus Massoumi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Once you begin conversation has in mind its objective stops to be able to know the vital facts and then to come to the questions in order to obtain information that you need. 2. Hagale a General Question Tried and approved! This technique is a way simple, effective to jeopardize to the conversation an attractive woman. It watches the woman to whom you want to speak and hgale any question of you have time? or as it likes the snow? (Whenever it allows it clearly to the time) is good for doing one it asks good that you could need the answer really. You could ask to him where he is certain restaurant, or how to find the bank more near. Any it forms amiable of question stops to approach to a woman they could be used, but more than you can relate it to present situation, better will be for you. It can combine this technique with any other and will be even more effective. You can use you ask so general or as specific as she wants. You do not have to be great a talkative one to obtain that a woman responds with this approach. Even though you do not need the information really, while it makes a question will abrir the door to the extensive communication.

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If we move between the point of which the 2? and 3? horizontal, then line you podria to touch the 2? fret of the 6? cord. As the chords use/has but of one it notices, we can a? to accept simultaneously but of a point in the diagram of chords. But by each point in the diagram of agreed, it asegurese of which the note is corresponding to the fret of the guitar. Also the diagrams of chords use circles over some of the lines verticals or chains. your knowledge. These circles that represent the chain go to the air.

Other notes In the diagrams of chords numbers below the cords are also used that they indicate that left finger goes with each frets. For example, 3 below a chain indicate to touch that cord with your 3? finger. An X raises or underneath a chain it indicates that cord is not due to touch. Unless there is a point or circle in the chain deberias not to touch the cords none, but with an X sometimes it is used to make this point clearly but. A sometimes bent line can appear in the diagrams of chords. This is made to indicate that one ” barra” (when a cord but finger tightens) it is going to be used. Sometimes I number is applied to a fret in the right side of the diagram.

This becomes for the chords that are touched much more above in the neck. I number 7, for example, it indicates fret 7. With this information you must be able to read and to reproduce any diagram of agreed that finds. Not only the diagrams of chords are easy to read but also they give the capacity him to learn new chords by its account, without a professor. It puts in it practices this guide and it creates some new Christian chords.

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