Also if they are connected to Facechat will receive a notification that warned them when a friend of Facebook has labeled them or them this writing. features of the Chat of Facebook for Blackberry * presents a simple, easy, chat without problems on Facebook from your BlackBerry. * You can view who is online after logging into your FB account. * See avatars online friends on Facebook to know who is on your network at a glance. * May carry a conversation with several at the same time with a clean interface so you can see who is talking. A time connected faceChat will give you a notification of vibration that enables you to know one of your Facebook friends after sending a message.

* So you choose a promotion gift that we use every day, all day. * Stay in touch with your Facebook friends with this application. Chat FaceBook for BlackBerry when it was payment was one of the most purchased applications and now that it’s free is one of the most downloaded from the App World applications. Note important this application FaceChat is probably the best application to chat with your Facebook friends from a BlackBerry. First because it is totally free, something that does not happen with other applications that already we have spoken here before and second because its clean and simple interface make it very effective. Recommend FaceChat to all your friends who have a Blackberry so they can chat with your Facebook contacts from any BlackBerry model. Also with FaceChat you will know who is online to download the application for free just have to follow the following link: Chat of Facebook for Blackberry original author and source of the article.